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210490  a sedated moose: Who're you callin' a mook?

210462  Unstableton: Oh my god Becky look at Herr Assmann...

210485  Bagels: I can hardly read this

210488  Bagels: Techno bread

210459  Yurishiro: Let's go find your fucking parents Jess.

210468  saluted: I dont get it, someone please help me

210468  Murm Gungus: Jumps aboard the hype train. Pre-orders. Eagerly waits. Picks it up. Definitely not the golden Ferrari the reviews made it out to be. Hates car.

210497  Amiga 1000: Imagine that Nigeria is playing against Germany :

210487  Yurishiro: The ceiling is astonished!

210460  Teechur: Whoops. Looks like our home security camera started posting pics without our knowledge again.

210497  Fuzzpot: OP, pls. Like you haven't already seen the other posts.

210461  Teechur: Strabismus means never being able to do a Magic Eye. Speaking of Magic Eyes, I took a long look at Uranus last night.

210464  Teechur: You also need indefinite article.

210473  Teechur: After the parasite is separated from the host, it will continue to sap resources from the host for an additional 18-26 years. Perhaps more.

210474  Teechur: Gross. I hate dooty dishes.

210475  Teechur: Well, at least he stuck the landing.

210478  Teechur: @wootman Your comment reads like the opening lines to "Birdhouse in your Soul" by They Might Be Giants.

210497  Mumbo Dingus: Unused letters: den mark

210482  Teechur: Hold the keyboard up to the monitor and shout at it. At least that's what my kids do. Then my wife goes over and fixes it.

210478  someguynameded: Those are biiiig feets!

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210366 a robot: @MabelSyrup Best not to call random women "bitches" aboard the Spaceship

210334 Hosebag: @Side Boob Don't run! We are your friends!

210304 kazzy94: They saw the opportunity and took it. THIS is journalism.

210316 zrj235: The lion was dead when i got there. i was just about to return his large-calibre rifle that i borrowed a week ago.

210451 a robot: I prefer #194205

210323 Ulillillia: @dangerkeith3000 Only the good die young

210288 zrj235: CHAPTER 3: Robot gets a cup of coffee. *MASSIVE EXPLOSION IN BACKGROUND* Robot puts fuckin sunglasses on, and slowly walks away. *FIN*

210337 apoxia: @UltraBeverly I had a general anesthetic recently here in New Zealand and the price was just over $300. I thought that was pretty cheap.

210258 Nope: @when so heat up crock pot, put butter in, wait till it melts, put lots of sliced onions in, cook for 6 hours. Stir every 2

210313 zrj235: Reboot of Demolition Man is looking really weird

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 jochenau: *highlights planes, unclicks 'underline'*
 Frank herbert: @a robot been a lot of drunkenness on the ship lately. Im jealous
 ignatz: @a robot snd you're not alone have you noticed how friendly and open people in departure lounges are?
 carpwoman: @a robot - I totally get that.
 Scoo: @a robot That was the raddest thing I've read in a long time
 Sheikhjahbooty: @a robot That wasn't a rant. It was a sort of endearing personal confession.
 a robot: Ok this is going to sound weird, but: as an anxiety-bot, I enjoy that time at the airport after I've gone through security while I'm waiting for my flight to board. It's like I'm in a little capsule of perfect time. I have all my things in handy travel compartments, I'm on time, the logistics of travel are all in someone else's hands now, I'm in a big impersonal zone where literally no one is paying attention to me, and I'm free to buy random junk food if I want it. I don't travel super often, but I enjoy airports in this weird way. Sorry for this rant, it's the purple airport sign in this photo that is speaking to me (also the cheap vodka in my house)
 dobbiesdoogs: natasha, i find moose, now we need squirrel
Image 155031   01-07-17   Uploaded by    Lemonator
 LaeMi: @DarkTeddy - that is his recently revealed super-tumor ability.
 San DoDo: Spoiler!
 DarkTeddy: Why does superman have a receding hairline
 SomeCanadian: Why is Superman so lumpy?
 Scoo: @Peach and bulging with what's likely not muscle
 Peach: Careful, Fry! He's bulging with what could be muscle.
Image 155030   01-07-17   Uploaded by    grid
 SomeCanadian: Five Nights at Freddie's was more of a docu-drama
Image 155029   01-07-17   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 Mr Bleak: @San DoDo All others will be toad?
 San DoDo: Frog parking only
 Headoftheclass: From hell's heart I stab at thee; for hate's sake I spit my last breath at thee. Ye damned SUV.
 Lestrange: How much did it cost?
 Ulillillia: Now that's what I call a sticky situation!
 Teechur: Go on. Leave a vehicle. Just an SUV, even.
Image 155028   01-07-17   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Sheikhjahbooty: How do they enforce that? With a wicked witch and a disturbing lack of true love?
 Dr. Bathroom: Seriously though, can I park here?
Image 155027   01-07-17   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Snowta: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!?
 fanny: NOW you tell me *currently rocking baby fanny #3 to sleep*
 Peach: That baby's eyebrow game tho
 Bluetocracy: so that's what all those calls from child protective services are about... heh.
 UltraBeverly: Obligatory wacking off comment here.
 Whatever: Odds of bearing a baby are significantly higher if you are a woman and not a man...
 Shay: You don't say.
 Mr. Butt: Okay.
Image 155026   01-07-17   Uploaded by    Not Sam
 Hosebag: Which one is Yoko Ono?
 sparename: " # This is the happy house, we're happy here in the happy house # "
 Ulillillia: What up, homes?
 a robot: Drugs are bad, mmmmmmmkay?
Image 155025   01-07-17   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Life Whacker: @Dr. Bathroom what do you mean...
 Peach: So THAT'S how they make dubstep.
 Dr. Bathroom: Sounds like most new fangled music anyway.
 Derp Herpigan: When your singing sucks...
Image 155024   01-07-17   Uploaded by    guccigucci
 whiplash: Go to your room! Don't make me bludgeon you!
 Wookiee: You're not wearing proper safety gear. You can check it out of the tool crib over there.
 Whatever: Get out there and be beaten like a man!
 Ulillillia: "Great Clips is one block down, hang a right."
 TurkeyVulture: Report all Communists and suspected Communists to the authorities!
Image 155023   01-07-17   Uploaded by    Cami
 DrinkMixMan: Why don't they want me to know her?
 LaeMi: Not the right kind of cable, sorry.
 White Rice: @Peter Pantsless "HEY, MA! WHAT'RE YOU DOING ON THE ROOF?"
 Lestrange: This kills the bill payer.
 Mad Collager: If they catch him, they'll give him a wee extra charge.
 Peach: This picture gives me so much anxiety.
 Knice: That's quite a bushing.
 Peter Pantsless: "Hey, I can can call my maw from up here!"
 Whatever: It's shocking I tells ya, shocking
 Zampano: Here's a couple tricks for gas and electric, water, internet and garbage collection also... Ya know, just in case you're still alive after you tried to get free cable.
 hajjpodge: "I just want to watch some Price Is Right, damn it!"
Image 155022   01-07-17   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
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