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267965  a robot: Kids who use hashtags probably don't even know who OJ is and/or why the white Bronco is associated with him

267963  Air Biscuit: When your beard jacks your lumber...

267944  sparename: You Wucksacky Wabbit

267979  clayjar: She looks like the old lady receptionist from Monsters Inc. Congrats on her 18th. That dogs a trooper.

267970  Air Biscuit: Look out for jawas.

267950  VeeKay: @Not A Bot Your comment made this post funny.

267951  VeeKay: Classic C Lorenz

267970  charlemagne: skurwysyn

267952  VeeKay: Alt pink *Janelle Monae plays weird music in the back ground*

267958  VeeKay: Just take some gold and get 4 new ones

267951  sparename: My first computer was a Vic-20 - the one before this.. they were advertised really cheap at a local shop but they then wanted four times the price for the power supply. As an annoying teenager just getting into electronics, I bought the cheap computer and made my own power box. It must still be in my Mum's loft, somewhere

267961  Shay: @Mad Collager Nice rack.

267966  VeeKay: *generic Xzibit quote*

267969  Zaxxoff: have you heard the good news, friends? KFC $5 fill ups will save your wallet and soul! Now you may worship KFC as unto a god!

20477  jljocque: Shouldn't they smell, y'know...GRRREAT!?

267912  Zaxxoff: I send mine in with my taxes. audited? not.. even.. once.

267924  Shay: Frodo, did you get 4 Doors for More Whore sin Mordor?

20446  jljocque: I would like to apologize on behalf of all Baby Boomers for utterly failing to live up to the lofty morals we espoused.

20449  jljocque: It's the same artificial flavor - they count on the food coloring and packaging to psych you out.

267826  Zaxxoff: @a robot heh, sorry to alarm you just meant that he probably traded in the unicycle for a walker with tennis balls on the feet

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267580 VeeKay: Not shown = Young Ettiene, who lives in an asylum.

267597 BavidDowie: All your bass are belong to him

267773 Shay: Put your hands in the air like you just do care.

267916 Spazstatic: Duncan Hills Coffee!

267839 mammal883: @ignatz AND, I don't like the way the stripes on his tie and shirt don't line up...

267648 Christina: By the way, if not for crazy women, some men would never get laid at all.

267576 VeeKay: Johnny Tightlips.

267564 Bluetocracy: Leonard, put down the flashlight and take off that silly robe, I'm trying to watch tv!

267930 Mad Collager: My, she has lots of spirit!

267548 wolfpk: @Science As I said, FACTS NOT LIES. If you use easily disproven lies to bash someone, YOU lose all credibility. If you just use facts, you have credibility! It is just that simple!

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 scribbs: I had the same problem with videos on Amazon Prime, for about a week. It will go away, I'm sure.
Image 153747   01-01-17   Uploaded by    Lorm Bembo
 ThatGuy: Motorhead!!
 grizzly: That's a party right there!
 Jaunty Shrimp: @Borkf Picture of your house please. And happy New Year!
 Mr. Butt: Happy New Years, Macklemore!
 Knice: @Borkf Does that kill the lobster? :-D
 scribbs: Tell him we all said "hi." Happy new year :-)
 Borkf: Happy New Year space friends! This is one of my fleshy, real life friends drunkenly pointing a lobster at everyone. We also wrapped my house in half a kilometer of bubble wrap. Cleanup is going to be interesting today.
Image 153746   01-01-17   Uploaded by    Borkf
 Cami: In the absence of wind that shot would be easier to do than at 32 on account of the damp.
 Peach: It's -49F where you're at? [x-ray image of my heart] That's cute
 wwwdotcom: It's not an action shot, She's frozen like that.
 Hiddentigerma: It's Fahrenheit where you are? That's cute.
 ArchStanton: Too cold for grammar, I guess...
 scribbs: @Greek Fire ** Okay, yeah, it all checks out :-)
 Greek Fire: @scribbs Alan Grant returns for Jurassic Universe.
 scribbs: What's a "space grant"?
 sparename: "You'll have someone's eye out with that. And that"
Image 153745   01-01-17   Uploaded by    morrissey
 Teechur: I can almost hear the cutest "pew pew pew"
 scribbs: I'm sorry, but this is adorable.
 sparename: "AT-one, Purl-one"
Image 153744   01-01-17   Uploaded by    gary
 ThatGuy: Me too
 scribbs: @Cami We could do a great double act :-)
 Cami: @Niels Bohr Watch out for the dogs.
 Cami: I had a brief misadventure while entering the UK at Harwich that began when a drug dog took in interest in the cheese in my bag. The handler knew it wasn't drugs but two keener guards saw the dog paw at my bag(which was not how it signals finding something) and decided to pounce.
 Niels Bohr: @Cami That's funny because my nom de guerre is Sausages.
 Cami: @scribbs That's funny because my dancing name is "Hunch's Handler"
 Lestrange: Good
 Hiddentigerma: @scribbs Most security is useless. It's just there to make people feel safe.
 werterland: He's working for that kookaburra, isn't he? #134807
 scribbs: Yeah, from what I've read, sniffer dogs are really terrible at their jobs. It's like their sole function is to provide legally-justifiable probable cause to act on their handlers' hunches. Also, "Handler's Hunches" is my dancing name.
 jochenau: In other news, scientific research reveals that dogs are, in fact, dogs.
 LaeMi: #153733
Image 153743   01-01-17   Uploaded by    bag o bones
 trelyate: we had these signs in my neighborhood but they kept getting stolen
 Cami: @addend I've always wondered what it's like to last a whole 15 seconds.
 Cami: Is there any other kind?
 Larp Belb: (Finishes in 15 seconds. Awaits trophy.)
 Mr. Shine: Don't let this become your nickname.
 scribbs: Be careful:
 LaeMi: The next step from speed-dating.
Image 153742   01-01-17   Uploaded by    Headoftheclass
 Teechur: Rad for the "T" word that @Niels Bohr used. Heh heh...
 scribbs: @Niels Bohr Well spotted. Rad :-)
 Niels Bohr: @scribbs I have to rad because titular role is the messenger not the offender.
 scribbs: Do I Rad this because it's photographic evidence of people being silly & enjoying their experiences one step removed from reality, or do I Bad it for the exact same reason?
 whiplash: "Got to take a photo, there certainly aren't any other ways I can get an image of this obscure painting."
Image 153741   01-01-17   Uploaded by    titular role
 Teechur: Reminds me our living room carpet after raising two kids and three dogs.
 Hiddentigerma: Same.
 scribbs: I haven't seen many Pollock's, but I can't say I've been too impressed with what I have seen. Sorry.
 SunWukong: You are wrong.
Image 153740   01-01-17   Uploaded by    Jotun
 jazzjunkie: @Niels Bohr poo-tee-weet?
 jazzjunkie: They don't think it be like it is, but it do.
 Greyfeathers: Isn't that neat? That's pretty neat.
 Teechur: @Amy Housewine @Niels Bohr I use it backwards when my kids show me their art projects. "Is it.....? What is it?"
 Niels Bohr: @Amy Housewine try replacing that abhorrent phrase with Kurt Vonnegut's "so it goes". It used the same way but has much better ring to it.
 confession: @Amy Housewine "IIWII" vs "So there you go then" smackdown at 11
 Zampano: grilledsloinbacon/Hm3JodBR-vs
 scribbs: @Amy Housewine I think I've heard it used intelligently twice. Definitely once, maybe twice.
 Amy Housewine: @jochenau I really don't. Apart from being a frustrating tautology, I find it unpleasant to the ear (i-i-i-i).
 jochenau: @Amy Housewine Hey, I like that phrase!
 Amy Housewine: People who use the ludicrous phrase "It is what it is" are beginning to reap what they have sown.
Image 153739   01-01-17   Uploaded by    namaste
 Amy Housewine: @jochenau You can be an @Musician or... erm... an @DrinkMixMan
 Jaunty Shrimp: Where's the Tiki Tiki option?
 Peach: I'm dual-classing Temptress and Assassin. The "post-intercourse trance" effect makes it real easy to get a kill-shot.
 scribbs: I think they've got spy & assassin mixed up in the images.
 Sheikhjahbooty: My decorum score is too low. I can't have any class.
 jochenau: The Spaceship's character selection has a pretty extensive set of races - including robots, butts, and Canadians - but I can't think of any classes off the top of my head.
 ThatGuy: Unless I'm choosing a bird... Then...Samurai
 ThatGuy: Spy?
Image 153738   01-01-17   Uploaded by    eider
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