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234016  tib gubb: benadeto, no!

234015  a robot: Is your girlfriend a HACKER?

234024  marxist: Wow, Leeloo did not age well

234024  gggina: Edna Mode

233383  Mr Bleak: It's a safety feature! Think about it: he *is* going to drive really, really carefully and as well as he can...

234014  addend: "And we grew up just fine. ...Checkmate!"

233387  Mr Bleak: Beer: making people do stupid things since 4000BC. And then posting it online.

234009  addend: Jump down to #234007 next. Trust me.

234010  addend: Did they scramble "YOLO" or do a mediocre "OHIO"?

234011  addend: *3.

233405  Mr Bleak: @Mr Bleak For "Oygmy Owl" read "Pygmy Owl" - finger trouble.

234010  wolfpk: @Sadbot It's actually England; they are trying to confuse you.

233912  addend: (Wins election through write-in votes.)

233915  addend: "WTF am I doing /here/? This isn't a construction site."

234010  Sadbot: I'm unclear on the deceased's nationality. Australian? South African? I'm just not seeing any clues here...

233946  addend: "Okay now, nobody smile for the photo..."

234010  jochenau: OYO?

233953  addend: Freeze or use by age 40 :(

233874  thrilhouse: my sides hurt @bug

233990  Dresdenkeogh: Accidentally badded. You know what you doot

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233823 Beef Supreme: @dangerkeith3000 that's when you swing a leg over the back of a chair when sitting down. The sculpture is clearly airing out his wedding tackle on a warm day.

233799 RiderFan: More accurate to the source material than the Ghost in the Shell live action movie.

233930 raditzu: Move woman, you're obscuring the view.

233910 Teechur: I went camping with friends in Spain. They didn't let me know what they were cooking for dinner. They served me a pig's snout on bread. A little chewy, but delicious!

233941 Dr Awkward: I'm mostly bothered by the oscillation between present and past tense.

233867 glenalec: 14 hours With Out Oxygen.

233781 Science: Somebody stop me! Please.

233924 raditzu: good she has a blanket, otherwise might just catch a cold.

233783 hajjpodge: This is too much for me.

233901 Jabberwikket: @fanny, Dancing with Himself (Myself)

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 LieutenantTofu: Pebbles, the new drug craze that's KILLING your KIDS!
 Marsh Darsh: Taste the rainbow
 sparename: I hope he's only trying to smoke fish-food and not the gravel
 Hiddentigerma: @questionable They don't even have the feces.
 Air Biscuit: Turn your brain all fruity.
 questionable: yeah, that's not how you make jenkem. more colourful, at least
 ClockworkJackalope: Dank
 Sadbot: How I munchie?
 Peach: You're clearly not Master Trainer material.
Image 150122   12-13-16   Uploaded by    hanky
 Mr. Shine: THIS is how you do a Sagan meme.
 Peter Pantsless: @ClockworkJackalope true story: on the golden Voyager disc there is a recording of the brain waves of one Ann Druyan. At the end, she went off-script and thought about her new romance with Sagan. So we actually sent a tangible representation of human love to the stars
 Skinr: @Peter Pantsless I also appreciate how he was never as much of a blowhard as Dawkins, even though he did make mistakes from time to time.
 ClockworkJackalope: @Peter Pantsless billions and billions of awesome things to say about him
 Peter Pantsless: We make a lot of "billions and billions" jokes here, but he truly was one of our species' greatest minds. He just GOT it, and was able to articulate "it"
Image 150121   12-13-16   Uploaded by    salmiakki
 Mr. Shine: Don't forget the mayo!
 AverageJoe: bacon pancakes, making bacon pancakes...
 Bast Relief: -- Likes ham better.
 Skinr: @Peach "Back off me, man. Back off."
 Whatever: Sounds kosher to me
 Peach: Only 3 servings of bacon? What, are you on a diet?
Image 150120   12-13-16   Uploaded by    hosehorse
 WaffleIron: That's no moon.
 AverageJoe: Galactus did it better
 Himesama: Jesus cares not for your war on Christmas!!!
 Air Biscuit: *cue katamari theme
 SoyUnPerdedor: Space Jesus is best Jesus
 Peach: @Nope So THAT'S what Jesus would do.
 Ulillillia: Rad for no words on picture
 Peter Pantsless: "Nice planet. Let's make half of you assholes." "Go away, Jesus."
 Nope: Oh man, oh man, I didnt mean to set it on fire!
Image 150119   12-13-16   Uploaded by    twitter
 a robot: The labeled cardboard tubes suggest that these came out of a commercial vending machine, like one in a grocery store bathroom. They're probably fine. Probably.
 Fancy Clown: @EvilOtter maybe it's intended for vampires?
 EvilOtter: This is not how you make tea in my house.
 fanny: menstrualhorn
Image 150118   12-13-16   Uploaded by    IM AN ASSHOLE
 Gomi Day: operation dumbo drop
 LKoroton: As Good As It Gets
 LKoroton: The Island
 LKoroton: Bladerunner
 carpwoman: 9 to 5
 scribbs: Breakfast at Tiffany's.
 WaffleIron: The nightmare before christmas.
 Dresdenkeogh: Eight legged freaks
 mrwiffler: Dirty Harry
 grizzly: Lady and the Tramp.
 Mr. Shine: Strange Brew
 Mr. Shine: Deep Impact
 Hiddentigerma: Rings of brite water.
 beep: A never ending story.
 beep: Kill Bill
 LaeMi: @Musician - Thanks. That's pretty much what I am on. Bland dry stuff like toast is what the Dr recommended.I'm eating filling-free man tao (steamed bread) which seems to be working well so far. I might stay away from bananas as, unfortunately, Aggrogator's favorite fruit has always disagreed with my digestion. :-(
 Flarmie: How Green Was My Valley
 Flarmie: Chocolat
 Flarmie: Hot Shots!
 Flarmie: Chicken Run (I had Popeye's for dinner)
 Flarmie: Waterworld
 Musician: @LaeMi BRAT only (Bananas rice apple toast) until you get the flora back in your stomach. get well soon!
 Kim: Titanic.
 Mister S: Tangled
 Mister S: A River Runs Through It
 Mister S: Bad Taste
 Mister S: Unbreakable
 Mister S: There Will be Blood
 Peter Pantsless: The Never-Ending Story
 Peter Pantsless: Spider-Man 3
 Peter Pantsless: Arsenic and Old Lace
 Peter Pantsless: Also, To Hell and Back
 Peter Pantsless: @LaeMi Hot damn. Glad you're okay, but that is a looooot of drugs *quietly takes the occasional naproxen and drinks ALLLLL the coffee*
 Air Biscuit: The nutty professor.
 ThatGuy: I Would Do Anything for Love (But I Won't Do That)
 Amy Housewine: Sounds like @LaeMi had "Three Colours: Red".
 UltraBeverly: Children of the Corn
 Spazstatic: A Series of Unfortunate Events
 Spazstatic: Big Daddy
 Spazstatic: The Wrath of Khan
 UseYourName: Some Like It Hot
 UseYourName: Gone with the Wind
 UseYourName: Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close
 trelyate: Apocalypse Now
 Skinr: It Might Get Loud
 archanon: Spice World
 LaeMi: Add those to my blood pressure pills, cholesterol meds, and SSRI pills, and my desk is looking like it belongs to some sort of drug lord.
 LaeMi: I'm back. With broad-spectrum antibiotics, something to reduce stomach acid while its lining rebuilds and electrolytes (what dehydrated people crave). And lots of soft really bland food.
 RiderFan: Where the Wild Things Are.
 ignatz: Log jammin
 Ulillillia: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut
 EvilOtter: The Purge
 Peter Pantsless: @LaeMi that's not what you want. Hopefully your answer isn't "Alien" or, god forbid, "The Terminator."
 ThatGuy: 2 Fast 2 Furious
 Peter Pantsless: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly
 Knice: @LaeMi Oh no! Good luck, dear!
 LaeMi: Okay, I am pooping blood now. I'm off to the doctor!
 LaeMi: Too soon!
Image 150117   12-13-16   Uploaded by    Bro Bro
 EvilOtter: Dogging for visibility.
 LKoroton: Dogs can be furries, too
Image 150116   12-13-16   Uploaded by    youshall
 LaeMi: @Teechur - I could pinch some green gel from the studio (yes, the place I work has a full-size TV studio - I'm not in charge of that but am on good terms with the tech there). Doesn't get too hot in there, now the old incandescent bulb is replaced by an LED even less so. Can put it behind the mesh (that blocks the microwaves) anyway, though I very much doubt lighting gels care about microwaves anyway.
 Teechur: @LaeMi A green light in the microwave! Genius! What about using a theatrical gel to make a standard one green? Does it get hot outside of the main box of the microwave? (Is that a type of Faraday cage?)
 LaeMi: My first attempt on the Microwave used a cheap bulb from my favorite crap-stuff supplier in HK, but (and I should know better than to order LEDs from them!) it went dodgy quite quickly. Not completely dead, but very flickery, so I spent a few weeks with a 'Fallout' themed microwave until I got a better quality bulb in. :-)
 LaeMi: I was dismayed a few months back to find that they don't put the little panels on Microwave Ovens to change the bulb anymore! I had to open the whole case (not recommended for anyone without some electro-tech training). Now my Microwave has a nice stark-white LED bulb in it (I actually would have liked a green one, but couldn't get one that colour at the correct voltage quickly/cheaply).
 LaeMi: @Teechur - Yes. I know a lot of modern devices don't have exchangeable batteries (unless you are a harware hacker like me), but I have trouble getting my head around the idea that these students never had to change the batteries in their own toys at some point in their childhoods!
 Teechur: @LaeMi I feel your pain. One of my high schoolers asked me yesterday if he could put his pen in the electric pencil sharpener.
 LaeMi: Some of my students need this service.
Image 150115   12-13-16   Uploaded by    stunt nuts
 Mr. Shine: Which Pokemon is this?
 jochenau: Keeping that dog groomed would be a full-time job. Like, he would literally have to just live there.
 ClockworkJackalope: It's a Jim Henson puppet
 Xeno: That gallows is too short.
 LogicKitty: So much floof!
 Urn BooUrn: Want to hug that doggo.
 Peter Pantsless: MMMNLLLEEEEMMM
 Greek Fire: No one man should have all that pupper.
Image 150114   12-13-16   Uploaded by    Jason Steak
 grizzly: Dont spill anything ever.
 Mr. Shine: If you have OCD this floor would REALLY bother you.
 jochenau: @dobbiesdoogs "Mommmm, Mr. Fluffers pooped on Kamchatka again!"
 dobbiesdoogs: make a risk game board and you've got a winner
 fanny: sure you can, but why???
 Peter Pantsless: Contractors hate this one weird trick
 ThatGuy: Nahhhhhh
 Marsh Darsh: I want!
 Nope: Gross
 LaeMi: I want to play a game.
Image 150113   12-13-16   Uploaded by    pig 3
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