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234099  Matricii: When did "Modern Art" start translating into "Trashy Shock Value"

234082  DrNinjaman: She had one day left 'til retirement.

234100  Matricii: This local Ent got a little confused when trying to replant himself.

234101  Matricii: No Smoking, No Littering, No Nazis, No Service

234102  Matricii: Amityville: Inner City Edition

234103  Matricii: @jochenau They're called Beholders(c). =D

234083  Matricii: @Robespierre I have a couple of timeshares at Jockey Club so I can be on the strip, but not have to actually stay in one of the hotels.

234067  Wooden Spoon: Frank: Why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

234082  ping: @hajjpodge I shouldn't laugh at comments like that, but that forced a laugh-snort out of me.

233796  redmonkey3: Please be a fetish dare - Please.

234103  jochenau: "Now go to sleep, Kevin--or once again I'll have to knock three times and summon the Floating Head of Death."

234069  Wooden Spoon: @sparename: Trash Panda?

234100  barfolomew: Hey, tree, I think I see a lady who needs those...

234096  hajjpodge: @Dr Awkward Jon Snow Wight*

234100  tib gubb: that answers that

234074  Wooden Spoon: @jochenau: they are also the birds wildlife rescue organization hate treating for the same reason

234102  tib gubb: 2 spooky 4 me

234050  tib gubb: did that snake just bark?

234099  XLY: CLASSY

234070  hajjpodge: Tinder is getting too weird for me.

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234065 Felicity: * a onesie

233922 smusher: Canny new idea...

233978 KyleisBobDole: @Robespierre I mean, I totally didn't reply to myself and definitely replied to you. Nothing else to see here.

233925 Fiveninety: @Teechur yeah i have 200A service so not much dims the lights.. though that monitor does cause a slight flicker when i first turn it on, now that you mention it.. it's also got bad vertical hold until it warms up

233924 Yurishiro: 10

233901 Jabberwikket: @fanny, Dancing with Himself (Myself)

233930 brian greene: i would

233910 addend: "Go ahead, pick, then eat."

233941 FabricMan: Don't the Mongolians have some fermented milk drink?

234010 Felicity: OYTO?

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 PenguinBartender: I'm reminded from the Compsognathus ("Compy") scene from Jurassic Park (first book and second movie)
 msmstud: Their combined might did not fell the plow.
 Psymon: Mutant killer monster snowgoons!
 San DoDo: Find the panda
 Skaalar: Calvin?
 whiplash: Well someone's got a lot of time on their hands.
Image 139866   10-24-16   Uploaded by    HenryVIII
 msmstud: "TIGHTER! TIGHTER!"
Image 139865   10-24-16   Uploaded by    ssignature
 msmstud: Why you gotta bust balls?
 San DoDo: *a good crack joke*
 SomeCanadian: Wakka wakka wakka wakka...
 VoR: @Knice Knice Edit.
 VoR: Pixels remake looking like a prequel
 Knice: [Pac-Man dying sound] "DYUUR-UUUR-Uuur-uuur-uuur-WOYG-WOYG"
Image 139864   10-24-16   Uploaded by    LaeMi
 AverageJoe: I'm a simple man, I see a dog post, I rad
Image 139863   10-24-16   Uploaded by    amyandy
 jochenau: joooiiinnnn usssss
 birdythemighty: they watch. they wait.
 SpaceCow: "Welcome, to the happy-ning!"
 hearsegirl: just like the snowpeople!
 Skaalar: Somehow I can see this turning into a Five Nights at Freddy's spinoff
 SomeCanadian: *Walks into room* O-o *Slowly walks out*
 Zukero: Too much happy makes the place creepy.
 Derp Herpigan: Something, something, wrong neighborhood.
Image 139862   10-24-16   Uploaded by    eradicator
 Hyphae: @birdythemighty ... that depends on your definition of bathroom
 birdythemighty: but do they have a bathroom...
 Beeble: Look! Free Y5!
 wakkawakka: parse error
 msmstud: Whenever I see attached room options my mind veers from family options and into orgy territory, because I'm a terrible person.
 SomeCanadian: In Spain they pronounce it 'WEE-FEE' which I find hilarious.
 ClockworkJackalope: You gotta attach that fucker yourself though
 Knice: Beats Elle Tea Ye.
Image 139861   10-24-16   Uploaded by    Hyphae
 scribbs: Woo-Hoo!
 DrinkMixMan: I need to get one of these for the work parking lot.
 FatTigerWoods: Entertaining road ahead
 hajjpodge: So you say.
 AverageJoe: @msmstud you know what's worse than that? Sitting in the front seat for hours during a family trip
 msmstud: Sitting in the back seat, hours into a family road trip, I'd know that to be a lie. (Yes, I know I'm lucky.)
 SomeCanadian: Finally. Something interesting!
 ssignature: and now for something completely different.
 VoR: Make it stop!
Image 139860   10-24-16   Uploaded by    wootman
 Hyphae: Nepali dogs are RAD dogs! It's too bad I didn't get a shot of this German Shepherd wrangling a yak...
 hearsegirl: Bork Marley
 Skaalar: @duckfarts *Monty Python theme playing*
 whiplash: Beef Jerky Hound.
 SomeCanadian: Your mastodon looks malnourished.
 duckfarts: .......IT'S
 fumbduck: Take care of your borkfer
 msmstud: Ouch, someone needs grooming.
Image 139859   10-24-16   Uploaded by    Hyphae
 msmstud: She's applying to the CIA. Already wiping her name from the records.
 SomeCanadian: @bigASShobo Or a drag name.
 Fast Sloth: But she's right there! Get your eyes checked
 bigASShobo: Awesome roller derby name.
Image 139858   10-24-16   Uploaded by    eradicator
 msmstud: When things get bad enough, dub the bears superheroes and loose them on the streets.
 Psymon: BearBatMan proved less successful than his cousin BatBearMan.
 Headoftheclass: During Winter, he hiberknights.
 Zukero: Not the bear we need, the bear we deserve.
 cenecia: Nana nana nana nana Batbear!
 Firm Buttocks: I demand BatTed versus SuperTed right the fuck now
 VoR: Batbear has less money and tech. Realname: Bubbles.
 ignatz: Do these really hang upside-down in caves?
Image 139857   10-24-16   Uploaded by    amyandy
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