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257445  Science: Hey Bender, you ever killed a man with a sock? It ain't so hard.

257458  Science: saem

257461  Science: Firefox is in incognito mode

257597  Christina: When you are eating and someone tells you are fat.

257468  Science: @FabricMan: It's because the tribes sent out an advance party and they complained that the "Promised Land" wasn't nice enough. So God said, "Fine - then you won't make it there. Only your kids will see it." And when the last original tribe member died, they were able to enter. You do not screw with Old Testament God.

257606  Knice: *hits This is BAD*

257583  Shay: At least there's one benefit to live in NY.

257483  Science: @hajjpodge: You do realize that people of all races sag their pants, right? I don't care what color, creed, or religion you are, I don't want to see your ass while I'm trying to eat a meal.

257516  Science: Well, Well, Milton Bradley's got a def one / It's a Twister (Twister, Twister, Twister) / Yeah, all the girls and homeboys / Playin' Twister (Twister, Twister, Twister!) / Spin the spinner and call the shot / Twister ties you up in a knot

257609  rachel: Also, just wanted to mention that Mike did an amazing job. He gave that kid the works! Hot lather, full face shave, aftershave, and a hot towel treatment, as well as the back massage that comes with every shave!

257597  Shay: "Wait, this tastes funny. Oh crap, it's poison ivy."

257545  Science: Cap'n - it seems there is a wee problem with the transporter...

257561  Science: @Fiveninety: Some clocks are secured to the wall.

257487  bubbles: @Side Boob huh?

257598  WTF: "Your dog's bark sounds a little off." "Yeah, today he's a little hoarse."

257599  Knice: That's nice, dear.

257598  Teechur: Bye bye, Lil' Sebastian....

257442  Teechur: There should be a moooon orbiting her.

257586  Teechur: I hope you find your Dad, Buddy. Thanks, Mr. Narwhal.

257592  Teechur: A little Viagra and he should be up in no time.

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257348 Urn BooUrn: @FabricMan It's a Dinghy!

257414 BavidDowie: @petepuma trunk is full of copies of 'The Grapes of Wrath.' Big Steinbeck buff.

257508 Whatever: I didnt know that the Teenage Ninja Turtles has an auntie

257558 Spazstatic: @a sedated moose thank goodness. Enjoy your vacation and drunkenness!

257468 Science: @FabricMan: It's because the tribes sent out an advance party and they complained that the "Promised Land" wasn't nice enough. So God said, "Fine - then you won't make it there. Only your kids will see it." And when the last original tribe member died, they were able to enter. You do not screw with Old Testament God.

257301 Munkybut: That dude is 11 feet tall

257454 a robot: @Christina Yeah! #112748

257476 Spazstatic: @Shay Lemmy as in Motorhead? And God as in Godsmack, Lamb of God, Gojira, or Godzilla by Blue Oyster Cult?

257513 MasterTwig: People like this are 10 times more obnoxious than any so called "jocks".

257545 Science: Cap'n - it seems there is a wee problem with the transporter...

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 jochenau: @a robot I don't know, maybe MLK was one-eighth robot?
 perd hapley: @Knice Holy shit was MLK a Vulcan? That...actually kinda makes sense.
 fanny: @shitshow it is quit the shitshow, isn't it?
 shitshow: He had a beautiful dream. Now we have a terrible nightmare.
 Warrax: Where have all the heroes gone?
 hat thrab: @a robot In second grade I thought I was raising my hand for the part of an elf, but instead I was assigned gender-swapped Santa in the Christmas play. I almost cried. In retrospect, that teacher was pretty awesome though.
 a robot: True story: In 5th grade I played the part of MLK's grandma in a class play about the Civil Rights movement. I am......not of the right complexion for that role. I feel like it was still a good learning experience for all involved though
 EvilOtter: This is clearly photoshopped. I can tell from the pixels. I've seen a lot of shoops in my day. Totally not real.
 Lestrange: @Knice acquired via repeated police beatings. Hero.
 fanny: 86?! WHO THE FUCK BAD VOTED M ELF K????
 Knice: I never noticed his lil elf ears! M ELF K, amirite!?
Image 147503   11-30-16   Uploaded by    thecraftywolf
 Beeble: Sploosh.
 jochenau: This would make slightly more sense in a book but on a wall it's just...odd, and disturbing. Also the boy apparently has a blowhole, and the girl has a little wing on her left hip.
 shitshow: See Dick. Dick is eating. Dick is eating that ass like the Thursday before payday.
 Lestrange: I'm all like Wut?
 Mr. Butt: Sign me the fuck up!
 dobbiesdoogs: look, see jane. see jane shit. shit jane shit.
Image 147502   11-30-16   Uploaded by    fanny
 AverageJoe: [stares in 'murican]
 Mr. Whiskers: Hank, this isn't propane
 petepuma: hwhat
 Knice: "Just hah qualeteh weed, mah frund."
Image 147501   11-30-16   Uploaded by    mark64
 drtofu: Ask Texas about the first panel
 Lestrange: This depressed me.
Image 147500   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Borm Pumpies
 shitshow: Bumpkin
 Lestrange: Soup recipe.
 Knice: Jackrabbit-o'-lantern
 ButtNutz: Silly Rabbit, tricks and treats are for kids!
 LaeMi: Alien re-enactment.
Image 147499   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Natch
 Gomi Day: i couldn't NOT look it up. "Ayres is married to theatre producer Dudley Russell, and they have two sons, William and James. They live in the Cotswolds and keep rare breeds of cattle, as well as sheep, pigs, chickens, and guinea fowl. Ayres is a keen gardener and beekeeper. She is a patron of the British Hen Welfare Trust and Cheltenham Animal Shelter." :)
 LaeMi: I have to rephrase: "Will anybody *worth staying married to* marry me?"
 Peter Pantsless: same :(
 Mr. Whiskers: I will...I have a fetish for Fire Marshal Bill impressions
 Bast Relief: A closeted gay state senator who needs a family to keep up appearances.
 Ulillillia: In modern times she'd just make a webcomic
 Lestrange: Sorry Pam but equal marriage wasn't a thing back then.
 EvilOtter: I saw a video on the internet one time.....
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Blissful myth by rudimentary peni sums up my thoughts on marriage refer to that kindly pam ayres if that really is your name.
 WaffleIron: Marmaduke will.
Image 147498   11-30-16   Uploaded by    fanny
 JohnCarcinogen: @Yam The rhyme animal.
 Mr. Whiskers: You put that label on the buoy, but you didn't bother to put a clock on it? Lazy.
 shitshow: Holla at yo buoy!
 Knice: @Yam My buoyd
 Yam: @Knice You broke the chain.
 Knice: Fuccbuoy if you're brave enough.
 Yam: @Mr. Butt Once again back is the incredible
 Mr. Butt: @a sedated moose How low can you go? Death row? What a brother know?
 a sedated moose: Bass!
Image 147497   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Dan Tagonistic
 a sedated moose: A match made in heav... actually, not sure where the match was made, but, they're perfect for each other.
Image 147496   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Bernie 2016
 GroanWorthy: Batman villans are strange sometimes.
 PenguinBartender: Next Silent Hill looking...well...not weirder, but at least fancier than its predecessors.
 Annoying Vegan : Swarov-ski mask
 Dreforian: In the future EVERYONE IS BEAUTIFUL LIKE ME
 petepuma: early hat designs were not successful.
 ch: So, Diamond-Face, we meet again! No, over here. Turn a little to your right ... more, more okay ... good. So!
 jochenau: @WaffleIron A-heckin'-men.
 WaffleIron: Thank god it's not teeth.
 LaeMi: No wonder you couldn't afford a properly-made jacket!
Image 147495   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
 Slaws: the Safeway near my house has the same toy/setup????
 BeagleMan44: That sign led to several arrests.
 ChubbyBuddy: after six hours, an unattended dog managed to buy every item in the store.
 Hyphae: "Oh my God, what the hell are you doing!?" "Duh, I'm pleasing this squeeze toy- you gonna bag this up or what?"
 antipatterns: O.J. Simpson Jail Break!
 Warrax: This checkstand clean. This checkstand juicy.
 Mr. Butt: lol irl
 LaeMi: That's what he said!
Image 147494   11-30-16   Uploaded by    habbekratz
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