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249105  Teechur: @Yurishiro It must be the adrenaline from when I thought that think on top of the cabinet was a gigantic spider.

249103  Yurishiro: We'll just draw here a little happy timber lake, and behind that a biiig timber mountain!

249105  Yurishiro: @Teechur How could I?! Even the 'Love you!' sticker on the door has googly eyes :(

249101  Teechur: Go ahead and paint your palette blue and grey.

249105  Teechur: @Yurishiro Just go into Predator mode. It makes mealtime more fun, especially if they try to run.

249106  Teechur: I agree with @Air Biscuit The lines are too straight. It's probably a handwriting typeface. That being said, I also agree with @Yurishiro

249109  Teechur: I went through the checkout with Puppy Chow and a gallon of milk. "It's not too bad, really" I said to the cashier.

249110  Teechur: That reminds me that I still have two full weeks of skool

249119  Teechur: Do talons have large chickens?

249122  Yurishiro: "SPANKO!" *flees*

249106  Yurishiro: @Air Biscuit Blatantly. Still bad.


249093  Jabberwikket: Actually, this picture & all the others are all slightly different from each other. Print them out & make a flip book to see the scene

248888  Dresdenkeogh: Read every word top to bottom to the tune of all star

249025  Passive: Haha what a silly app haha so where would someone go to find such an app, you know, for a prank lol

249035  Passive: When you're at a party and someone says they're the best at smash

249103  Air Biscuit: I would buy that shirt.

249106  Air Biscuit: They threw in an emoticon and everything. I'm pretty sure this is photoshopped.

249106  Sadbot: I think a lot of y'all are missing that it's an edit that's critical of "blue lives matter" nonsense

249100  Zukero: I just hope it isn't for mother's day...

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248965 glenalec: I'm always understandably relieved when my pee is clear thru yellow because it's like fuck year my kidneys aren't bleeding today.

248968 Christina: @raditzu rly!

248937 Spazstatic: @Science @Side Boob thank you both.

248935 glenalec: @savvoy - Genuine LOL. Nice one!

248966 raditzu: still better than tidepods

249016 Ironass: I like someone with a little more enthusiasm than that.

249106 Teechur: I agree with @Air Biscuit The lines are too straight. It's probably a handwriting typeface. That being said, I also agree with @Yurishiro

248999 Entertainmentalist: Stays mostly within the mammalian phylum!

249040 DrNinjaman: @savvoy I wouldn't mind being dropped on that bottom, if you know what I mean! Getting sucked away sounds pretty good too, in an ethnic sort of way.

248923 Robespierre: Heavy rotation

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 whiplash: Tom Cruise is right! Listen to Tom Cruise!
 ASTER: Freddy. Freddy.
 XLY: Can i get an amen
 ThatGuy: Preach
 Sparkle Bucket: Rad for Cromartie High School!
 LaeMi: @sparename - I am the president of the universe - not this one, of course. I had to make my own.
 sparename: I've told my Daughter that she's gonna be President of the Universe one day, she seems OK with it but anything less might be a little disappointing
Image 153684   12-31-16   Uploaded by    PornoPedler
 smarkles: Well if it's carryout...
 LaeMi: Yet? I always was. :-/
 Air Biscuit: Dont label me.
 Scoo: Al, I 'spose
 Yam: I'm weird still!
Image 153683   12-31-16   Uploaded by    myrealname
 Mr. Shine:… Less interested now.
 trelyate: do we learn of his business secrets?
 Mr. Butt: @LaeMi It totally looks like one of the books published by Cars Are Real in 2013...that's what's really got me interested.
 LaeMi: The book cover is so plain it intrigues!
 Air Biscuit: Mild mannered archaeologist by day...
 Mr. Shine: I'm interested.
 Mr. Butt: Are you Rafael Oses, @Semaphore? Did you publish a book? What's going on here?
Image 153682   12-31-16   Uploaded by    Semaphore
 EvilOtter: This porn is weird.
 Frank herbert: Porn for dummies
 Air Biscuit: Im torn between wanting to know what kind of kayaking stuff this video is talking about, and not wanting to see the rest of what a google search for "squirtn" will bring up.
 Scoo: "at the Heavy Pettin' Zoo"
 Jennerator: Best name for a jiggolo outfit
Image 153681   12-31-16   Uploaded by    amputator
 tib gubb: don't tease me like that
 KingTrebek: Fake signs created by an angry vegan
 ch: not yours
 Sandor: @Scoo Yes, but he museum gift shop looks strikingly similar
 Aemuli: @Scoo This pint belongs in a museum!
 jochenau: *sob* You monsters.
 Jennerator: Yay free ice cream!
 Scoo: You'd think you'd realize that, given that it's the Ice Cream Museum
Image 153680   12-31-16   Uploaded by    caesar
 Whatever: So, what's the difference between a hatchet and an axe, or a tool and a murder weapon?
 Aemuli: ...I have multiple questions to axe you
Image 153679   12-31-16   Uploaded by    p nut
 Type2Dia-BeatDown: moves one an inch *maniacal laugh*
 Frank herbert: Blocks.
 Aemuli: The door locks! Activate the door locks!
Image 153678   12-31-16   Uploaded by    Mister Beef
 Teechur: Well, I guess if you don't pay for it, it's a stole.
 Jennerator: Who wouldn't pay 40 bucks for a stuffed ...that
 Aemuli: It's that a good price for whatever the hell this is? I can't decide. But if it goes on clearance I'll take it.
Image 153677   12-31-16   Uploaded by    eykei
 sparename: " # Hangin' out the passenger side, Of his best friend's ride, Tryin' to holler at me... # "
 Scoo: Ladies...
Image 153676   12-31-16   Uploaded by    MabelSyrup
 Fancy Clown: You can turn it on and off in 10 but it's defaulted to not care. It was initially done because the engineers that designed it thought people would care more about read/write performance than not having to worry about simply inserting or removing the drive, hence the "safely eject" command is sort of like "commit changes".
 grizzly: I remember sitting in my first programming class and usb thumb drives just started coming out. I had all of my labs saved on my thumb drive. My idiot jerk of a professor walked up to the terminal I was sitting at, yanked the drive out, and said "Wow, what is this?!". It got corrupted.
 Borkf: @Teechur @White Rice I think I set 7 to not care for a bit, but that's no way to live your life.
 Teechur: @Borkf 7 did, too. Or does. Our school tends to be behind the times technologically.
 White Rice: @Borkf you can set 10 to not care. It's very silly.
 Jennerator: Livin' on the edge
 Borkf: @Sadbot XP did, 7 and 8 didn't, 10 does again.
 Aemuli: Everyday we stray farther from Ajay Bhatt's light.
 Sadbot: Only OS X seems to give a crap about that anymore, I think Win XP didn't give a damn, Win 7 certainly doesn't.
Image 153675   12-31-16   Uploaded by    mackdaddy
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