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248763  Sadbot:…

248736  BavidDowie: dooglie-eyes

248765  Sadbot: We're a culture, not a costume

248742  BavidDowie: He told them they didn't need to wash their hands. Also that what you say is more important than what you eat bc it just ends up as shit anyway.

248749  BavidDowie: @Telkwa until recently there was an ATM in Vatican City with Latin as an option

248701  Sadbot: @Otterman That sounds like a good time. I had the fried sauerkraut, fried fried chicken and waffles, and fried chocolate chip pancake over a few years. The most underwhelming and overhyped was fried beer. "What if there were PBR Hot Pockets?" was not a question worth answering. Also I hope you went to the petting zoo, I like the wallabys

248759  addend: Well? That kitty ain't gonna clean itself.

248752  BavidDowie: Badonkabeentheredonethat

248749  Warrax: Need some cash to buy a shirt.

248770  glenalec: Smoooch!

248766  glenalec: That's my breakfast too!

248758  a robot: Both guys on the left look like their faces have been badly 'shopped in

248705  Dr Awkward: This place looks cozy. I'll take it.

248757  E. HONDA: this is abominable

248762  E. HONDA: if I remember Tolkien correctly, orcs are basically fucked up elves, so there could also be keebler orcs, christmas orcs, and house orcs

248755  dangerkeith3000: I try not to lick the daily slimer.

248762  Scoo: They'll all annoy the shit out of you sooner of later. Likely sooner.

248753  Winterneuro: My crabs dont run

248762  whcvgre78: I mean that's fair. Will Ferrel isn't nearly as funny as those other three.

248758  Dr Awkward: My crabs don't run.

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248691 Air Biscuit: What medusa calls "collateral damage"

248667 Hokie333: Heeeaaarrrrd.... yyyyyoooou.... wwwaaasssss... tallllkinnnnnnggg... ssshhhhiiiiiit....

248684 Springbok: Seems familiar

248542 Science: @WannaBee: Ok - haven't bought any in many years.

248508 trelyate: written by UR MOM!

248685 WannaBee: "With vitamin C in a perfect world, your skin will feel like chompers." What?

248701 Sadbot: @Otterman That sounds like a good time. I had the fried sauerkraut, fried fried chicken and waffles, and fried chocolate chip pancake over a few years. The most underwhelming and overhyped was fried beer. "What if there were PBR Hot Pockets?" was not a question worth answering. Also I hope you went to the petting zoo, I like the wallabys

248680 bug: pornhub

248670 Mr. Shine: @charlemagne genius comment, I loved it!

248597 DrNinjaman: Cambridge Analytics is sneaky as fuck

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 Warrax: Well isn't that a fine how-do-ya-do.
 questionable: oh you're gonna put those flowers in me huh? more like you THINK you're gonna put those flowers in me! bitch! kiss my ass, I'll be at Duane's!
 WaffleIron: Be our guest, be our guest! put our magic to the test!
 Peach: That vase is giving me sass.
Image 144020   11-13-16   Uploaded by    anonimos
 questionable: nothing like a warm basket of doggo, right out of the dryer
 ClockworkJackalope: " now push the basket down the stairs! It'll be fun! Really!"
 Higdec: Wow, that's a lot of dog hair on those clothes.
 Peach: I want there to be room in that basket for me.
Image 144019   11-13-16   Uploaded by    a robot
 questionable: get fucked, space. we're over you
 Amy Housewine: The Not Unfriendly, Just Disinterested Spaceship.
 WTF: Kids: "Mars again!?! I thought we were going to Triton!"
 Peach: Ugh, space travel, how trite.
Image 144018   11-13-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 scribbs: @Cami I got that joke, and I appreciated it very much.
 whiplash: Beats the Leave-It bar.
 questionable: "take it! only if you want to, right? like if you're into it and cool with it, you can take it. I'm...I'm not telling you that's not what I'm about. listen, I think we got off on the wrong foot here, I mean I'm actually quite nice, I'm real progressive, I volunteer down at the co-op two hours a's just...things have been real slow, right? like I can't catch a break, so I'm always on edge don't need to know this, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm always making other people listen to my problems, I just...maybe if you want, take it?"
 ClockworkJackalope: Just like a kit kat, it is best to consume by biting square on, none of this breaking off portions crap
 Cami: Abbie Hoffman's candy bar.
 Noremak: Takin it with four fingers, eh?
 SunWukong: Brave-it-bar.
 Scoo: Break me off a finger of that Take-It Bar!
Image 144017   11-13-16   Uploaded by    turtled
Image 144016 is unbelievably bad (score 0) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Mr Mumble. We'll pray for you, Mr Mumble.
 WaffleIron: @scribbs : I too saw the same show, and I'm glad that they mined some truth for their fiction.
 scribbs: @Gomi Day @WaffleIron You made me look it up. Wikipedia on his paintings: "One modern art critic was asked to review some of his paintings without being told who painted them and judged them "quite good". The different style in which he drew human figures, however, the critic said, represented a profound uninterest in people." Interesting. Collecting his paintings was a plot point in a mystery show I once saw; the critic said Hitler sucked at painting people.
 Jotun: Hitlerhorn
 Jotun: Hitlerhorn
 trelyate: we never should have canceled The Apprentice.
 Ulillillia: Terrence & Adolf
 Noremak: Maybe we should stop picking on Butthorn but naaah. It'll be fine.
 Gomi Day: @Scoo daaaang.
 Skaalar: Quick! Someone get Denmark on the phone!
 WaffleIron: @Gomi Day : fom the wikipedias: " Instead of progressing in his artistic influence, his works copied the artists of the nineteenth century and many of the masters preceding him." I think the beef is with him trying to be someone else, and not developing a unique enough style - which sounds a lot like an "art world" problem. Also there is mention, and I see this as well, that he puts all his effort in the architecture in the paintings and none into the nature or the people. Certainly some of his portraits are a little off.
 Scoo: @Gomi Day I once stayed in a Trump hotel and thought it was pretty nice.
 Gomi Day: i've got to say that from an objective view, i really like his paintings and don't quite understand why they were universally viewed as being utter garbage.
 cizhiresb: .......
 cizhiresb: #22547
 cizhiresb: Image 22547
 cizhiresb: but they didn't stop 22547
 Scoo: @square44 Mel Gibson?
 square44: in an alternate universe, a German artist's legacy is tarnished by his tendency to anti-Semitic ranting at parties
Image 144015   11-13-16   Uploaded by    gutwheat
 scribbs: Been there; done that.
 dsdavis008: there's*
 dsdavis008: I love how theres some breaking bad meth to the right
 ignatz: @Yam @Scoo Hmm, I was brought up to believe in a classless society..
 Skaalar: Pretty much my sister except switch out that delicious red with a boxed Chardonnay.
 Mr. Butt: ElaineHorn
 Yam: @ignatz Because we're CLASSY in the friendly spaceship
 Scoo: @ignatz Gotta stay classy. I have a 1 liter wine glass that I can empty an entire wine bottle into and still have room for it to "breathe" (a very classy thing for wine to do)
 ignatz: Why not cut out the middleman
Image 144014   11-13-16   Uploaded by    titular role
 Wookiee: That's a helluva twist for the new Freaky Friday remake.
 WTF: Who rides it better?
 cizhiresb: the teleportation problems
Image 144013   11-13-16   Uploaded by    not i spy
 fomoire: Some people amuse themselves by poking stuff with a pen.
 Janston: Man, how'd you get the subtle jpeg artifacts so perfect?
 Teechur: It looks like it's drawn on the inside of my screen!
 Dreforian: Can't even tell that's not really four photos merged into one image! Amazing!
 cizhiresb: wow!it really look really real!
Image 144012   11-13-16   Uploaded by    chunk norris
 Peach: Your super realistic 3D sketches need some work.
 fanny: you say that, but i have yet to see any koalafications to back up your claim
 Knice: Just high-koalaty puns, my friend.
Image 144011   11-13-16   Uploaded by    watwatwat
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