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268369  Eleftheros: @Nope I legitimately thought it was ice cream.

268387  Kaviri: Anthony Fantano

268380  Korrok: Korrok approves.

268386  lecj07: @wordjones A naked dude fighting off a bunch of toddlers. Or, a naked baby juggler realizing he wasn't ready to try the under the leg toss.

268393  WetWilly: Mmmmmbloooom

268386  TurkeyVultureTed: @wordjones it's the statue at the U.S. I.C.E. headquarters.

268384  Side Boob: Everyone knows. Its not a secret.

268345  Side Boob: Good thing zombies dont exist.

268346  Side Boob: They seem nice.

268373  Zaxxoff: they still park like assholes

268358  Side Boob: Hemingway cats are the best.

268380  Zaxxoff: accurate if you own a weather dominator

268379  a robot: good friends serve as each other's butt pillow

268365  Not A Bot: letters or liters? I'll let you decide!

268381  Zaxxoff: yeah, but that was like 18 years ago.. and can you really be sure it was even tom hanks or just a guy that looked like tom hanks?

268282  Rocky XLVII: @AlexDeLarge me also

268359  Mad Collager: Oh Braille No!

268376  NoRagrets: If a tree falls and lacks the ability to scream, would it try anyway?

268363  WTF: Mupboob

268373  WTF: I still don't see it.

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10. Not A Bot

The top ten most commented-on images today:

268265 BavidDowie: Benereal Diseases

268224 Mexico: @Eleftheros Perfect Blue by Satoshi Kon. It's very good.


268264 ignatz: Apples scaling walls.

268299 Side Boob: @sparenamelaptopdied Frasier has already left the building :P

268108 Felicity: The knight and the demon are impressed that the wizard conjured forth a maiden!

268039 Spazstatic: I've heard of being "all thumbs" but this is ridiculous!

267978 ChubbyBuddy: fair

268233 Spazstatic: Hah, her shirt says "aero"

268282 Rocky XLVII: @AlexDeLarge me also

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 7. Annoying Vegan : 2018 points
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 Hiddentigerma: How about people just use spray paint to write cooking recipes on walls? That'd be cool.
 tib gubb: new and improved
 Frank herbert: Russian communist block
 FabricMan: That used to be a swastica. Then somebody improved it.
Image 144070   11-13-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 Shay: Intellectual Property? What's that?
 trelyate: these Alola forms are weird
 BlarfyB: Pokemon has had enough of your shit.
 5 Headed Snake God: I don't remember Pokemon being this hardcore.
Image 144069   11-13-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 scribbs: @turde And if the instructor marked it wrong, the student could say "Oh...I thought you said 'take a risk'." Also risky.
 Jotun: and then the whole bus started clapping
 Ulillillia: This happened.
 NoRagrets: I respect this person.
 turde: i'd say giving a 2 letter answer in a 7-line space constitutes a pretty big risk.
 gary: This has been ticked which implies correct. I weep for our children.
 Wet farts: Your comment was too short.
Image 144068   11-13-16   Uploaded by    kshoxx
 Headoftheclass: Ch-Ch-Ch-Chia Tits!
 Scoo: Cup O' Nipples
 tib gubb: there's a pretty obvious dirty joke here
 Ulillillia: for me to poop on
 Fett4life: Yes, I will bury my plow in your furrow.
 Jotun: sexy sexy wheatgrass
 Frank herbert: Its a triumph!
 Dr. Bathroom: That is one dirty girl.
 scribbs: I have no idea what she's selling, but I'll take twelve!
 WaffleIron: "Sexy grow op" Halloween costume?
Image 144067   11-13-16   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 Jotun: #lifehack
 Frank herbert: Homeless hipster
 scribbs: This dude knows how to live.
Image 144066   11-13-16   Uploaded by    drhenry
 scribbs: Sure, let's declare war on every small-business owner because Marx couldn't do calculus.
 WaffleIron: Gotta keep a hand free to seize the means of production
 kotu: sickle face man meets friend
 Minnesotan: no war but class war
Image 144065   11-13-16   Uploaded by    hajjpodge
 tib gubb: same, but with communism
 pewdiepie: Good.
 scribbs: She's shit outta luck: for the next four years there won't be a taco truck on every corner.
Image 144064   11-13-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 Timeline8677: I think it's a rock I'm living in, but is this a thing now?
 jochenau: C3PO looks like he's feeling a little bit left out.
 Scoo: I never get invited to the cool parties :(
 Jotun: @WaffleIron Oh I wouldn't assume it's a chick
 Jotun: This is a party I'd be comfortable at.
 nclaw: Japan. SMDH.
 gary: I too would drape myself in velvet if it was publicly acceptable...
 Jayfu: Naked Gun did body condoms first
 scribbs: Don't let the architecture fool you: weirdness knows no national boundaries.
 BlarfyB: mmm, velour..
 Knice: They've run out of tacos. :-(
 WaffleIron: Whoa, who invited vinyl chick? SOFT SUITS ONLY!
 Cami: If a condom isn't enough then just don't do it.
 SunWukong: Morph-ol-orgy.
Image 144063   11-13-16   Uploaded by    highdra
 Scoo: Will start a craft brewery despite there already being 12 within a one mile radius, and inexplicably, it will succeed.
 Janston: -wants to open a bicycle repair shop, someday
 Janston: -hates all your music
 trelyate: that's an old pupper
 Janston: -makes his own beard oil
 Janston: -Barista
 scribbs: -Keeps chickens in his apartment, but gives them away because he's vegan.
Image 144062   11-13-16   Uploaded by    snipdawg
 scribbs: @jochenau We could start up a web site for ugly models. The logo will be a cracked camera lens.
 jochenau: I'm also too ugly to appear in stock photos.
 trelyate: this image gave me an existential crisis
 tib gubb: existence is overrated
 Frank herbert: These are both me.
 scribbs: Same.
 LaeMi: I hate existing and you don't run.
Image 144061   11-13-16   Uploaded by    digabigpig
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