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254189  a robot: That cat's expression is hilarious

254193  a robot: No, I don't remember that either

254201  a robot: Why would a bird need boobs though. Even a sexy cartoon bird.

254209  queezy farm: Shes beautiful! A bit of advice, if I may. The HW treatment is pretty hard on them. The vet will likely tell you to keep her very calm, even crated if possible, for the duration of the treatment. This is very important to do, as activity can cause them to throw clots and die. Dont let her run around, take her to the bathroom on a leash and make her be calm. It will probably be hard to do as she l

254196  Ironass: I will love you to death!

254197  Mr. Shine: Micro-Turt.

254167  Side Boob: If you are ever on an empty plane like this, move to an aisle seat by the aft bathroom. You can look down the aisle and watch the plane bend :P

254169  Side Boob: Sideshow Bob's sister is kinda cute.

254183  Side Boob: They know the secret of the Wu-Tang Clan

254192  Side Boob: Someone say "WALK"?

254195  Side Boob: I am Muffin! Destroyer of worlds!

254194  charlemagne: if you hold in your farts, they travel up through your body and turn into bad breath and terrible ideas

254198  charlemagne: we'll be in your posse, but you need to make the effort too andre

254193  Not A Bot: pretty leiady and jabba atepizzahut

254206  bigjim: thatld be a total beautiful people wagon if it wasn't a hybrid.

254181  Chest Rockwell: What's with the Spaceballs helmet?

254204  tess: Oh, deer.

254073  Terrh:…

254203  Sprinkles: Amazon sell Aloe Vera right?

254191  Warrax: I took a business ethics class once. It was... creepy. Like ethics for sociopaths. "You should be ethical because if you get caught, you might lose sales" kind of shit.

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6. Not A Bot
7. Mr Bleak
8. WTF
9. dangerkeith3000
10. Mr. Shine

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253842 Spazstatic: @Mad Collager faker

253961 necronomicon: Also orange water is detrimental to ones health

254048 Teechur: @Mad Collager It's like trying to match paint on a fence or house after a few years.

253821 Wooden Spoon: @Laree: of course its found in Australia.

254041 Mr Bleak: Since you are what you eat, is a cannibal the victim of crime?

253831 Mad Collager: @a robot As others have said, protest. It may not seem like much, but it really can make a difference. Also, a fellow protestor told me to write letters to whatever shithead department is doing what angers you most. Not e-mails, but real, paper letters. She said they HAVE to respond to letters, and it slows them down, so they don't have as much time to do their shitty stuff.

254085 Bill Rye: this malicious spider will come for us all!

253849 copunter: I thought this was the El Kabong version of the ole bucket over the door gag

253826 redmonkey3: Waiting for him to turn into snake

253899 White Rice: @AlexDeLarge well, that's what the clickbait sites kept trying to "report" for a while (and diamonds, styrofoam cups, and a bunch of other random things)

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 KnowLifer: Saad Caat #145432
 TFChicken: Karl Pilkington?
 jochenau: If only his beret was as blue as his soul.
 Mr. Butt: ArmyHorn
 Teechur: He should marry someone named Anita.
 Mominous: No one knows what it's like / to be the......oh wait, I guess he does
 Knice: I know a 'bot you should meet.
 LaeMi: My soul-mate!
Image 145384   11-20-16   Uploaded by    fakeplastic
 SpaceCow: "If you fits, you sits."
 redmonkey3: "DOMINANCE! submission." - free BOC reference for the day...
 Dresdenkeogh: *flormph *
 mrdiron: I'm OK with this.
 whiplash: Get in mah belly!
Image 145383   11-20-16   Uploaded by    soccer
 Lestrange: Well children, believe it or not, there was once a time when underarm deodorant, boob implants or even bra's didn't exist! "But mom! How did people even like, live"? Pretty damn well to be honest.
 Headoftheclass: @whiplash Hey, he was young and he needed the money.
 TFChicken: Hey kids, wanna hide some drugs?
 Annoying Vegan : Guess where I keep my stash?
 scribbs: In the old days, you could buy a lot of hat for a dollar.
 whiplash: Oh Jimmy Kimmel, you and your crazy costumes!
 jochenau: Yes, it *is* quite humid today! It's very keen of you to notice.
Image 145382   11-20-16   Uploaded by    Pop That Ponzi
 scribbs: I read somewhere that they're great friends.
Image 145381   11-20-16   Uploaded by    tea
 SpaceCow: Little did Pooh know that Piglet was leading him into the darkest corner of the hundred acre wood, where his body would never be found.
 DoctorTwo: "Tired of my shit, huh? Ironic, coming from somebody named Pooh!"
 Amy Housewine: "I'm getting tired of your shit, Piglet. Remember when Rabbit got lost in the mist? Do you want that to happen to you?"
 annterland: "You mean, double xp day, Pooh?"
Image 145380   11-20-16   Uploaded by    usernamee
 NuclearWinter: Yes we can!
 Beef Supreme: My trailer hitch was the best $200 I ever spent. At least twice a week, I get to take those free trailers that litter the highways on occasion.
 Lestrange: Seems fair tbh.
 carpwoman: Yep. That's how it works.
 Mad Collager: By pigeons.
 Dresdenkeogh: Trucks will tow.
 Teechur: Well, it doesn't look like a desert, so I'm sure they won't be camel-towed.
 Knice: Trailers gonna trail.
Image 145379   11-20-16   Uploaded by    TrumpyTrump
 Cami: In India we don't think who we are, we KNOW who we are.
 DrinkMixMan: He had to order those clothes all the way from America...
 Bluetocracy: Aww. They're twinning.
 Wookiee: Wardrobe provided bu Chris Christies' closet.
 Niels Bohr: It was someones job to dress that elephant. Just let that and what that must've been like sink in. Maybe the thing you've been planning on doing for money isn't so silly after all.
 DoctorTwo: Live-action political cartoons just don't work.
 bug: Some body types are just hard to shop for.
 Mad Collager: Meanwhile, at the Walmart...
 fumbduck: Is this real? I feel bad for the elephant.
 Borkf: If an elephant wore pants...
Image 145378   11-20-16   Uploaded by    catheter
 greenbean: i agree with this @fumbduck
 redmonkey3: "please don't hunt me into exctinction"
 winwolf: He wins.
 ClockworkJackalope: That is the face of " damnit moon moon"
 brian greene: timber wolef
 Gerris Lacustris: sorry for the double post
 Gerris Lacustris: he's playing hide'n'seek
 Gerris Lacustris: he's playing hide'n'seek
 fumbduck: worf
Image 145377   11-20-16   Uploaded by    Lorm Bembo
 DoctorTwo: Downloading the new Monkees album.
 Mad Collager: Now let's see, how do I end Romeo and Juliet?
 Dresdenkeogh: On the internet nobody knows you're NOT a dog.
 Sadbot: I throw my own feces, but even I find reddit to be tiresome
 tib gubb: what is all of this... this monkey business
Image 145376   11-20-16   Uploaded by    taiko
 sparename: "You can't bring that time-machine in here..." ... A guy walks into a pub and the barman says
 Bluetocracy: A tiger, a bear, and a shark go into a bar. The bartender says, "Hey, no animals allowed." So, they eat everyone in the bar. The end.
 Niels Bohr: Life is like a Seurat painting. It's pointillist.
 Helmi Fick: AG like: Cmon. Leave a comment or I'll throw you away.
Image 145375   11-20-16   Uploaded by    bigASShobo
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