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262960  trelyate: the gender swapped version of bird person is still bird person

262969  trelyate: quintuple boop!

262982  trelyate: Brook?

262969  a robot: "Where's OUR watermelon??"

262987  trelyate: KNOCK FIRST!

262970  VeeKay: @Nope Probably stick too!

262987  VeeKay: Kitten Shammu is lovely

262984  bug: I think that old man is having a stroke.

262975  Teechur: Great. Now pick up the rest of them from the yard.

262976  sparename: Grow up and fly away, little fruit cat

262982  Knice: @Dr. Bathroom Lensy Kravitz

262978  Teechur: "I heard you the first time"

262984  Knice: Say what now?

262985  Teechur: In that case, I don't blame him.

262991  sparename: "Be careful with that chair, do you think they grow on trees?"

262954  Not A Bot: 'Z' for 'Disembowelment'. Wait...

262680  Felicity: @oregon man My favourite animated sitcom, Bob's Burgers, is starting to go that way too

262685  Felicity: How are them Duke boys going to get out of this one?

262978  Scoo: "I know"

262980  VoR: Genuine

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262811 Felicity: @Felicity 20 plus plus, I meant

262674 some guy : Well, butter my biscuit!

262806 Felicity: Or start every sentence with "So..."

262756 weirduncle: @sparename rad for this

262685 Felicity: How are them Duke boys going to get out of this one?

262678 Science: Lighten up, Thanos

262891 Scoo: Number three, why they so damn hard to close back up without the other side popping out?

262856 VeeKay: Always suspected this is what girls do when they go to the bathroom together.

262731 tib gubb: @Robespierre I was fortunate enough to have a rich agriculture (relatively) locally, where anything seasonal could be delivered within 12 hours or so from harvest. We were food exporters, so we only had seasonal availability, and only B-grade picks. It did bring a lot to visiting a supermarket, when each season had its own distinct smell... Nowadays, it's farmers' markets that practice that, but they're not there year-round

262892 Shay: WacArnolds.

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 Teechur: Remember Haramblego.
 scribbs: Man, I didn't realize the Chinese were so behind on their tank maintenance.
 Dresdenkeogh: Tinyman square
Image 145199   11-19-16   Uploaded by    NFLitGirl
 Cami: The elves need to eat something.
 Jotun: deerhorn
 RalphyNoPants: @scribbs we're studying the dead deer bounce.
 scribbs: "But...but...I'm here for a job in accounting."
 Mr. Butt: "Today, we're teaching poodles how to fly"
 sparename: "they don't so much fly, as plummet"
Image 145198   11-19-16   Uploaded by    frenk
 MamboNumber6: come on @ottorongo
 ottorongo: Dang 'ol yup
 whiplash: She's doing the hokey-pokey.
 Trick Question: eeyep
 Skaalar: The guy on the right looks like that hillbilly from Brickleberry..
 Timeline8677: @SomeCanadian what if it's not cosplay?
 SomeCanadian: Peggy from King of the Hill cosplay is on-point.
 Teechur: Why does she have a face growing out of the side of her head?
 annterland: being pretty in public is just asking for trouble, so I borrowed your clothes
 SunWukong: This ventriloquists dummy is unwieldy.
Image 145197   11-19-16   Uploaded by    marxist
 Trick Question: @Jayfu how can a band be so good and so awful at the same time
 funny in the wall: @SunWukong @sparename, Can it be true, that I hold here, in my mortal hands,a nugget of purest green?
 scribbs: He's going to mount that on a ring and propose to a leprechaun.
 Hiddentigerma: I love that stuff.
 WTF: @Jayfu Cue 90's movie cut scene montage.
 Jayfu: I've got a pocket full of kryptonite
 SunWukong: @sparename My Lord!!! Success!!!
 sparename: thank you, Percy
Image 145196   11-19-16   Uploaded by    dragon horn
 Jaktai: Time to start a bacon mine.
 Trick Question: "Humans don't know it's not bacon!" (tm)
 Headoftheclass: I thought Moby was a vegetarian.
 scribbs: "Something about this place just ain't kosher."
 Mr. Shine: He has found a very valuable bacon deposit.
 tib gubb: here's yer bacon
 Jayfu: @jochenau if it smells like bacon out wouldn't be a bad way to go
 deeeeeeeez: Slow cooked smoked pork boulder
 jochenau: The dastardly baconplant, which lures prey with its bacony smell and appearance. Victims are snared and enveloped by a substance resembling bacon grease, which then slowly digests their bodies.
 Moldred: Jurassic pork.
 Jayfu: That strip of bacon rocks
 WTF: Struck the bacon mother lode.
Image 145195   11-19-16   Uploaded by    professional
 Teechur: @carpwoman GAAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!
 Phum Munts: Boy, that battery is getting low.
 Borkf: @Trick Question Fair enough. I like Wolfram Alpha, but rarely have need for it.
 Trick Question: @Borkf Apparently there's some kind of unrestricted access version of WA that isn't free. In addition to this, the proposal included access to Mathematica.
 Borkf: @Trick Question Blame Siri for this. Isn't Wolfram Alpha free anyway?
 Teechur: *Please don't let anyone mention the low battery* *Please don't let anyone mention the low battery* *Please don't let anyone mention the low battery*
 tib gubb: i thought so
 jochenau: Alternatively, you could use hyphens like regular people, instead of polka-dot backslashes.
Image 145194   11-19-16   Uploaded by    falling
 Teechur: Then it lands on its back, legs wiggling, and my dog goes out and has a crunchy snack. She makes them sound so yummy!
 gary: Summer's finest satisfaction
 Jayfu: In 3...2...1... Launch
Image 145193   11-19-16   Uploaded by    caesar
 Jaunty Shrimp: Rich people problems
 Warrax: Congratulations, you found the one piece of meat in the ramen. You won.
 Dresdenkeogh: Is this in a mattress firm
 Skaalar: username/pic combo. If you have had the ramen squits recently, you'll probably agree.
 Dresdenkeogh: Who took pictures through my eyes?!
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Elder eats is proud to bring you!
 ThoughtlessGentleman: cat food flavored ramen
 jochenau: You know, this stuff looks bad enough *before* it gets eaten, I didn't need an "after" picture.
Image 145192   11-19-16   Uploaded by    nuke em
 whiplash: Cat prepping to rob a bank puts stocking over head.
 redmonkey3: All hail the hypno-kitty!
 tib gubb: congrats on doing me a horror.
 deeeeeeeez: Gimme the nip, bitch. Unmarked from the drawer or imma spray everyone here..
 Red: this octocamo is poor
 mrwiffler: Yes, very reminiscent of late 90's/Early 2000's computer graphics.
 jochenau: GoldenEye for N64 with Big Head cheat turned on.
Image 145191   11-19-16   Uploaded by    teletub
 DrinkMixMan: Those who smell't it...
 Warrax: Dog doesn't know what you're on about. Wasn't him.
 scribbs: Isn't "Big Dog Fartin' on a Blue Couch" an old country song?
 deeeeeeeez: I can't believe that holistic vet actually convinced these idiots that my anxiety might've been brought on by their deodorant choices...
 Borkf: Mmmmm, pepperoni.
Image 145190   11-19-16   Uploaded by    Big Beagler
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