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210102  Dr Awkward: Let's keep the University of Colorado out of your trunk

210114  Yurishiro: This is getting out of hand.

210117  Yurishiro: Who doesn't like a good sausage pizza.

210097  Yurishiro: @Christina NERD. JK I love books too.

210112  Urn BooUrn: Dawwww, he needs a ramp to get in.

210109  Yurishiro: @chhumphrey In fact, my comment was about the sticker when it was put on. Written word stands there longer than us, who put that sticker might even be dead who knows. Almost everything marks a point in time, not a continuum.

210116  Christina: Instructions unclear: burger stuck in small round hole.

210123  Black Jesus: Shut UP, Dee!

210075  Christina: Brains...

210094  wolfpk: Culprit #210092

210071  Korrok: Kinky...

210123  Rembo Prundus: Who's that asshole that jumped on his back?

210087  Christina: I like this kind of buhnana.

210088  Christina: @Side Boob Horizontal is "across"; vertical is "down". You're welcome.

209988  funny in the wall: @DarkTeddy If you're interested, check out this book:…. It's a good middle of the road PChem text. If you want something more challenging, check out this one:…. There's no reason pchem should be easy

210057  Mr. Butt: ok.

210085  chhumphrey: @Knice and diabetes

210089  Christina: ( .)(. )

210089  chhumphrey: shouldn't it be "Redrah Eid"?

210095  Christina: None of those will happen.

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209965 Cami: ...She could not help everybody so she helped somebody.

210045 Yurishiro: Dickeyboard? No I do NOT want to hear the sounds it makes.

209937 Ulillillia: Por favor

209961 Jabberwikket: @Ulillillia, I hear your sister is going out with SQUEAK !

210003 Mr Bleak: @KEKOEKEOEK "... but a shitload of insects got mashed to paste."

210015 Yurishiro: Eat pizza in Italy, after that you'll find anywhere else's pizza is gross or not even pizza at all.

209943 Dr Awkward: @Felicity I had forgotten what Nader did before he fucked up the 2000 election :)

209934 El hefe: There better be a designer purse in there full of cheese puffs and malted milk balls

209988 funny in the wall: @DarkTeddy If you're interested, check out this book:…. It's a good middle of the road PChem text. If you want something more challenging, check out this one:…. There's no reason pchem should be easy

210026 Science: @Greek Fire: Yes, but stone does tend to be more resilient than composite materials, and especially tarmac. Roman roads also didn't have the tremendous weights and traffic flows that roads today do. Plus slavery makes it super cheap and easy to produce wonders that last throughout the ages.

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 Jaktai: When something breaks and becomes stairs.
 petepuma: classic escalator
 PenguinBartender: @A duck "Sorry for the convenience."
 Spazstatic: This did not escalate quickly.
 tib gubb: "lazy escalator"
 A duck: RIP Mitch Hedberg. Sorry they butchered your joke.
 Derp Herpigan: Soooo... does that mean still no crocs or strollers?
Image 142687   11-06-16   Uploaded by    Capital
 Mr. Lizard: i agree with this @mexican
 Minx: Where the cool kids hand out.
 mexican: The family tree.
 5 Headed Snake God: And I thought I had bought a good-sized cat tree.
 Starky15: Errol the sheep started this fad.
 Mr. Shine: Lion crop's comin' in real good this yeah. *spits*
 WaffleIron: The murder tree
 LogicKitty: The ground is lava
 Ulillillia: All the tasty birds are up there
 square44: @Derp Herpigan good idea, they look hungry
 Derp Herpigan: Guess I'll call the firemen again...
Image 142686   11-06-16   Uploaded by    sunset blues
 Fancy Clown: Gerferld
 tamarindo: Hey Garfield, weren't you the last to see Nermal alive?
 Mr. Butt: im soory jon i was justtsoo hunnry
 A duck: "I hate mornings, and also your parents. Kill them!"
 SoyUnPerdedor: "Where is lasargneh? Jjonn"
 Retromancer: MERNDERS!
 Ulillillia: What up, G
Image 142685   11-06-16   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Skaalar: Ever see Jeff Goldblum in 'Earth Women are Easy'? Gawddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn. That version of him can shush me anytime...
 Janston: Oh, this must be pre Jeff Goldbluman Group.
 whoop: You were so obsessed with figuring out whether or not you could that you never stopped to think about if you should
 Mr. Shine: Sshhh, only dreams now.
 fanny: @Mr. Butt :-D
 Jennerator: "I press my thumb down and your family dies"
 A duck: Shhhh... Jeff Goldblum is watching you poop.
 Cami: Creepyuncle.jpg
 Ulillillia: I need boys -- for Pleasure Island!
 Mr. Butt: is sleeping
Image 142684   11-06-16   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 jazzjunkie: Somehow, nobody remembers this part of Pinocchio
 Minx: *calls 911*
 PushyWebsite: Ever see the R. Crumb movie?
 Fancy Clown: Whose pleasure are we talking here and are they roofies?
 PenguinBartender: "If You Wanna Get Into That Boy's soul, You gotta pay the Troll Toll"
 duckfarts: @Nope whatever they are, he's got a bag full of em...
 fanny: well DUH!
 Jennerator: Jared runs a tight ship you see
 A duck: Tiberius, is that you?
 Nope: Those arent buttons
Image 142683   11-06-16   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Snix: We let an early 2000s chat bot name everything on this newly discovered island and you wont believe what it came up with.
 Minx: Cannabis Giggles you say, guess i know where i'm going for the holidays!
 Headoftheclass: Google Maps: Pleasure Island.
 Skum: Those boys arrived yet ?
 Mr. Shine: Wtf autocorrect, Scooter?
 Mr. Shine: @Ulillillia @Scooter I guess that leaves me with Scar Grudge? Or Ball Room Tuna?
 Ulillillia: @Scoo Mine's Holy Peter
 Derp Herpigan: Skarpeskade is Sharp Damage in English?
 Jennerator: I don't appreciate this mockery of my hometown Cannabis Giggles
 Scoo: Cannabis Giggles is my dancing name
Image 142682   11-06-16   Uploaded by    peeper
 Minx: Can't..... look..... away!
 ping: 95% floof.
 LaeMi: Fly real close to the star to burn them out of your cargo bay.
 Frank herbert: @LogicKitty hell yea it is!!!
 LogicKitty: Is that a chuzzle?
 Quackzy: Embryonic form of mascot
 Red: what upcoming shitty animated movie is this from
 Jennerator: Wingless parasprite
 White Rice: "What's that? Fuzzurple is evolving?!"
 Peter Pantsless: I think we all know where this is going...not that I object, of course
Image 142681   11-06-16   Uploaded by    Wet farts
 Minx: Rhett and Link fans know...
 Fancy Clown: My anaconda don't...
 funny in the wall: @tamarindo I remember catching that episode while driving. Stayed in the car until it was over.
 illBilliam: @tamarindo I did and yeah, makes sense. Something deep fried is going to taste like just like something deep fried.
 Butcherboy: They're also called maws or mauls. It's actually the scalded lining of a hogs stomach. What people do with them I have no idea but I sell them thru the holidays
 tamarindo: You should check out the January 11, 2013 episode of This American Life called Doppelgngers, which investigates the true claim that some "calamari" is actually fried bung.
 Jennerator: Pig assholes three bucks a pound and they're not sold out??
 jochenau: Label seems accurate.
 LogicKitty: I don't think I will ever be that hungry
Image 142680   11-06-16   Uploaded by    matos
 Minx: The vaporizing ray takes more lives during a game this afternoon.....
 ModelTRex: Makes a nice column chart, too. "How hot this area is, from left to right."
 Jennerator: Google the term 'gray ooze' and this picture becomes horrifying
 bug: Watching the Vampire Olympics.
 LogicKitty: Whatever they're watching it must not be very popular if there's that many empty seats to move into
 Derp Herpigan: No kidding, those stadium seats gets hot in the sun.
Image 142679   11-06-16   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Snowta: **SHRUG EMOJI**
 Snowta: ()/
 LaeMi: Waiting for the ones that were on here several weeks back.
 whoop: @Xeno False, these are orchids of the genus Feelalittledum, aka "I dunno orchids"
 Xeno: FYI, these are orchids of the genus Oncidium, aka "dancing lady orchids".
 SoyUnPerdedor: "I bring you peace"
 WhyThis: Come at me, bro!
Image 142678   11-06-16   Uploaded by    SunWukong
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