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263390  Not A Bot: Before you die, you see the weather report!

263420  ignatz: Damn hipsters..

263424  ignatz: help end cruelty to fashion models

263408  FabricMan: "Jeff, sit down. I know I was your best doggo. We had great times with the ball, didn't we? I didn't mean for Cait and I to fall in love. It just happened. I hope you can respect our love and our wish to be together and raise our puppers."

263397  lecj07: I like the tilt of the cat's head. "Yeah, that's right. What are you gonna do about it?"

263422  a spider plan: Stop squeeeezing my tail!

263422  In The Pocket: Chandler can't smile.

263422  Beer 30: cheeeeeese

263411  Butcherboy: Aaaah thanks@au bon pain

263421  avemaria: You mean, 2 months old?

263400  Robespierre: Low Bid Paving Co. - Now In Pyongyang

263406  Robespierre: One stiff breeze and ... DANGER ZONE

263398  antipatterns: Cute in the same way that a child soldier wearing a Garfield t-shirt is

263409  Robespierre: He won't make it very far - he's not allowed to cross the street

263407  Robespierre: Then what happened?

263364  grizzly: Get in, loser, we're going dumpster diving!

263379  PenguinBartender: Yo dawg

263404  antipatterns: Ah Russians. One of the last people I can be racist against.

263379  Robespierre: Gusto gone for and gotten

263385  Robespierre: England ... that Sceptered Cloud...

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263325 Science: @Felicity Give me Slack, or give me death!

263346 Robespierre: That's an unbeatable price for 6 miles of toilet paper.

263293 Science: @Bohab: I'm pretty sure that, at this time, the wife's satisfaction was not a concern

263272 Science: *"Immigrant Song" intensifies*

263162 Mr Bleak: @Felicity ISO 8601 indeed - that way, time lines up nicely as well.

263297 tib gubb: is it self aware? that's all i wanna know

263357 Passive: Denny's has better pancakes and doesn't cost like fourteen dollars a short stack

263192 Robespierre: Hormel's Finest


263229 Felicity: The fact that it's flesh coloured is what pushes it over the edge into the uncanny valley

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 E. HONDA: don't count your chickens before you leap
 DrinkMixMan: a mind is a terrible thing to have
 mexican: Accurate
 Noremak: When the cat's away, you can finally vaccuum the furniture.
 Noremak: If at first you don't succeed, you didn't succeed on the first try.
 Noremak: Many hands make for a good collection in my basement.
 Noremak: A penny saved is a failure to compensate for inflation.
 Noremak: We'll cross that bridge when we get there to burn it.
 ch: why does this form exist
 KL1NGON: School exercises like this are a wonderful way to crush individuality and creativity, forcing children to conform to the slavery of social expectation and consumerism.
 scribbs: You buttered your bread, now sleep in it.
 Derp Herpigan: A chip off a cookie.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Never help anyone move a piano no matter how small they insist it is. Real shit yo.
 whiplash: Your "best guess" stinks! Are you even from Earth?
 Mr. Skeltal: # Papa was a rolling stone / wherever he laid his hat was on a roll #
 Moldred: THe early bird gets lots of spider webs in their face
 Moldred: when life gives you lemons get even
 Borkf: Kill two birds with an air rifle.
 LaeMi: a bird in the hand can make a terrible mess!
 dobbiesdoogs: a bird in the hand is worth one bird
 Skinr: The more things change, the more different they are.
 SpaceCow: Burning the midnight oil gathers no moss.
Image 139624   10-23-16   Uploaded by    DerMantis
 EvilOtter: Soon as the election is over Hillary's people will give his wife the antidote.
 ChubbyBuddy: Im voting for squidward
 John Singapore: Oh, Bernie.
 Jennerator: Pictured: two cartoons
Image 139623   10-23-16   Uploaded by    The Dog Dies
 KL1NGON: I always go with Dick-Butt in these situations, it shows leadership qualities.
 scribbs: She does seem pleased with it.
 Peter Pantsless: You're hired!
Image 139622   10-23-16   Uploaded by    Booty Kicker
 mexican: @a robot You are by now hopefully aware that saying you don't want people to reply to it is a great way to get them to reply to it.
 KL1NGON: @a robot - I know, right? Earth people are really fucked up, but unfortunately you're stuck here until your next regeneration. You could always visit Amsterdam, it helps reset your spirit.
 WaffleIron: @a robot : poor guy in the tank is like a big wet kitty, just dreaming of murder.
 Frank herbert: @a robot seriously ive loves whales forever. But killer whales are no joke.
 Frank herbert: @a robot how do you do that
 Frank herbert: @a robot replies?
 Jennerator: @a robot Don't worry I would never traumatize you like that. ...wait, shit
 SpaceCow: The Jaws reboot gets serious.
 a robot: Orcas and belugas and other whales in tanks have been legit terrifying to me since I was a young robot, probably because of that fucking "Free Willy" that is actually a horror movie, and also a traumatizing trip to Sea World in middle school. "Blackfish" the documentary really cemented how awful keeping whales in tanks really is. Not to bring the commentary down on the Friendly Spaceship, but god damn this image just really freaks me out. And now I'm sorry I commented because if someone likes it or replies I'll have to look at it again :(
Image 139621   10-23-16   Uploaded by    kate shutupton
 drtofu: Cookies!!
 KL1NGON: This is actually how Pringles are made in China.
 AverageJoe: selfie that motherfucker!
 Wet farts: BLARF
 Peter Pantsless: Cat thinks you're spending too much time petting that thing instead of it
Image 139620   10-23-16   Uploaded by    donhomero
 E. HONDA: now it's just a cream sandwich
 Hosebag: @dobbiesdoogs RAD for Ren and Stimpy people!
 hosehorse: *sob* Now I really want an ice cream sandwich.
 dobbiesdoogs: @SpaceCow we're not hitchhiking anymore! we're riding!
 SpaceCow: I've had this ice cream bar since I was a child. People, always tried to take it from me.
 ch: oh damn, damn damn SHIT AIN'T RIGHT
 Fett4life: Android ice cream sandwich V.1
 Frank herbert: Bthis is blasphemous
 A duck: It's ok... I didn't want that ice cream sandwich anyway... *secretly really did want it*
Image 139619   10-23-16   Uploaded by    trucker
 scribbs: @Borkf I didn't actually think you'd keep notes and posting your finds to an online forum :-)
 Borkf: @scribbs To be fair, I just like pointing out mistakes on things anyway, phone use is just fertile ground.
 scribbs: @Borkf I immediately imagined a community of phone spotters, akin to bird watchers. And on the continuum of weirdness of hobbies, it seems to fall in to the range of quite normal, not even remotely near bloody strange or obsessive. I'm not being sarcastic.
 Borkf: @scribbs Thanks?
 scribbs: @Borkf That's not the weirdest hobby I've ever heard of.
 WaffleIron: Maybe she's deaf and is using the speakerphone for its enhanced loudness.
 Borkf: It's a hobby of mine to spot phones being used incorrectly in movies and TV. The most common one is the screen being on during a call, when the proximity sensor should have turned it off.
 SpaceCow: She's frankly amazed that she managed to work the phone at all.
 Skinr: she must be friends with my dad
 Wet farts: iTard
Image 139618   10-23-16   Uploaded by    magicmormon
 Skaalar: We're okay with that.
 KL1NGON: I suppose they didn't know how to spell "trash" so they wrote a short editorial on the education system.
 scribbs: "People in Chicago who have one leg shorter than the other."
 whiplash: "Chilean culture"? "Chillaxed."
 Poop Bird: wahhhh
 Frank herbert: Guns buns and automobiles
 dobbiesdoogs: yeah
Image 139617   10-23-16   Uploaded by    Alpha Trion
 whiplash: Finish colouring this picture and you can enroll in the Famous Artists' School of Norwalk, CT.
 ThoughtlessGentleman: "Pardon me friend can i have a moment to talk with you about public records search from been verified? It doesnt jack the cursor at all."
Image 139616   10-23-16   Uploaded by    icloud
 Headoftheclass: ...on the uvula or in the vulva? Decide quick.
 Borkf: Why do they have a bunch of tiny balloons in their mouth?
 Himesama: Why is the blower just leaving them in their mouth? Swallow or spit buddy.
 Frank herbert: Go south young man
 Cami: Never mind the poor buggers lost in a sock.
 Nope: hahahaha blowjobs
Image 139615   10-23-16   Uploaded by    Colbo Mundus
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