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221697  BoiledEggs: What a smug little shit. He's perfect!

221562  trelyate: the barista hawked a Lugia in my coffee!

221663  karmakat: get me OUT!

221665  karmakat: now find me shoes and GLOVES!

221604  trelyate: you're a kitty!

221671  karmakat: I am not aren't seeing me.

221689  tib gubb: this is the reality of net neutrality, people

221689  PenguinBartender: It's a ruse. While you're waiting the xenomorph sneaks in through the vent in your room to nibble on your cerebral cortex.

221697  confession: I think I speak for everyone when I say "Go buy a red ribbon for that cat now!"

221684  trelyate: RIP, Florida Man.

221689  sparename: Was going to ask what this would be in Teraquads aboard Voyager but Urban Dic tells me:- "Teraquad a synonym for 4 Terabytes commonly used by uneducated people who watch the show "Star Trek" far too often. Commonly used by people named James."

221693  boozer: Am I the only one that thinks that they should keep the chemical cleaning sponge and dish cleaning sponge further apart?

221673  Dan Tagonistic: I think I had this

221693  inthrees: *This bear will get really anal if you act like a child and don't wash your dish.*

221684  Minnesotan: nailed it

221674  karmakat: WHO turned off the light?

221677  karmakat: I am SO HUNGRY I WILL EAT THIS TABLE!

221683  ThoughtlessGentleman: its that trustworthy magical rhinoceros ive been hearing about!!!

221679  karmakat: who farted?

221680  karmakat: aw, so tiny.

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221582 ignatz: You're either with us, or against us (GW Bush)

221610 Yurishiro: @Derp Herpigan ...yes I totally missed...

221577 Korrok: I have to laugh.

221622 Felicity: @No Ragrets @Uncle Phil I hate those new headlights that are as bright on the normal setting as high-beams, so then you flash your high-beams at the person, and then they turn on their high-beams and its twice as bad

221535 wolfpk: Is this guy and uber patriot, or did he just get really drunk?

221470 copunter: and that, friends, is the story of capitalism

221576 Mr. Shine: @Colty Brumb Do they count the time spent unwrapping the little b@st@rds?

221517 wolfpk: Practical, but creepy

221638 Winterneuro: @Haute and sweaty hmmm. I do know the name, so no bet! :-)

221607 Cami: Acquisition Catalogue.

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 Marsh Darsh: Why can't I rad more than once?!?!?!?
 Amy Housewine: "One step closer and I smash the owl. I'm not bluffing."
 antipatterns: In the Mongolian Steppe, youths must free-climb sheer cliffs to steal baby eagles to train. This girl is no joke.
 whiplash: Erica Cartman.
 WotGives: She is going to rule the fucking world, just you watch
Image 150965   12-18-16   Uploaded by    booger
 Peach: Is that why your head is a jaundiced, hairless sphere?
 Lestrange: Not the first our the least time that phrase will be misunderstood. Also, we ain't. Not for at least thirty years.
 Theta Zero: It only takes one nuke to ruin your day.
Image 150964   12-18-16   Uploaded by    celebgate
 Amy Housewine: "Hello? Hello? RALPH GET IN HERE, the phone is broken again. I can just hear a purring sound."
 addend: Powered it on, so that she could play with it.
Image 150963   12-18-16   Uploaded by    gulpeg
 deeeeeeeez: 101 Meowmations
 Mr. Shine: Keep photoshopping! Even moar!!
 whiplash: "Now here's your problem lady, your pipes were clogged with kittens."
 addend: You'll wish you didn't get more than you can handle.
Image 150962   12-18-16   Uploaded by    superfudge
 cArdent: Somebody tell Harley her babies got loose again...
 XLY: he ded
 scribbs: I hope he brought enough kibble to go around.
 whiplash: Soon...
 savvoy: African pigeons are the worst
 addend: Heyyy, buddy. Whatcha got in da basket?
Image 150961   12-18-16   Uploaded by    Dank Means
 Marsh Darsh: What what in the butt
 ignatz: What next
 scribbs: What.
 Knice: l l l l l l l l l l what
 WotGives: What
 WTF: What
 tib gubb: What
 grizzly: What
Image 150960   12-18-16   Uploaded by    beefbeef
 Musician: Soylent Reddish-Pink
 Yttermayn : That's why he's called Richard Scary.
 deeeeeeeez: Welcome to the Green Inferno...
 Otterman: Is this kosher? I don't know if this is kosher.
 scribbs: Mouse car getting air off a speed bump? Radical!
 whiplash: How are your wife and children, Mr. Butcher? Haven't seen them in church lately.
 Bob: They don't look that busy.
 Butcherboy: AND wearing a porkpie hat
Image 150959   12-18-16   Uploaded by    tess
 deeeeeeeez: Oh thought you'd let the whaite icin bed down on top of ya, did ya boy?
 scribbs: @SkidSolo I read that in Shaggy's voice.
 SkidSolo: K-K-K-Kakes!
 addend: Finally got my photos from October xeveloped.
Image 150958   12-18-16   Uploaded by    reagan
 XLY: racist if real
 whiplash: I bet those Crackers don't like being so close to the Asians, Indians and Mexicans.
Image 150957   12-18-16   Uploaded by    grid
Image 150956 is unbelievably bad (score -16) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by deadwombat. You have brought shame on us, deadwombat.
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