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262454  antipatterns: W A T E R M A R K

262446  smusher: Shit, that's depressing

262440  antipatterns: If Americans don't eat more beautiful people soon, China will surpass us

262397  Korrok: I've seen worse....

262459  someguynameded: Put the D in her A and it's all ok

262449  Off Topic: I do. Does that really mean I'm a princess?

262377  Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.

262444  KyleisBobDole: Ooh watcha saaaaaay, ooh that you only meant well

262419  Not A Bot: Fuck you sign, I do what I want!

262445  Robespierre: On your marks ... get set ... FEED ME!

262447  Robespierre: Berber basking

262448  Robespierre: Wy yew flashing us, hoomin?

262439  Robespierre: In all those familiar places

262448  Yam: Man, that is adorable

262440  Robespierre: @Palm Flungo "Eat It Like a Man" doesn't include salad - it's an additional $2.98.

262442  Robespierre: Entering Heavy Rotation orbit

262443  Robespierre: Trumpenstine stomps the Texas terra

262444  Robespierre: WWE(tm): Where There's Always Room For More Bad Acting(c)

262425  Peter Pantsless: Oh you KNOW she went to band camp

262446  Robespierre: Sunrise of North Korea

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262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262195 Science: @Rart Brongo: It's not your job to police the highway - if someone wants to go 150, get the hell out of their way and let them pass.

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

262425 Peter Pantsless: Oh you KNOW she went to band camp

262377 Theimposter: A police force is necessary, a lack of regulation is not.

262151 Mr Bleak: @Pawn Morpongus Because two nipples won't fit the same butthole.

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262343 Science: *blows repeatedly on lava*

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 Barm Drumungus: Finally just saw The Lion King
 Thorbo Grunoble: CATS ARE NICE.
 Left Drumomple: Haters gonna catte.
 Crump Dampomple: The ol Razzle dazzle!
 Jurbo Albongus: If you got it, flaunt it.
 Harb Flopert: "No, I finally called animal control. Strays are one thing, but I don't need a bunch of Nazi cats goosestepping all over the place."
 Frarbo Grunupert: Swiggity swooty.
 Dorm Horpombies: on their way to the ministry of kitty walks.
Image 146692   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Thirt Dampongo
 Duld Albongus: Maybe the water pump is overheating?
 Crurbo Rempuble: I'M HELPING!
 Vorb Albungo: All houses matter
 Ming Dampongo: I guess their benefits package doesn't cover vision care.
 Trump Grungus: Somebody didn't get the memo...
 Framp Plemungus: @ignatz pretty sure an ember catching the truck on fire would be way more embarassing. This guy is just thinking ahead
 Dengo Flumupert: just like Salford, UK, where the firemen have to blast the thieving kids off their trucks
 Creng Grunuble: This is rad(dningstjansten Lulea)
 Gampo Rempumple: And this is why we Norwegians make jokes about Swedes
 Frimpo Groble: Hey careful, you're getting ash on my truck!
Image 146691   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Crarm Grunopert
 Voft Flumbies: you're going to spill your juicebox, dear
 Buld Brungus: Oh sure! That's what they want you to think!
 Mirt Morpumple: Posted in the men's room at the Tate Modern.
 Mingo Flongus: ceci n'est pas une pipe.
 Thompo Rempopert: This is not a comment.
 Peple Rempuble: Also not a cop.
 Hort Plemuble: This is a sign
Image 146690   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Mulm Morpupert
 Rople Plupert: rapprochement, denouement
 Thumpo Horpungus: Better choices - ball/small, double/trouble, and jump/thump
 Geng Flumumbies: Children are such treasures.
Image 146689   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Lompo Dampoble
 Tholm Plemupert: hey, looks like they finally made a Pewter Person movie: #129732
 Huld Horpombies: A bloody lego?
 Murbo Morpoble: Ferrous Creature.
 Vimpo Albombies: This is strangely adorable, I think I actually like this better than the Iron Man suit in the movies.
Image 146688   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Flungo Cremomple
 Rompo Drumungus: "How could you give your own wax-sculpture the Spicy Helmet, Dominic?!"
 Frirm Cremumple: hey i think you got something in your eye
 Frarbo Grunopert: My boyfriend cut off his ears to look more like a parrot!
Image 146687   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Thungo Brongus
 Flempo Horpopert: I'll teach your grandmother to suck eggs!!
 Darbo Horpumbies: OH JOY!
 Gorbo Morpopert: IIIIDIOT!
 Jingo Drumombies: Ren is shorter than Stimpy, you EEDIOT!
 Damp Flumungus: Is that log a bong?
 Huwn Grunongo: @Hyphae *log
 Mirb Alboble: It's big, it's heavy, it's wood!
 Lorm Dampombies: Ren-3PO?
Image 146686   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Crild Plemupert
 Rarbo Plemongo: @a robot "Is it about my cube?"
 Bingo Plemungus: Here are your messages: "You have thirty minutes to move your car." "You have ten minutes." "Your car has been impounded." "Your car has been crushed into a cube." "You have thirty minutes to move your cube."
 Trung Horpungo: So, what do you want to do for dinner tonight?
 Trart Groble: And then peed on
Image 146685   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Vuft Cremomple
 Jongo Flombies: looks like she's getting it all over with at once
 Rongo Flumbies: @FrabricMan @Niels Bohr The four I know about for sure are humans, bonobo chimpanzees (who are one of our closest relatives) and two species of bats (where it supposedly emerged on its own). The "-ish" part is that there are more species of bat where a similar process is observed but it's unknown of it's actually menstruation.
 Frengo Rempungo: @Theta Zero I could stand to hear some more about this. Please go on.
 Vuft Flungus: No wonder the other installments to Earthbound didn't sell well in America.
 Jeng Albumbies: Standing below "Lucifer's Waterfall" is not a good idea
 Fralm Cremumple: @Theta Zero Four... ish?
 Gung Horpumple: @Theta Zero Menstruation is the trade-off H. sapiens made for being in the mood to fuck all the time.
 Puwn Cremungo: But why is she vibrating?
 Fralm Grunongus: How puberty is taught in the mushroom kingdom
 Thewn Flumoble: That looks like a heavy flow day to me.
 Vimp Fluble: Humans are also one of four-ish known animal species in the world to menstruate. Lucky us!
 Jorbo Albungo: I clicked the arrow, nothing happened 1/10 would not recommend.
Image 146684   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Hulm Drumombies
 Crarb Dampungo: Let me just grab my lute, so I can play "Greensleeves".
 Bump Brungus: That is the kind of dog I want one day (when I have time to play with it properly). Green feet optional.
 Pimpo Grongo: He may also be a little jealous.
 Cremp Albombies: It is, by all means, normal.
 Jumpo Drumopert: He's just a little angry
 Flulm Horpongo: Christmas is coming, Mr. Grinch.
Image 146683   11-26-16   Uploaded by    Derb Flungus
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