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233105  Teechur: The worst part is when you wake up with your eyes crusted shut.

233107  Teechur: That poor grey duck.

233108  Teechur: My friends and family always look forward to the Arbor Day cards I send out each year.

233109  glenalec: Pictures of my grillfriend!

233067  ping: @jochenau @addend Just a "one of these things is not like the others" moment. They're all called something-hedron apart from the cube. And since Mascot is in assassin/secret agent mode from #232800...

232713  glenalec: @Nope - I was working in a developing country at the time. Just having a retro-fitted sit-on toilet was a rather big deal! My next place there was a brand new dormitory for 12 with plenty of mod-cons, and I had it all to myself!

233067  ping: @zrj235 There are others but they only work in higher dimensional space. In 3D this is all you get.

232322  glenalec: @Mr Bleak - so that's what she looks like! TBH I honestly have no idea who my own country's PM is or looks like just now.

233029  glenalec: Looks handy!

233063  ping: Backstage at a theatre. I don't know which one.

233038  glenalec: Some people call me the Broccoly Cowboy. Some people call me the gangster of peas.

233056  glenalec: Fore SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!

233059  glenalec: There is a tool in mum's nail-file kit for that.

233087  glenalec: @Robespierre - Your Aunt is also apparently content with no freshly trained doctors, engineers, mechanics, etc. to do all the things she will presumably need to have done for the rest of her life :-/

233106  Peter Pantsless: "Hey, let's go." "Can't. Kitty."

233104  glenalec: Not many people know that you call a badly crushed hand a 'hamd'.

233107  bug: AFLAAAACKKK

233085  bug: @Not A Bot Bottom left.

233077  well duh: Well, spiders do tend to like the shower area of the average home.

233098  Coolguy: Not shown: Now Im an engineer at Google, so its all good.

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233004 Robespierre: @Nope This is somehow OK because the NRA has bought and paid for all of the politicians they need; i.e., Marco Rubio alone has received $17.5 million from the NRA over the years

233032 zrj235: @GoGo Robotto i remember the original of that game from like 15 years ago. fuck yes.

233027 bug: Box full of cats unrelated.

233056 glenalec: Fore SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!

233022 zrj235: @copunter but people poop in there

233068 Teechur: @Mr. Shine The dentist examined him and said, "Aaaah. Here's the problem. You have an abscess." "WHAT!? How the heck did that guy know I have an abscess?" The dentist replied, "The monk in the Himalayans" I get a lot of business from that wise man. You see, 'Abscess makes the fart go Honda.'"

232910 zrj235: @Peter Pantsless seconded. didn't need to feel worse than i already did. this isn't 4chan even tho i might shitpost while drunk. there are limits.

232934 kornisjon: This is rather aggressive. I hope that she will find someone who is interested.

233067 ping: @jochenau @addend Just a "one of these things is not like the others" moment. They're all called something-hedron apart from the cube. And since Mascot is in assassin/secret agent mode from #232800...

233055 Coolguy: @a robot ah, good looking out. I figured the random ass modern baby name thing. But would have never imagined the names were from an old Japanese baseball game. Oh Japan, what will I do with you.

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 scribbs: @White Rice Fair enough, and I admire your ambition. Well done, you. By the by, during the uprising, could you not terrorize me? I live at 123 Fake St., Anytown, USA. Thanks in advance!
 White Rice: @scribbs It's too late for me, the raccoons have accepted me, and I'm slowly climbing the social heiarchy. One day I'll climb high enough to organize, then we shall strike. No garbage can will withstand our onslaught, no garden will go undug, and no neighborhood will know a restful night once we begin. The streets will overflow with garbage, and our kind will rule as kings!
 scribbs: @White Rice Don't panic, friend: You choose from X, Y, Z, & X. X=X, so your probability space is X, Y, Z = 1/3 chance of picking any. Since that isn't an answer, you've got a straight-forward impossibility, rather than a recursive paradox. Alternatively, it's not actually multiple choice, so you just write in 1/3 and you're done. IMO, of course.
 John Singapore: Mathematics can be wild. Only problem is, mostly is isn't.
 Whatever: Must be one of those charter schools Republicans love, since it all adds up, just like their balanced budgets.
 Astanapan: If I choose from the answers offered, the chance I will be correct is 0, since none of them is the correct answer.
 White Rice: Without looking at the contents of the answers, 25% (4 choices, we think 1 is correct, 1/4) then we see two answers are that which we believe to be THE answer. Now we think 2/4 are correct, so we have a 50-50 chance of getting the right answer, meaning 50%, so now that's the answer. But wait, if we have a 50% chance, then the answer IS 50%, but only 1 of the 4 options is 50%, meaning at random it'd only be a 1/4 chance, so 25%, which has a 50% chance of being chosen, so you enter an endless loop of logic that counters itself at every turn, you never actually answer the question, you fail out of school and start living under a bridge, constantly mumbling the endless logic loop that this question began. You befriend the raccoons, and they accept you as their own. You start using whatever
 duckfarts: this is RAD
 Sadbot: The only way to win is not to play
 Red: if my teacher asks this question, what is the chance i will throw a brick at him?
 jochenau: Logic circuit has been permanently damaged, please replace and try again.
Image 142732   11-07-16   Uploaded by    TheFrogMan
 petepuma: Careful. This is how you get your lemon tree stolen.
 Skaalar: It's El Barto you ignorant swine.
Image 142731   11-07-16   Uploaded by    MikeWhiskey
 duckfarts: wow, this will make dentistry so much easier
 AverageJoe: Shteven, Phteven
Image 142730   11-07-16   Uploaded by    Jack Daniels
 Noremak: I'm gonna look at the pupper and dogger below to "calm down."
 WTF: "Ummm, my eyes are down here!"
 Mr. Butt: If you can do this, and you don't use your power for acrobatic flatulence, then, well, you can get the fuck out of my life.
 gary: Hello boys
 duckfarts: i'm listening, go on..............
 Hiddentigerma: Put em up.
 tib gubb: @AverageJoe Really
 AverageJoe: fucking yoga...
Image 142729   11-07-16   Uploaded by    Snow Plow
 scribbs: @VoR "Looper 2: The Old Yeller Protocol." Saddest. Movie. Evar.
 Robespierre: Mix-'n'-match, dad and lad
 VoR: Looper 2 made everyone cry
 Fishy: Me and my son.
 Teechur: Re-retriever.
Image 142728   11-07-16   Uploaded by    trumpet
 duckfarts: @Scoo yeah, magic unicorn dung is way more expensive
 VoR: @Scoo Guessing you never had European Nutella. Basically is drugs
 Scoo: I don't understand the obsession with Nutella. I've had at least two people tell me how they "discovered" it in Europe, and brought back a jar to "save for a special occasion." For fuck's sake, you can buy it at Walgreens! It's not magic unicorn dung!
 duckfarts: unless you have a plunger in the jar or a lot of patience, i don't see this working
 jochenau: What is this madness? Nutella must be stored in a vessel of finest lead crystal, and served with a sterling silver spoon!
Image 142727   11-07-16   Uploaded by    Oh Don Piano
 p-niiice: stormfrontville. stormfrontvania.
 scribbs: vv We used to call it "Dark Web" because of the angst & stuff. Now the Deep Web is sometimes called "Emo Fun Parade." Or "Reddit."
 scribbs: I've been on the internet since it was text-only, and I can assure you, finding the Deep Web really is that easy. p.s. It used to be Drugs, Guns, Dark Listserves, Forbidden Pics w/ Text, Assassins, & Garfield Comics. The Dark Web is not a place where language improves. Just sayin'.
 petepuma: Oh they clicked the pi symbol
 Ulillillia: assassin's*
 a sedated moose: Did he hacked the Gibson?
 duckfarts: hell yeah, garfield
 AverageJoe: pepe the frog has moved there recently
 LaeMi: You're not really 'leet until you have surfed using the Dark Fiber.
 Retromancer: *Hacker Voice* "I'm in."
 Red: the doot web
Image 142726   11-07-16   Uploaded by    prospector
 Snix: how is that boat not going to see them? Its headed straight for the island and they are 2/3rds the height of the only tree on the island. That guys just an asshole.
 duckfarts: You'll have to die to signal that boat.
 Retromancer: You'll never shine if you don't glow.
Image 142725   11-07-16   Uploaded by    jem
 LaeMi: @RiderFan - Well I can't really argue with stopping Pedobear!
 RiderFan: Well, we have someone who keeps putting Pedobear stickers on stops signs where I live.
 Astanapan: In my neighborhood signs say that tall people suck by being placed with their tops lower than 2m high, scraping me if I try to walk under them. Trees are also trimmed to be traps for tall people. But if I look straight ahead of me to avoid the traps while I walk and I trample someone because I was not looking down in front of me, everyone acts like it's my fault.
 AverageJoe: and this is the reason why dwarfs have axes
 LaeMi: Well, our height makes it easier.
Image 142724   11-07-16   Uploaded by    nuke em
 Warrax: Too dumb to not rad.
Image 142723   11-07-16   Uploaded by    courtney
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