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258180  Yam: Wait, is this Calgary?

258150  a robot: Betty White is older than sliced bread

258153  a robot: You rock that three-piece suit, bowler hat, umbrella and red thigh-high boots, Mr. Businessman

258167  a robot: Your dog is a very good mother to that baby polar bear!

258173  Mr. Shine: It's what they call me down at the clinic.

258175  Mr. Shine: I'm disappointed in myself because I'm not sure if i can hug them all at once.

258176  a robot: Bout to drop the hottest album of summer 2018

258176  Mr. Shine: These puppies look like they're planning a casino heist.

258177  Mr. Shine: *angrily takes pet moose and exits*

258163  Astanapan: If heroes of might and magic has taught me anything, there are another 16-45 dogs in there.

258163  bug: We should change the official header of the Friendly Spaceship to this doormat.

258177  Scoo: A moose once dated my sister

258166  Scoo: Translation: we have no legal authority to fine you for not paying so we're going to ask you pleasepleaseplease pay next time okthanks?

258179  Nope: Ted and Ed Cruise

258162  grizzly: Just boo it. I'm crying over that shit.

258182  Nope: Mike seen here pre meal

258175  Solemn: @wolfpk Huh. Never would have guessed.

258178  copunter: if you survived the 70's, you probably chop up lines on your phone like this:

258179  copunter: wow, this has some nice touches to it. @Drunk Orc -- advanced shoopniques!

258173  Prostata: An anagram of "donald trump" is "lord damp nut"

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258009 Astanapan: wikiHow to run first because until you learn how to bend your knees you're getting nowhere fast.

258089 Warrax: Harison ciked me in the penis

258111 Warrax: I just want to know what's wrong with them that they had to go in the garbage. I mean, it's a fairly simple device.

257969 WannaBee: The before picture #258041

257947 VeeKay: Now we're going to places in my neighborhood

257995 Passive: The pain is real

258044 Mr. Butt: Been playing a lot of Monster Hunter lately. I really like how it allows me to neurotically hoard herbs and mushrooms instead of getting good at the combat.

258069 dangerkeith3000: He's trying to find mosquitoes in amber so he can create another Jurassic Park.

258106 SuedeOxford: I would settle for just free.

258079 Robespierre: Team building exercises suck

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 funny in the wall: @Mr. Butt Hah, nice. Don't forget about the moychandising
 Mr. Butt: @jochenau @Teechur @A duck @SomeOtherCanadian @funny in the wall This is from Avatar 2: The Search For More Money
 funny in the wall: I do not think this is an avatar reference
 ssignature: What do you get if Avatar and Bill Nye have a baby?
 Teechur: @SomeOtherCanadian @A duck @jochenau ratavA is Avatar backwards.
 jochenau: @A duck "Avatar" - @SomeOtherCanadian
 A duck: "Avatar was... a good movie." - @SomeOtherCanadian
 annterland: Uhhh, this is cool
 SomeOtherCanadian: Avatar was not a good movie
Image 145482   11-20-16   Uploaded by    trees
 Jotun: treehorn
 LaeMi: 'Buttersafe' webcomic 2009-02-17
 scribbs: What L. Ron Hubbard believed.
 Whatever: Yeah it must freak trees out when they realize they are being held straight by cadavers
Image 145481   11-20-16   Uploaded by    tea
 werterland: @FabricMan My bad. I got the Cleveland Bengals and Cincinnati Browns mixed up.
 FabricMan: @werterland Pretty sure it's Cleveland. Right there on Lake Ontario
 SpaceCow: Someone that would put up an Entourage poster would take a cart from Target? Now I've seen everything.
 werterland: @FabricMan *Cincinnati
 FabricMan: It appears this gentleman lives in the Cleveland area
 scribbs: Mom's Christmas shopping reminders get less subtle each year.
 SomeOtherCanadian: Football sucks
Image 145480   11-20-16   Uploaded by    Stom Premben
 jochenau: Polygamist cult leader detected.
 Winterneuro: The real reason why the Amish don't own minivans
 scribbs: I'm impressed by the seating capacity of that vehicle.
 Borkf: Is this just everyone they know or something?
Image 145479   11-20-16   Uploaded by    Backhand
 LaeMi: Dey all ded
 Wet farts: They got seat belts... they're good!
 Teechur: @Hyphae Lol! Before the stroke of midnight, someone will post the link to that pic.
 Hyphae: @Teechur why, her selfie Cokeacola and vodka bottle, of course
 Teechur: But who took the picture?
 SpaceCow: "Huh, there seems to be breaking news of some crazy lady driving on the wrong side of the highway. I'd better watch the video."
 jochenau: "Now Siri says that she requires a freshly-made pedestrian corpse. Let's go, kids!"
 scribbs: She's voting Rad, but on whose upload?
 Whatever: Darwin Award: Best Driver of the Year...
Image 145478   11-20-16   Uploaded by    Fantasy
 SpaceCow: @Whatever The pure ones that worshiped raptor jesus. The rest died and were fossilized.
 Himesama: Clever girl.
 Ulillillia: by Chuck Tingle
 Whatever: Did the dinosaurs go to heaven?
 scribbs: This explains so much.
Image 145477   11-20-16   Uploaded by    Frum Temps
 Hiddentigerma: Just get drunk and pretend you don't hate everyone for 30 minutes.
 AverageJoe: Bloody hell
 scribbs: Same with bachelor parties.
Image 145476   11-20-16   Uploaded by    skittles
 Cami: Oh, my God! I had one in my mouth!
 FabricMan: No, I am
 scribbs: I get that the devil is evil and all that, but I can't imagine he'd be that loose with his huevos.
 Lestrange: Delicious, chocolatey Lucifer's testicles!
 Radstarboom: The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was balls.
Image 145475   11-20-16   Uploaded by    Lorm Bembo
 Jotun: spongehorn
 RetrogradeRun: Rad for before season 5 and the movie where they decided to change writers and cut costs on animation.
 Lestrange: Rad for the Bobster
Image 145474   11-20-16   Uploaded by    cj22
 boxboxbox: @Queeblo damn
 Skinr: I hated The Incredible Burt Wonderstone
 Queeblo: He is. He's the punchline.
Image 145473   11-20-16   Uploaded by    EndlessVanity
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