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257791  sparename: Another blank image

257763  bug: hhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhggggggggggggggggggkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkllllllllllllllllllllllllllll

257794  Liar tuck: I like turtles...

257775  bug: Beauty of North Texas.

257782  bug: *Discordant pipe-organ plays in background*

257778  Felicity: @sodamachine Gee Your Fur Smells Terrific

257774  Yam: @Bagels The meat is a nice touch, though

257782  Felicity: Damienne

257766  Not A Bot: Modular cats stack easily for improved storage.

257724  addend: Is this Kansas City, Kansas, or Kansas City, Missouri? Asking for a friend.

257780  Mr. Shine: Do you have one of or Rewards Club cards?

257603  Sthenolaidas: We need a ?????? button. I'm confused.

257752  kazzy94: Probably closer now with all the debt and such

257759  lecj07: @SurfNTurf just another borkf in a wall.

257768  lecj07: @MC Delta T He spelled it in flaming letters on the pier.

257768  Mr. Shine: Congratulations to you both.

257724  Greifer: well hello there!

257770  Mr. Shine: *loud snoring*

257771  Mr. Shine: Attractive doggo.

257773  Mr. Shine: Fuzzy buddy

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6. Shay
7. a robot
8. dangerkeith3000
9. Knice
10. Whatever

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257686 tib gubb: heck yes

257476 Spazstatic: @Shay Lemmy as in Motorhead? And God as in Godsmack, Lamb of God, Gojira, or Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult?

257595 Robespierre: @dangerkeith3000 It's got a good beat and I can dance to it. I'll give it an 8.

257634 barfolomew: "Name us after friends and we will swallow their souls!"

257558 Robespierre: Shit seen

257513 grandma: @Knice wow

257724 addend: Is this Kansas City, Kansas, or Kansas City, Missouri? Asking for a friend.

257545 VeeKay: Hole in the road huh? Get an officer out to look into it.

257626 smusher: We all do the dew down here. You'll do the dew too.

257622 UltraBeverly: @dangerkeith3000 New Coke is PEOPLE! It's PEOPLE!

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11. WannaBee: 1830 points
12. watwatwat: 1718 points
13. dangerkeith3000: 1711 points
14. rip odb: 1691 points
15. tess: 1641 points
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Image 153275   12-29-16   Uploaded by    prius
 Noremak: Amaaaaziing Graaaaace....
 illBilliam: @annterland Thank you. Here have a +
 Sadbot: @a robot It's only ever funny when pets are there and worried about what's going on. Or your cat puts his arm under the door every time, and you grab it every time, and he freaks the fuck out every time.
 annterland: @illBilliam I like your user name
 Air Biscuit: If youre wondering if you can pull those tiny scraps of paper off the roll and use them, you cant. Its not enough.
 a robot: The internet is filled with toilet pictures and I've never understood why. YES, HUMAN, YOU EXCRETE WASTE AND SOMETIMES THERE ARE MISHAPS. IT IS NEVER WORTHY OF A PHOTOGRAPHIC RECORD.
 Frank herbert: Fingers and sinks butty
 Yttermayn : Well, shit.
 Sadbot: Anything is shit tickets if you're brave enough
 illBilliam: This just reminded me, I need to put in a new roll of toilet paper in the upstairs bathroom. Thanks here have a rad vote.
 AlexDeLarge: Hello Mr. Mumble, I want to play a game...
 sparename: I do hope you're wearing socks
Image 153274   12-29-16   Uploaded by    Mr Mumble
 Wet farts: @Nope the kitty is sad because the kitty was (probably still is) going to kill this man but the man is making kitty feel bad about it now.
 Nope: Why is that kitty so sad?!? MAKE IT STOP
Image 153273   12-29-16   Uploaded by    99.9 Percent
 Joseph: You have to wonder who designs these hospital gowns. They are embarrassing everywhere in the world. Some evil genius with a fetish..
 UltraBeverly: They cut it out, but how did he get it in? (His butt)
 msmstud: @Frank herbert @hat thrab -- HOLY FUCK. He should suspend it in resin (e.g. Lucite) and use it for paper-weight. Or give his heart to his true love. Sure, it's a dud, but it's LITERAL, screw the "thought that counts" malarkey.
 Air Biscuit: I think this body mod goes too far, but hey, its your body whatever works for you.
 Frank herbert: Super metal
 Yttermayn : "Fast gskij Out"
 jazzjunkie: Google's best guess for this image: "guy holding his own heart" (spoilers. If I ever sound well-educated, don't be fooled. I just know how to use search engines)
 Shay: That's one hell of a kidney stone.
 sparename: " # Tumour, tumour, tumour, tumour, tumour chameleon # "
 Sadbot: I'm no humanologist, but I'm guessing that's his old heart
 Borkf: Lung tumour? If so, well done for coming out with a smile on your face!
Image 153272   12-29-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Hyphae: @Yam *juh-juh-juh-juh juh-juh-juh-juh juh-juh-juh-juh juh-juh-juh-juh* ...I knew I had that song in my head all day for a reason! *6 foot 8, weighs a fucking ton- opponents beware, opponents beware/ Hes coming, he's coming, he's coming/ let me lay it on the line he had two on the line, I mean two sets of testicles, so Devine*
 tib gubb: what else is new
 Dan Tagonistic: I note they're flying a purple flag
 Yam: @Peter Pantsless He'll save the children, but not the brutish children
 SomeCanadian: Keep them away from our pedants. They're busy revolting. @Peter Pantsless
 ThatGuy: War Propaganda 101
 Peter Pantsless: The brutish are coming, the brutish are coming!
Image 153271   12-29-16   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 Mustyrats: "Blades Of Steel" - now with extra BITE
 Bast Relief: Tribal skates to go with my tribal tattoo.
 sparename: These help you 'Klingon' to the ice
 Peter Pantsless: They're really giving the enforcers a lot of freedom these days
 Scoo: Skate'leth
Image 153270   12-29-16   Uploaded by    drhilljack
 Knice: @a robot Can it be true?? *slowly lowers revolver* Can it be; is He real?? :'-D
 a robot: @Knice Soooo not to go into too many boring details of my shitty retail job, but this particular brand is currently re-packaging all its products. I looked it up and there is a scheduled revision of the snack department at my store, with new items scheduled to arrive in the beginning of July, INCLUDING the corn nuggets! It also looks like they will increase in price from $.99 to $1.99 because capitalism and everything, but I HOPE they will still be available at your local store as well. All hope is not lost!!!
 a robot: @Knice That is sad! Unfortunately, every store is different and things come and go all the time based on sales...but if you ask, they might be able to still order it for you! And fear not, you're already safe from the robo-pocalypse. All the friendliest Spacefriends are :D
 Knice: @a robot, HELP!! The place where I get my corn fix shares a parking lot with my home rink, which is quite convenient for me; BUT: I went in there a couple weeks ago and they were out. No problem, I'm good, I can wait... *starts fidgeting and scratching arms* I'll be fine. *eyes dart nervously side-to-side; scratches faster* I went in there yesterday. No. Corn. They had even re-labeled the peg and stocked it with some trail-mix shit. I now know true loss. I did not authorize this bullshit. Can you please use your robotic powers to influence their supply system and make right what has gone so terribly wrong? If not, then at least give a brother head-of-the-line privilege when you set about killing all humans?
 Lestrange: Damn he good looks
 Hiddentigerma: God I love cooked corn kernels.
 Air Biscuit: @Nope nope, just lazer printer eyes.
 a robot: @Knice I work for the horrible franchise that carries this brand of've just made my job a tiny bit less terrible! I can think of this image every time I see the logo :D
 Frank herbert: Awesome sir. Well corned
 jochenau: @Nope Never fear, @Knice is here! With his trusty MS Paint Vision(tm) he'll .bmp the BAD-sticker guys back to where they came from!
 Warrax: @Knice, you rat! How could you give your own corn the ol' spicy gaze!
 Hyphae: Damnit why did I rad, it was at a cool 666... Bad
 Hyphae: Damnit why did I rad, it was at a cool 666... Bad
 fanny: omg i'm trying to rock baby to sleep right now but keep waking her up with my silent chuckle over this! i love the facial expressions :)
 Borkf: @scribbs You have been granted the power to blow fuses in plugs.
 scribbs: @Borkf Heh. If I have one, it's doing something that should cause massive damage to machines at work, without actually causing massive damage.
 Borkf: @scribbs I guess this is @Knices crappy X-men power. My friend is able to bend glass, but only those plastic cups that look like glasses. Mine is accuratly guessing the prices of things.
 guest: i see that we're both corn of action
 Peter Pantsless: This corn is rad
 scribbs: I wish I had a superpower. Not the k-placement one, though :-P
 SomeCanadian: (Get Corny)
 Nope: Holy shit, Lazer eyes!
 DrinkMixMan: Knice's Knugs
Image 153269   12-29-16   Uploaded by    Knice
 mammal883: As a Past Faster, I approve this image.
 addend: Pastafarian Freemasons.
 Flarmie: Gourmand's Creed?
 jochenau: Are those supposed to be knives? I don't think they'd cut very well.
 ThatGuy: Needs more mascot
Image 153268   12-29-16   Uploaded by    Porm Munties
 SpaceCow: "Tee hee, stop it! That tickles!"
 addend: This kills the....
 jochenau: St. Sebastian, I think.
 Hyphae: Derp!
 sparename: He needs a drink of water so we can all laugh...
 illBilliam: Eh, okay guys. That one in the kidney actually hurt a little.
 ThatGuy: When they're trying to torture you, but that's your kink.
 Commenter: when you feel like you're winning an argument online
 Mr. Butt: when u peein but u gotta sneeze
Image 153267   12-29-16   Uploaded by    Warrax
Image 153266 is unbelievably bad (score -5) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by rachel. Boo, rachel.
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