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210589  prius: Probably some feeble attempt to protect her hair from water.

210574  VeeKay: Go on dude, puke!

210582  dobbiesdoogs: "i have an idea for a prank" #210583

210579  VeeKay: Baby light my (oilwell on) fire

210578  dobbiesdoogs: "drop the pony business, or you won't be allowed to stay up pasteur bedtime"

210580  dobbiesdoogs: nice, cazh peen

210584  icloud: more like 'best 2 minutes of your life'

210501  Jabberwikket: @Christina probably laminated sticky notes...

210577  kazzy94: Haha yeah

210567  Annoying Vegan : Some robots have excellent taste in dog photos.

210584  tane: 2 minutes in heaven is better than 1 minute in heaven.

210491  apoxia: @Christina Cats are crepuscular, not nocturnal.

210562  Teechur: Do her pants have a camera-friendly hole?

210563  Teechur: Perhaps the wavy ones are just more outgoing.

210569  funny in the wall: like the naked lady but what' with all the sinks/toilets/bidets?

210567  Teechur: @PenguinBartender Yes, definitely mlem.

210575  dangerkeith3000: How is there fire under water?

210572  Teechur: Mike Wazowski!

210575  Ulillillia: @logan Karma?

210574  Dr Awkward: @WaffleIron Well call me a monkey's Uncle

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210528 Cami: @Yurishiro I like that reply. Another good one I've heard was that from the cover you can see what it's going to cost.

210366 a robot: @MabelSyrup Best not to call random women "bitches" aboard the Spaceship

210512 sirgallium: The weinermobile is in trouble

210337 apoxia: @UltraBeverly I had a general anesthetic recently here in New Zealand and the price was just over $300. I thought that was pretty cheap.

210451 Niels Bohr: Hey there love angle.

210508 Cami: @tess Remember pagers? Bike couriers and drug dealers...

210467 Yurishiro: Cut the cord you baby planet!

210540 wolfpk: When there is a will there's a way... unfortunately that phrase is attached to the phrase "famous last words".

210491 apoxia: @Christina Cats are crepuscular, not nocturnal.

210563 Teechur: Perhaps the wavy ones are just more outgoing.

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 Beeble: On the prowl!
 jochenau: Sweaters your grandma knitted: always in style!
 Shay: Two wild and crazzzzeeeee guys!
 Janston: Dapper af
 FabricMan: What is LOOOOVE / Baby don't hurt me / Don't hurt me / No more
 Mr. Shine: Howdy there, sailor!
 Chef Says: I agree with the bartender.
 Fett4life: We are two wiiild and cuhrraaaazy guys!
 Amy Housewine: The barman's facial expession suggests that he strongly feels that this is not what he fought a war for.
 a robot: "Looking good, Louis." "Feeling good, Todd!"
 Micro Jackson: Chicks dig it!
 SomeCanadian: So I says to Mabel, I says...
 Knice: Those two are about to generate enough static electricity to power a small town.
Image 141557   11-01-16   Uploaded by    Musician
 Robespierre: "The answer, my friend / Is blowin' in the wind..."
 SomeCanadian: BRBLLLBLLLLBLL...
 Micro Jackson: Such mouth!
Image 141556   11-01-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 jochenau: Why, Japan? Just...why?
 SpaceCow: Someone didn't expect the cialis to kick in so fast.
 Janston: I wish I could rad this twice.
 Knice: It's like a fist-bump, but more intense. (#141123)
 Micro Jackson: Everest? More like Neverest!
 SomeCanadian: They just don't make chest-bursters like they used to anymore.
 thecraftywolf: Have a good caption for this one?
Image 141555   11-01-16   Uploaded by    1979
 Jaktai: You monster!
 a sedated moose: @White Rice bravo!
 White Rice: Grab a handful, but don't throw them all in your mouth at once. Problem solved (even though fruit & chocolate can go together, so it isn't really a bad pairing unless you get one you REALLY don't like). And, to further ruin the fun, they've got markings to show which are which, so you'd have to try to mess this up. Last thing: they're different shapes (yes, both are round candies, but skittles are generally rounder all over, while m&m's are more disk like). Alright, enough ruining everyone's fun.
 Off Topic: Trick AND Treat.
 Micro Jackson: Damn you!
 hurr: this is only a problem if you are a greed person if you take one at a time you will enjoy your treat
 thecraftywolf: which is the trick either way it's candy so it's good either way
Image 141554   11-01-16   Uploaded by    Ulillillia
 jochenau: Because babies love loud noises and things that explode!
 Nofishforsale: As safe as holding a rabid squirrel!
 carpwoman: Made without child labor. Sure they were.
 trelyate: hehe, ANIL.
 thecraftywolf: safety toy fire works? at least it's not made with child labor that's good. but authorized name?
 Knice: #My MotherBaby Crackers bring all the noise to the yard#
 petepuma: oh it's ok, it's CHAINESE
 fanny: @Borkf shhhh. that comment was not within the statutory noise level limit at the time of posting.
 a sedated moose: You have no idea how many times I've had to return my food because it wasn't packed by underage laborers in a dangerously loud environment.
 Borkf: This product is confusing. Fireworks?
Image 141553   11-01-16   Uploaded by    Whatever
 Jaktai: Horror mask.
 SomeCanadian: Chinese latex mask manufacturers are the real victors of this election.
 hurr: that poor fucking guy...seriously let him set up a Patreon with that picture i bet he could stop working
 ottorongo: Quickly, get your mask now before nobody gives a shit.
 Hiddentigerma: Sex doll factory looking good.
 petepuma: poll monitor uniforms almost done
 fanny: oh god.
 Borkf: This explains a lot.
 ignatz: ..we are all actors in this, I suppose.. GSH
Image 141552   11-01-16   Uploaded by    a robot
 Call Of Pooty: ummmmmm @Warrax!
 petepuma: are you the gatekeeper?
 Warrax: I watched Alien for halloween last night. It was my daughter's first time seeing it, great movie.
 ignatz: The Jonesey Question was never properly resolved..
Image 141551   11-01-16   Uploaded by    a robot
 cArdent: @Meow I was gonna guess Ambulocetus.
 Meow: A magical liopleurodon
 SomeCanadian: If you're good all year, the Hanukkah mosasaur will visit and disembowel your enemies.
Image 141550   11-01-16   Uploaded by    CrookedCop
 Jaktai: Hey kids, try and catch me.
 hat thrab: I ain't gonna lie. I would sit down and watch this guy. It seems like he's going somewhere with it.
 Nofishforsale: The Japanese sure can come up with some hard ways to make a living.
 SpaceCow: The Pan's Labyrinth/Pokemon crossover is sure to delight children of all ages.
 ClockworkJackalope: This is why you don't leave them in their poke balls for years
 annterland: PikaWHAAA??
 trelyate: Pokemon Go got weird.
 chhumphrey: This cosplay is uncalled for
 White Rice: Someone give that 'chu a sandwich...or 5. That level of skinniness is painful to look at :-/
 Micro Jackson: Er....Actually, I don't really need to catch 'em all thanks....Gotta go
 Borkf: Yellow electric mouse? #141232
 Janston: This scars the children.
 a robot: OH GOD WHY
Image 141549   11-01-16   Uploaded by    a sedated moose
 jochenau: The Greatest Story Ever Told
 chhumphrey: Thanks for ruining my childhood
 Fett4life: Swap out Dick Van Dyke with Ellen Degeneres and I'm there.
 Micro Jackson: Poppin one in yo sorry ass
 Janston: "I am sick and tired of these motherfucking spoonfuls, of this motherfucking sugar, to make this motherfucking medicine gonna down."
 Warrax: Supergoddamnfuckingisticexpebitchadocious.
 Mr. Butt: @Mr. Butt And thanks to whoever radded my comment...I just laughed again
 Mr. Butt: Well, thanks for making me laugh out loud in public
 underwear: God, if you're listening...Please make this real.
Image 141548   11-01-16   Uploaded by    badger
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