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262557  BavidDowie: Heh heh, "pairing"

262561  BavidDowie: For me and my Slenderman arm

262549  jazzjunkie: #175350 sees nothing wrong with this.

262554  WTF: I see the Grinch retired to Florida.

262569  Air Biscuit: @Barm Plopert or make friends with them. Depends on the spaceship.

262570  Air Biscuit: @Frang Dampombies im gonna miss that person.

262571  Air Biscuit: Quitting captive turkey?

262569  WTF: What you feel like after a night of drinking a case of Zima.

262567  Hyphae: @Crongo Rempumple haha, ballroom

262557  Bluetocracy: Lame. Survival Knife, Pocket Knife, and Chef Knife are the most used blades. I'd put a Katana on there too, but we're talking about knives. come on. Wait, Steak and Paring. Those are legit. But you have to be a master to know a Soup Knife.

262556  WTF: It looks as if you've got water on the cat and new cats are going to start popping off.

262560  WTF: "I'll have what she's having!"

262565  WTF: History? Ah, I almost forgot reading in school about the great Franco-Prussian window washer uprising of 1765.

262558  Bluetocracy: YOLO

262560  Bluetocracy: I am always positive... Positive that if I stop taking these meds, I will become a supervillain. Wait, that doesn't sound like a bad idea, since there aren't any heroes these days.

262571  WTF: If her cooking is anything like my wife's I bet he prefers her keep it locked, amirightguys?

262581  NotHuman: Here in Texas you'd need a pickup truck full of these just for your weekly trip to the grocery store.

262570  Mr. Shine: Sold his stake in MySpace for $580 million. In other news, this Red-pocalypse joke is breaking the site for me. I guess I'll see you guys when it's repaired. Be good to each other.

262566  Bluetocracy: you are adorable, but mommy said, "fetch my beer"

262567  Bluetocracy: 'corporate events'

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262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262377 Staida: We get it, you vape

262343 DimeBoxSammie: Its only a flesh wound

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262440 Christina: @Rart Flumomple Those are not for ladies.

262425 Stumpwiz: One of those extremely rare left-handed flutes.

262461 Passive: please dont tell anyone how i live

262469 Spazstatic: Ajit has bandwidth if you have coin.

262318 Prefuse: I want to die........

262342 Ihminen: what is happening haha

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 Crung Rempumple: There were also sausages on the grill before #147465 got there.
 Jelm Dampupert: Snap his neck, pluck him, gut him, season with garlic and lemon pepper, add to the fire.
 Dild Flongo: Pineapple lives matter too you know.
 Thempo Morpopert: You should. That grill needs to be cleaned.
 Trewn Albungo: What, for the live chicken that isn't nearly as delicious and marinated (yet)?
 Hempo Grunongus: Almost.
Image 147463   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Jeld Cremoble
 Herbo Rempumbies: "Fistful of Datas": Worf [when getting involved in a saloon brawl] "I'm beginning to see the appeal of this program!"
 Thirb Brongus: Hlja' !
 Jirt Plongo: Worf was raised by a Ukrainian couple. Orthodox Christianity is the dominant religion of Ukraine. Coincidence?
 Rulm Plumbies: There is no honor in this
 Cralm Morpupert: @questionable Funniest line in the entire series. I also like the part where Troi shoots Data with an arrow
 Flumpo Plungus: @Borkf Okay, so maybe not Klingon but look at that head, definitely some sort of alien.
 Muft Rempomple: @fakeusername On closer inspection, it does appear to a different picture, just very similar looking. He was Greek/Turkish though, so still likely a white dude, just not a pasty one.
 Thingo Cremopert: @Borkf sure, he doesn't he look like a Klingon if you use a new painting where they made him a white dude
 Truple Brungo: Sure, he looks like a Klingon if you alter the picture to make him look like one…
 Pimp Albongo: captain, I must protest; I am not a merry man
Image 147462   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Thert Plongo
 Hempo Rempongus: First heavenly kittah sitting atop the firmament.
 Mango Plemomple: Sky-cat is ceiling-cat's supervisor.
 Guple Brumbies: Ceiling cat is happy
 Froft Morpongo: The Sport Ka has already fed today
 Flewn Drumoble: Cata Morgana
Image 147461   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Crorbo Broble
 Lert Drumuble: @Peter Pantsless i hope its green
 Crirb Plumple: @Peter Pantsless it's like the ice cream truck's music.
 Purm Flomple: "Hey Brah, do ya know the reason I pulled you over?"
 Jilm Rempombies: Seems legit.
 Dawn Cremumple: hahaha what the fuck is the siren for?
 Thort Rempumbies: I dare say, that car is going to get pulled over.
 Hongo Rempopert: Calling car 420! Calling car 420!
Image 147460   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Thert Albungo
 Boft Brupert: Its turtles all the way down
 Froft Grunumple: Ninja turtles, you're doing it wrong.
 Dild Albopert: @LaeMi The Great A'Tuin in a rare mating ritual.
 Rawn Albumple: Diskworld reference, of course!
Image 147459   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Merm Albungus
 Gurm Dampopert: By telling the truth, Pinocchio eventually became a real bo... plastic surgeon.
 Dimpo Flombies: sure i work out of a van, but i definitely hose it out every night.
 Lingo Brumbies: As in, "keepin' it real." No medical education or license stated or implied.
 Purt Dampongus: Yeah, good luck with that.
 Memp Plemungus: it certainly sounds like a "good" idea
 Fraple Dampoble: @Butcherboy Inflammable means flammable? What a country!
 Rorm Plopert: Hi Dr. Nick!
 Remp Morpongo: It says right here he went to "medical" school.
 Mimpo Bromple: Smart lipo is Bluetooth enabled.
 Part Bromple: It's a GI joe in a lab coat.
Image 147458   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Fruld Grunombies
 Frirt Morpupert: War. War never changes.
 Liple Plumbies: Mr. Gorbachev, sax down that wall!
 Fring Gromple: Mr. Gorbachev, sax down that wall!
 Mampo Dampongo: This machine kills fascists.
 Thuple Drumongus: The wall is comprised of hurdy-gurdy men
 Germ Rempoble: This February, Matt Damon stars in: The Great Wall (and he's bringing his vomiting saxophone).
 Frorm Flumombies: Now I understand what Miles Davis meant by "if you have to ask what Jazz is, you'll never know."
 Buft Horpongo: All in all, it's just another brick in the wall.
 Thango Albungo: The Polka-Jazz War was the most horrific of war of the 20th century.
Image 147457   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Mengo Horpongo
 Thing Grupert: Rimmer. Is that you?
 Flert Cremombies: @Peter Pantsless Let him.
 Trango Rempombies: if only Oscar Wilde could see us now
 Hing Morpongus: This is getting out of hand. Also, ceiling man is watching you masturbate
 Cremp Flumupert: Pounded in the Butt by the Library Study Room
Image 147456   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Trown Flumongo
 Buld Albumbies: With this clever disguise no one must know my true identity. Squirrel! !
 Doft Plemungus: Hip Dysplasia Bud
 Pirb Flumupert: Results came back on your stool sample. Delicious.
 Trart Horpongus: Stockf
 Flilm Broble: @skillet Maybe he's really good at sports, but just has bad eyes.
 Thingo Horpongus: secret identity of Krypto the Superdog
 Luld Morpumple: Dorkf
Image 147455   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Rongo Plemoble
 Mampo Cremupert: @SomeCanadian Thank you. He still has a sense of humor, as long as we keep the jokes simple. So, there's a silver lining, at least. Thanks again :-)
 Jimp Morpupert: Aw that's rough. Dementia is the worst way to go. Sorry buddy. @scribbs
 Mang Drumombies: IRL, my mom is an old-school nurse, and my dad is in the final stage of dementia. To prevent him from breaking his neck getting out of bed, she looked up adult bed restraints online. Now she knows all about S&M. Thanks, internet!
 Pong Dampumple: Best nativity scene ever.
Image 147454   11-30-16   Uploaded by    Jerm Dampopert
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