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234504  glenalec: @WTF - But she can #234513 ! And #234510 is certainly trying!

234501  Dreforian: @Coolguy Must have been right after Red Alert as he never wore ties again!

234489  fanny: mods, please update my username to fanny fidler

234504  glenalec: Aliens are among us - more proof of non-humanoid tool-using lifeforms.

229496  fanny: return #234492

234492  fanny: haha @Peter Pantsless #229496

234503  Scoo: "They took mah ears!"

234502  Scoo: Ahhhh! Acid shin attack!

234493  Teechur: Just realized they got the leash, too!

234423  glenalec: All the bits are leaking out!

234428  glenalec: Don't upload me like potato.

234430  glenalec: @GoGo Robotto - I imagine at the moment the photo was taken he hadn't yet had time to react.

234488  grizzly: @looch nerd! No just kidding. I did the same thing.

234493  Teechur: Where's Grandma?

234492  grizzly: @Peter Pantsless This post is just like how I enjoy my steaks... Well done.

234473  glenalec: @a robot - I radvote anything that doesn't specifically offend me! (after a spell, I hit the limit sometimes)

234474  glenalec: @a robot - I was thinking he was looking worried they wouldn't stay in his arms long enough for the photo.

234501  Coolguy: Is that Kane from Command and Conquer?

234476  glenalec: LAYERS!

234477  glenalec: @Scoo Flying around, or flying on?

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234446 a robot: But....why?

234465 a robot: Mantis' long lost sister?

234430 glenalec: @GoGo Robotto - I imagine at the moment the photo was taken he hadn't yet had time to react.

234277 glenalec: Glenalec's mum approves.

234423 glenalec: All the bits are leaking out!

234437 FatTigerWoods: The kid couldn't stop eating for a sec and take a picture? Rude.

234321 glenalec: vv the technical term is a kidney calculus. So my kidney now officially has better maths skills than me.

234331 looch: Better be named Huginn or Muninn

234265 kornisjon: @when so Someone must have had a nice time.

234400 ping: @ignatz @Annoying Vegan @Bagels *ping* #234456.

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 itskando: We call her wonder. She sucks but she's a crowd favorite thorough intense marketing.
 PenguinBartender: Horse racing is the greatest thing since sliced... hrm...
 winwolf: Can your girlfriend make me a sandwich?
 sparename: " # Loaf riders, In the sky.. # "
 Yam: Breaders cup
 ButtNutz: This Stars Wars is wierd
 Peach: Thoroughbread
Image 147805   12-02-16   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 etc: @Scoo as a young stripling who just got canned from his job, I did this with toast. Didn't hear friendly Mr. Smoke Detector. Had to pay for locksmith after the firemen broke open door. Let me tell you that the fireman's carry really strains the shoulder and lat muscle groups when your limp, unconscious body can't flex while you're being picked up.
 Scoo: It's also an alarm clock for when you come home shitfaced drunk and pass out in the dog bed that the pizza rolls you forgot you threw in the oven are ready.
 sparename: @unoplank or "I'm just toasting old friends"
 sparename: At my ex's house it meant "Dinner's ready"
 unoplank: I'm just cooking my children!!!
 Borkf: "This is fine!"
 Sadbot: And it shouts back "then do a better job of it, pay attention to your burning garbage!"
 Peach: "I'm just burning"
Image 147804   12-02-16   Uploaded by    pusha p
 Marsh Darsh: Just finished reading this
 Minx: Damn.
 cenecia: So... New Jersey?
 Hiddentigerma: Nice 'tache
 petepuma: autorad
 SunWukong: I LIKE FALKHORN!!!
 Mr. Butt: PrincessHorn
Image 147803   12-02-16   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Warrax: You don't know me.
 Scoo: I also stayed in a Holiday Inn Express last night!
 Meow: I've been inspired to perform my open-heart surgery myself!
Image 147802   12-02-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 LaeMi: Cat-blocked!
 raditzu: Talk to the hand!
 PenguinBartender: DEEEEEEE-NIED.
 Scoo: Ehhhhh.... NO
 Bluetocracy: You've got some food on your face. Let me get that for you.
 whiplash: "One side is for now, the other side is for later."
 annterland: Every food bowl is my food bowl.
 Meow: Here, taste! *smoooosh*
Image 147801   12-02-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Scoo: Those were quite popular; we're all out now
 Peach: Sorry, that's a typo, the toes are mashed.
Image 147800   12-02-16   Uploaded by    dope
 Marsh Darsh: What a basket case
 Jolly Well: of course! @petepuma!
 petepuma: now the carry-er has be come the carried!
 Scoo: No, Mr. Bond, I expect you to die!
 Coolguy: @Peach a nice Big Mac?
 Peach: @jochenau :D
 itskando: ** frigging autocorrect. Aggrogator
 itskando: Why is my cat on aggregator?
 jochenau: @Peach I find that the friendly spaceship helps keep me irregular, in the not pooping sense! Er. The sense which isn't about pooping? IT KEEPS ME STRANGE OKAY
 Peach: Every morning, after I wake up, I drink a big glass of water while I explore the friendly spaceship. I don't know if it's the water or the funny pictures/comments, but 10 minutes in, like clockwork, I have a nice BM. Thanks for keeping me regular, friends.
 SpaceCow: "Oh no, a Giga-cat is attacking Mega-Dome 7!"
Image 147799   12-02-16   Uploaded by    Winterneuro
 Minx: ............. dang it Dad.
 Scoo: Where can I get her t-shirt? Asking for a friend...
 ThatGuy: Deathbulgehorn
 Borkf: @Bluetocracy Netflix and silent rage.
 Bluetocracy: They're not chillin'
 Meow: ugh I hate sitting through a whole movie with nothing to do!
Image 147798   12-02-16   Uploaded by    eumoria
 Spazstatic: @SomeCanadian mom and dad say I'm just a late bloomer!
 SomeCanadian: You dont? Weirdo. @Spazstatic
 Spazstatic: Also I think the archers are shooting arrows from their eyes
 Spazstatic: Looks like the guy/girl/giant in the top right has nipple cannons.
 LaeMi: @SomeCanadian - that is Mascot's ancestor.
 Hiddentigerma: I like this california raisin the most.
 SpaceCow: Legends tell of giants who would wear pajamas made of afro wigs and would chase the people, yelling "I'm not touching you!"
 SomeCanadian: Also, that Flying Head looks an awful lot like Mascot. Mascot- what were you up to?!?
 SomeCanadian: Well that's a relief.
Image 147797   12-02-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Spazstatic: Username/upload combo
 DrinkMixMan: 'ngac-itty, 'ngac , don't talk back
 petepuma: He didn't skip cognac day
 Lestrange: I did not realise he was a heterosexual.
 Flirb Dampumple: @million laffs without crushing it
 WTF: "Come gaze at beauty of my steroid-saturated urine sample."
 Mr. Butt: Parching his acorns.
 chhumphrey: It's not a tumbler!
 Mumbo Dingus: Come to the beach in the next 15 minutes if you want an abs gawking
 CrookedCop: Arnold as a person is maybe not so good, but Arnold as hunky man-candy is pretty great
 million laffs: I also can hold up a snifter of cognac
 Alaskan: Come vith me if you vant to pose.
Image 147796   12-02-16   Uploaded by    robocop
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