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221503  Prumbo: lookin good doggo

221504  Unicorn: Wait how were you IN your desk? Maybe you were haunting it as ghost???

221496  bug: If I learned anything from RPGs, it's that I should stock up on rare weapons from this guy before leaving town.

221504  boozer: thank mr spinal

221495  carpwoman: @SimonSaysGarfunkel - House wren

221493  Mr. Shine: From my wife: "Say, say, say, that's a cool picture; it's black, it's white!"

221504  weed poop: Dude nsfw please

221471  Kaviri: This is actually a copy of current US foreign policy.

221493  Ulillillia: I always feel like somebody's watching me

221470  Mr. Shine: This has got to be in some specialty hospital?

221492  FabricMan: I *like* rolling coins. I find it calming.

221477  Mr. Shine: "Today all debts are paid."

221504  Peach Toddler: shuld uv warnd hem. thers a gyant fucken snake behind him

221478  Kaviri: Yep, hes dead.

221483  Mr. Shine: Like Korey Stringer, this writer needs to chill.

221493  Mr. Shine: Spiral Jackson?

221503  cakefizzle: Doggomelon

221495  SimonSaysGarfunkel: Titmouse

221487  Mr. Shine: This squirrel's nuts!

221489  White Rice: @Mr. Butt you can milk anything in this universe.

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221419 tib gubb: more like megabutts

221357 Robespierre: @Ulillillia You may think that I'm a Goomer / But I'm not the only one / One da-aay-ay you will join us / And the woo-oo-oorld will be as one...

221276 cArdent: Mars seems to have gotten stuck on the other side of the line rather than in it.

221407 ignatz: @mission2mars I was often double spaced while writing papers..

221273 BlarfyB: Better get upping, buddy.

221319 glenalec: VV bet / 4 yards

221309 tib gubb: @grizzly not to quote a bad movie (star wars is a bad movie) but, who's the bigger fool? the fool, or the fool who follows him?

221464 Pizza: HIPSTER! ...Felt good to get that out.

221352 VeeKay: Pre-amputation xray

221470 Mr. Shine: This has got to be in some specialty hospital?

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 duckfarts: oh god, TAKE THE HAT OFF TAKE THE HAT OFF
 Coolguy: Life is short, stay mobile.
 Science: CALVIN!!!
Image 139906   10-24-16   Uploaded by    lolnotrly
 duckfarts: @msmstud $69 know........
 a robot: It's pretty big. I guess. #139267
 whiplash: I'm gonna make me some of them french fried potaters.
 ignatz: that Quentin Tarantino?
 msmstud: $1 to pose with the mega-potato. $2 to touch it.
 SpaceCow: Someone's trying to get the attention of Wendy's.
 Firm Buttocks: The King of Ireland
 Firm Buttocks: The King of Ireland
 Peter Pantsless: My tuber brings all the girls indoors / they're like, it's bigger than yours / damn right, it's bigger than yours / I could teach you but it's lots of chores
 Butcherboy: " the potato famine was long forgotten,the age of potato gluttony was upon them"
 Warrax: llllllllllladies
 Amy Housewine: "Check out my massive spud. Also, there's a potato."
Image 139905   10-24-16   Uploaded by    Jaunty Shrimp
 Starky15: Hooray for Zoidberg!
 Gomi Day: dad's a computer...
 midnightmosesuk: I watched this and my chompers turned grey.
 Firm Buttocks: @msmstud Don't Hug Me I'm Scared
 msmstud: I think I saw one of their videos. What's it called, that I may scar my mind?
 Coolguy: @Firm Buttocks Word! I have just recently found out how dark minded these mofos can get. Good stuff.
 Sadbot: These are not creative costumes
 trelyate: *walks into room* *slowly backs out of room*
 CastleBravo: Five Nights at Sesame Street.
 Firm Buttocks: I love this series but the sheer amount of analysis it's been subjected to is fucking insane
Image 139904   10-24-16   Uploaded by    SomeCanadian
 ClockworkJackalope: Hello ladies
 White Rice: Purrfect camouflage.
 Amy Housewine: Metaphors For The Internet no. 381: A computer reposed amongst many images of cats.
 Flirb Dampumple: fake. Cats not on keyboard
 Scoo: From the Friendly Spaceship's new spin-off, AggroBnB
Image 139903   10-24-16   Uploaded by    The Man
 ModelTRex: @duckfarts Wow, that's terrific bass!
 duckfarts: @ModelTRex I use the Chicquefier, which I keep on the shelf next to my Bass-O-Matic '76
 scribbs: Okay. Mmmmm...gross.
 Warrax: @Knice Impressive. The closest I can manage is the Boneless Chicken.
 Scoo: Ok, whatever you say, Hovering Nerdy Octopus!
 Knice: My signature dance move is the Liquid Chicken.
 ModelTRex: Step 1. Put chicken in blender. Step 2: Put in bowl. Step 3: Try bowl of liquid chicken.
Image 139902   10-24-16   Uploaded by    Zampano
 Sadbot: The cows will rise again
 trelyate: then all that cow tipping was for nothing?
 annterland: My spirit animal
 Firm Buttocks: Stomach #3 is always the trickiest
 SpaceCow: Though it might not choose to without some gentle prodding.
 skillet: Sure, IN THEORY I could rise whenever I choose, too.
 ModelTRex: Did he died?
 Knice: Ground beef.
Image 139901   10-24-16   Uploaded by    brutal
 Warrax: A healthy elephant riding a motorcycle is not immobilized. Obviously. It can do a wheelie whenever it chooses.
Image 139900   10-24-16   Uploaded by    Jaunty Shrimp
 a robot: I just finished reading "World War Z" and this seems reminiscent of that
 Wet farts: That's just a tad disturbing.
 Reddest of Necks: Well there's your problem. You had a dead guy flying this plane.
 msmstud: "When they ask 'didja-get-me-something-didja-get-me-something', I'm pulling this guy out."
 hearsegirl: underwater haunted house
 ModelTRex: Yeah I read The Hatchet too.
 WTF: The diver is just lending him a hand.
Image 139899   10-24-16   Uploaded by    boozer
 duckfarts: stay away from the bread
 Headoftheclass: "...and what's the House dressing?" "Vinegar and water, sir."
 Skaalar: The clams are ok, but they smell a little funny.
 scribbs: I imagined a gynoraunt having a different sort of table setting.
 Moldred: Oh man, uh...just bees on wheat for me, please
 midnightmosesuk: Don't order the dumplings.
 FatTigerWoods: Come over and grab a plate!
 annterland: l@ll
 Peter Pantsless: @Knice Sure! Just remember that it's disappointing if you finish too quickly
 Knice: @Peter Pantsless May I get that as a box-lunch?
 3ravens: Something about "eating out", something about beautiful people
 Peter Pantsless: I recommend the tacos
Image 139898   10-24-16   Uploaded by    Zampano
 ignatz: non-brewed condiment
 Otterman: I recommend the tacos.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: @LaeMi nah he drunk as hell.
 LaeMi: He must be very confident of his aim!
 Judge Bread: *takes a picture of someone taking a picture in the bathroom* oh my god
 3ravens: Mmmm, urea flavor with a hint of smegma. A delicacy for the sophisticated palate...
 Science: @Nope: And more moist.
 Nope: Nachos are saltier than usual
Image 139897   10-24-16   Uploaded by    Dobly
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