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244539  Dr Awkward: The font is the most distressing part of this post.

244519  BavidDowie: Toodles to you fuckers

244538  Zarathustra: I can't believe two very masculine faces can merge into one rather feminine face.

244535  ChubbyBuddy: so why is this place called "306.7?"

244535  sparename: They take off their oversized black glasses then shake their beautiful long hair out of its bun in really slow motion

244518  Aspirin: She laughed so hard she tipped over and breathed in a bunch of particles out of the dirty carpet.

244536  WannaBee: What psychopaths have an all white living room? Even the books are white!

244494  jochenau: How can you be born with the wrong hair color? Is trans-blonde a thing now or something?

244520  Aspirin: Explain this Reptilians!

244535  Scoo: Smart is sexy. I once had a legitimate quantum mechanics study session go for almost 90 minutes before the field collapsed and it rapidly decayed into a 2-body system of oscillating thrust vectors.

244536  ThoughtlessGentleman: ha! none that all porn. also synergize that bizz @Not A Bot.

244536  Side Boob: Someday...

244460  a robot: @glenalec You and me both, meatbag

244528  Yam: @funny in the wall Yeah, but actual ferrets make BAD sex toys

244515  TurkeyVulture: @funny in the wall the is what my grandmother believed.

244537  Scoo: Wakawakawaka

244535  funny in the wall: @TurkeyVulture especially if you're reading sexy things. i feel like me reading about the cryomodules to be installed on the new slac accelerator, not so much

244540  Scoo: Anyway, here's Wonderwall

244530  wolfpk: Tiger: Your intimidation tactics wouldn't work with me!!

244534  Scoo: Unlikely. Who'd steal that pos?

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244419 jazzjunkie: Scientists used to think that long flowing dresses dragged on the ground like a T-Rex tail. The modern assumption is that long flowing dresses (much like a T-Rex tail) are held aloft, aiding with balance and maneuverability at high speeds.

244337 itskando: This is my favorite show. But I don't have anyone to discuss it with. Woo will help me decide on which type of cop Officer Meow Meow Fuzzyface truly is?

244300 Yurishiro: The skeleton that sdoot

244301 piranharama: Paranoia in a space station tho...

244280 jazzjunkie: Classic Max

244292 FireBreathingMarmot: Banksy goes conceptual.

244288 prius: going to need my glasses for this

244466 Felicity: Is this the home of the Nunies from /SNL/?

244406 Side Boob: Same.

244294 FireBreathingMarmot: "Where did I go wrong - eating a bowl of glitter, or thinking I could hold back that sneeze..."

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 addend: @Scoo You might be a goose if....
 Air Biscuit: @Scoo i was the guy wing-walking by the right wing wearing a reflective vest as we slowly took up 3lanes of a 4 lane street doing that for ike 5 hours one day. It was the best day of that particular job for me. Thanks for bringing back that memory.
 jochenau: You guys are supposed to use the crosswalk!
 Scoo: @addend I've always had this strange desire to taxi an airplane slowly down a busy street. Just to confuse and upset people.
 MasterTwig: Full steam ahead!
 addend: You guys know you can fly, right?
Image 150854   12-17-16   Uploaded by    Call Of Pooty
 Bob: only you can prevent photoshopping
 DarkTeddy: Young thugs la meme.
 Himesama: Don't rad me or my comments ever again.
Image 150853   12-17-16   Uploaded by    sumo
 Scoo: The one in Vegas is known as "Ass Pro Shop"
 CastleBravo: That building looked much cooler before they added those logos.
 addend: The Temple of Cabela is on the other side of the marsh.
 Shay: AF-LAC
Image 150852   12-17-16   Uploaded by    Punt Numbles
 cArdent: Uh oh, looks like your piano has sprung a leak.
 smarkles: Dali paintings always make me think of my great uncle. Now I'm all melancholy.
Image 150851   12-17-16   Uploaded by    Oh Don Piano
 annterland: @Borkf :)
 annterland: @Borkf :)
 scribbs: Affect = fucking act physically on; have a God damn, motherfucking effect upon, you rat bastard
 scribbs: Affect = connect fucking closely and, motherfucker, often fucking incriminatingly
 scribbs: Affect = the motherfucking conscious subjective fucking aspect of God damn feeling or fucking emotion
 scribbs: Affect = to fucking feign a fucking appearance
 Sheikhjahbooty: For some reason, I read this in a Yoda voice.
 ignatz: Fucking cup.
 Peach: I would just love to catch the owner of this mug making a minor grammatical or spelling error.
 turde: this cup is certainly effecting a change in my affect...
 Borkf: @annterland Same for the South of England!
 DrinkMixMan: Shut the heck up.
 grizzly: Fuck!
 addend: Try decaf, bro.
 annterland: Pedantry...all your rules are fucking chafing me. Oh you get off...on pedantry.
 SunWukong: Chill.
 annterland: 'Could of' is a southern American colloquial corruption of 'could have'. When spoken, 'could've' sounds like 'could of'.
Image 150850   12-17-16   Uploaded by    glowstick
 addend: The full-color version of this picture is just as exciting.
 scribbs: There's a dog there. Just there, in front.
Image 150849   12-17-16   Uploaded by    TheFrogMan
 Wet farts: Bro, do you even borkf?
 Nope: I thought Jersey Shore was cancelled
Image 150848   12-17-16   Uploaded by    buds420
 Lestrange: That's a prisoning
 Noremak: Fun fact: Quartz is one of the birth stones for April.
 Ulillillia: I Laugh Out Louded
 Prostata: I LOLed
 Borkf: @Thyming Of *almost* forgotten those existed.
 Thyming: Now you can wear your JO crystal wear it matters!
 Dresdenkeogh: It's my own personal holistic healing modality, it includes chakra balancing, feldencreis, and GETTIN' YO SHIT WRECKED , SON!!!!!
 Borkf: This is the most metal thing I've seen all day.
Image 150847   12-17-16   Uploaded by    Soaps Pierre
 chemical: @Amy Housewine Same
 Hosebag: The love that dare not speak it's name.
 Amy Housewine: "OK sweetie, OK. We'll go back to the park and you can point out to me the one who called you a bad dog."
Image 150846   12-17-16   Uploaded by    wolfskin
 Himesama: Me too buddy!
 Wet farts: And I'm fat cause I'm angry.
 Thyming: You are the most adorable tennis ball I have ever laid eyes on.
Image 150845   12-17-16   Uploaded by    elmstreet
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