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258533  sparename: "Something you pay good money for later in life" EP

258546  sparename: "Eh, mate, can I bum one?"

257225  Mr Bleak: I think theft is an in as well.

257230  Mr Bleak: You can't leave him hangin'!

257234  Mr Bleak: @Solemn I'd be happy if it did!

257241  Mr Bleak: @Shay Remember the "pineapple bush" that turned into a rocket monster in Serious Sam?

257247  Mr Bleak: It's just you.

257255  Mr Bleak: (Very small print) "* Not suitable for BMWs"

258535  charlemagne: this is how we found them sir, locked in a death grip

257272  Mr Bleak: Probably better than the stuff used in school when I was a kid.

258536  addend: "Flying", literally.

258546  addend: Guess I picked the wrong week to give up smoking.

258450  Bohab: @Scoo oh man, I wish

258548  Amy Housewine: Penguin is demonstrating that us that he saw some boobys. I MEAN THE SEABIRD.

258554  Amy Housewine: She cat even

258538  Amy Housewine: so smol, y

258545  Amy Housewine: I phoned in advance to check if the restaurant was dog friendly, but I really didn't expect this.

258464  KickassHellyeah: me too @Mr. Shine

258533  WannaBee: Another World News Daily Report fake story.

257293  Mr Bleak: Disguise: #257292

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258441 addend: (Finishes. Hibernates.)

258378 VeeKay: I'll get youse mutha duckas

258270 berlin: me too

258299 Bohab: I dunno,.maybe with some kind of belt or sash it might work

258248 Mr. Shine: @Side Boob Looking forward to it. Cheers!

258383 Ironass: This genetic splicing has got to stop! Now they've crossed a woman with an owl!

258368 Felicity: I'm thinking eighties drug lord glass bricks, chrome coffee tables, black leather couches, ferns

258337 Felicity: I happen to like nice men

258329 Felicity: The part of the Bob's Burgers episode where Bob pretends things are talking to him and he does their voices

258297 isosceleswaffle: Gradually becomes a disaster.

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 ping: Well, that's just awesome.
 redmonkey3: @fanny - i color, and beads are my friends... that counts, yes ? ;)
 fanny: @Jaunty Shrimp that's a sweet thing to say :) thank you!!
 Jaunty Shrimp: @fanny See comment below
 Jaunty Shrimp: A+ in creativity, you inspire me. :)
 gary: Stuffed with all the rads! Magic!
 fanny: @redmonkey3 nah, I think most adults just develop a fear of art/craft/making... just have a couple of drinks first and let go of all your inhibitions :) (you might need to stay away from sharp things at that point..maybe stick to paint or markers ;)
 fanny: @hat thrab yeah those barbed needles are a bitch!! Your work sounds amazing. Fiber/textile art is the best :) We have more in common than just an appreciation for great images, I think :)
 redmonkey3: @fanny - thank you 1000% but i am so craft unable + not to be trusted with sharp stabby cutting things... might be able to talk my way into some kiddy scissors, tho. Thanks Again!
 hat thrab: @fanny Oh god, the stabs. So satisfying, but those needles are pretty much designed to optimize blood loss. So I actually focused on fibers (at no-majors SAIC, because they're too cool for that) and made a ton of weird felt stuff. Mostly wet-felted torso-sized tumor-lookin' lump thangs, but recently I needle-felted my mother a more living room-appropriate mushroom doodle. Because what use is art school if you can't etsy it up on a dime?
 fanny: @hat thrab do you needle felt? I've been experimenting with it, it's pretty fun, great stress reliever...stab! stab! stab! :)
 fanny: @Annoying Vegan @Peter Pantsless @LaeMi @carpwoman thanks for your kind words :) babby is sleeping a little better, so it's nice to get a couple of hours for myself each night to make stuff again :)
 carpwoman: Awesome!
 Peter Pantsless: I'm going to to make ten new accounts just so I can rad this some more
 Annoying Vegan : I want it
 Micro Jackson: I really felt this
 fanny: @redmonkey3 basically i just printed out a pic of mascot and made pattern pieces with tracing paper, needle felted his face and sewed his shirt on his front and his back. I sewed around his horns and cut them out of thick felt, sewed them on his face, then just sewed around him right sides out since felted wool won't unravel. It took a few hours. @Knice I wish i could make a living off making things and selling them, that would be a dream job :)
 fanny: thanks everyone! he's made of old felted wool sweaters... his shirt is cashmere so he's really soft! I'm not much of a sewer, so he's wonky here and there, but he doesn't seem to mind. I make wool diaper covers from old sweaters for my baby's cloth diapers, and when i found this purple lambs wool at the goodwill it screamed MASCOT at me :) I'm hoping that if i leave him on my desk while i'm working he'll keep me from checking AG every few minutes because mascot is already with me ;)
 hat thrab: YAY for needle felting!
 redmonkey3: Tutorial ? Etsy (for the unskilled)? A++ with a smiley mascot!
 Lestrange: Woah! Awesome.
 Zampano: RAD for complete awesome. I want one... Or two
 Cerberus: How much?
 Cerberus: How much?
 Peach: I can't wait for the "nailed it" memes where other aggro-nauts picture their sloppy imitations alongside this magnificent creation. A+!
 Side Boob: Hey, not fair! You have skill! :P
 jazzjunkie: Needle felting the face turned out really well! Looks fantastic.
 Warrax: Oh. My. God.
 2Berries: My desk is guarded by Brock Sampson, he could use a socially progressive monster sidekick!
 Mr. Butt: You never cease to amaze me, @fanny.
 Knice: OMFG. Etsy link. NOW.
Image 155901   01-12-17   Uploaded by    fanny
 piratepom: @wolfpk Of course!!!!
 carpwoman: Hmm What's this? Cold. Well...humph. I should go in. I think.....yes. Maybe I...uh....No, I don't like this.
 wolfpk: Screw that!!!
 petepuma: i've made a huge mistake
 fanny: NOOOPE! nopenopenope!
Image 155900   01-12-17   Uploaded by    beckybecky
 SpaceCow: Okay, Earth, we get it. You take vaporized water from the ocean and drop it on us.
 DrinkMixMan: I guess you were going to post this image weather we liked it or not.
 Lestrange: Weather
Image 155899   01-12-17   Uploaded by    Hyphae
 SomeCanadian: @redmonkey3 Make sure to wash, rinse, and repeat for best result.
 redmonkey3: @SomeCanadian - Ewwww... now i have to bleach my cortex!
 Zampano: squirrger
 SomeCanadian: No, there's that reality where everyone is Ted Cruz. @Meow
 Meow: Anybody else think we got the lamest reality in the multiverse?
 beckybecky: If these were real everyone would have one stuffed and mounted in their living room.
 nanananana: What the hell do we call this thing? Squiger?
 9inchfails: *throws Master Ball*
Image 155898   01-12-17   Uploaded by    Nymphomania
 SpaceCow: For the discerning Pizza executive.
 chhumphrey: Perpetually broken
 Derp Herpigan: There are other ways to watch the thirty minutes or less.
Image 155897   01-12-17   Uploaded by    WTF
 Teechur: Probably left the damned lights on, too.
 chhumphrey: Yeah, I get this from my kids too.
Image 155896   01-12-17   Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Sadbot: @Warrax I am as my programmers made me
 Warrax: @Sadbot The sign was right. You didn't avoid us.
 SomeCanadian: It used to be about the heroism, man. @ClockworkJackalope
 Scoo: @Derp Herpigan @chhumphrey It just says to avoid -the- robot. No need to avoid -a- robot!
 Sadbot: Hey guys, what's going on in this thread? Wanna hang out? Listen to my mixtape?
 chhumphrey: But I like @arobot
 Derp Herpigan: Must avoid @a robot
 ClockworkJackalope: The heroism lodge has gotten so filled with rules and regs. I remember a day when it was just five or six of us in capes and masks just sitting around drinking.
Image 155895   01-12-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Scoo: My car is powered by hamsters
 chhumphrey: If you feed your cat the same time you fuel your car either you have crappy mileage or your cat goes hungry often.
Image 155894   01-12-17   Uploaded by    ineedhepl
 a robot: Nice bowl cut.
 Mister S: Live long and prosper.
 sparename: E.S.T - The Extra Slow Terrestrial
Image 155893   01-12-17   Uploaded by    Horp Lello
 Mr. Butt: One in the live-long, two in the prosper.
 smusher: Live log & poplar
 addend: Na-nu na-nu.
 Whatever: Well, a tree should know...
 Knice: Star Trunk
 Mad Collager: It looks like wood, but is actually vulcanized rubber!
 brian greene: live long and prosper
Image 155892   01-12-17   Uploaded by    Oober
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