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268801  wolfpk: Looks like the neighbor just lit his barbecue.

268805  wolfpk: Not all heroes ware capes.

268865  dangerkeith3000: Okay this made me laugh on the inside.

268811  wolfpk: Take a deep breath... (five minutes later) Ok, you can stop any time!

268869  dangerkeith3000: You know! For kids!

268870  dangerkeith3000: Next time it won't be a finger. Gotcha.

268813  wolfpk: Long overdue for a bath!

268844  dangerkeith3000: He's about to show Jack his lumber.

268820  wolfpk: @Mad Collager I figured it was something like that. I am surprised some idiot hasn't tried to jump in.

268845  dangerkeith3000: CLOACA

268838  BavidDowie: you're home early

268851  BavidDowie: This goat masquerading as a tiny cow

268859  BavidDowie: Dreaming of Kung Fu

268864  BavidDowie: 8-3

268855  wolfpk: I can't blame him. I would probably conk out too if I had to sit through that!

268858  wolfpk: *to people not in the room.

268860  Teechur: Favorite scene from Christmas Vacation

268861  wolfpk: Unless you are a horse, your tongue must really raw!

268842  Not A Bot: *Mario growing noise*

268865  Eleftheros: Pro-pain done leaked in tha house again

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268624 Shay: @Dr. Bathroom Oh damn, I remember watching that abortion special with Charlton Heston on late night TV and gave me the hibbie jibbies.

268477 logono: I remember this level of Space Harrier

268710 antipatterns: Other cops include: judges, army guys, teachers, hr people, and your mom and dad

268539 Mr. Whiskers: Im going to stop beating jokes to death in online comments

268730 Not A Bot: don't look at me, I'm irrelevant

268707 Side Boob: Can I leave the girl in the shelter, or do I have to adopt them together?

268611 fanny: yeah the content outweighs the upload/username combo for me too... bad @Felicity

268687 raditzu: Party Hard

268497 Scoo: murica.jpg

268713 WannaBee: Nice buns, hun.

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 Teechur: @Mr. Shine Serves her right for trying to sell Girl Scout cookies in THAT neighborhood.
 scribbs: The second image exists, ipso facto whoever was holding the camera is an asshole.
 Mr. Shine: @Teechur Maybe it's not their kid, but it is their assault fowl. MAYBE this is more sinister than we realize.
 LaeMi: @guest - Ducks can certainly get that big. Where I work the pond ducks are that big. We even have a sculpture (made by a colleague of mine on commission) of the (no longer with us) "Evil Duck" who - apart from being huge - was best known for coming begging for food, then attacking if it wasn't forthcoming.
 Beeble: Geese will funk you up.
 guest: @BILL DOOR that is i mean. that can't be a duck. or it's the biggest duck we've ever seen. or am i the only asshole who doesn't know what a duck is
 Rocky XLVII: Vengeance ignited in the heart of little Emma that day, a flame that would be nurtured in the years to come. From this seething pool of white-hot malice would emerge a seed that eventually blossomed into the inspiration for Chicago Fried Duck; and thus, a franchise was born.
 Teechur: @BILL DOOR Neither is taking pictures while something attacks your kid.
Image 139594   10-22-16   Uploaded by    HenryVIII
 scribbs: They get accused of smuggling 'ludes.
 Peach: Tom looks like a morph of himself and Zach Braff in this picture.
 Frank herbert: End is them drinking brews,while bruised, watching blues clues paying dues
 LaeMi: @AverageJoe - that's what 'apple boxes' are for.
 AverageJoe: Tom Cruise is too short to be considered a huge dude
 Frank herbert: End is them drinking brews,while bruised, watching blues clues paying dues
 a robot: I'd watch Terry Crews scream at Tom Cruise for two hours, no fucking question!
 underwear: Would watch, not sorry.
 ch: Soundtrack by 2 Live Crew
 ch: Filmed off the coast of Santa Cruz
 IM AN ASSHOLE: Also starring Penelope Cruz
Image 139593   10-22-16   Uploaded by    rachel
 ping: @Teechur Awwwwww... [runs over and hugs Teechur while wearing shark costume]
 Teechur: @ping @LaeMi I guess I'll just accept the sad trombone for my joke. Mwaah..mwaah...mwaah...
 uncannie: Lolol @Scoo!
 LaeMi: @Teechur @ping - also sharks aren't that keen on the taste of human flesh. The just have horrible eyesight and inward-pointing chompers that can't let go.
 ping: @Teechur Not big enough to be a danger. I've swum with sharks that size.
 SpaceCow: "I'm here with diver who witnessed the murder of a local crab this afternoon."
 midnightmosesuk: And welcome to Cooking With Humans! *jaunty theme music plays*
 salmiakki: "And everything is just great. Just really great."
 guest: this is a grievously ill advised way to spend an afternoon
 Wet farts: Sharky McFinn here reporting live from the ocean floor
 Teechur: And dead in -1.. -2.. -3..
Image 139592   10-22-16   Uploaded by    franktank
 scribbs: That's adorable.
 whiplash: Actually, should have responded "it" to the questions.
 Flarmie: @Scoo The correctly type of correct.
 Darkasnoon: Sea Street is technically two words anyway.
 Borb Prembus: Technically correctly
 Wet farts: Correctly.
Image 139591   10-22-16   Uploaded by    hanky
 Skaalar: Niiiiiiiiice.
 Science: Ryan, speaking as a white man, yes, you are a racist.
 DrinkMixMan: Sikh burn.
 Kim: Time travel is a tricky business.
 Borkf: @Kim 13 months!
 Kim: It seriously took him a month to come up with that?
 Cami: 1000 rads.
 midnightmosesuk: He's Sikh of this shit.
 TFChicken: @Jennerator they Sikh and destroy
 a sedated moose: *mike drop*
 Jennerator: Sikhs don't explode, Ryan
Image 139590   10-22-16   Uploaded by    Baby Jesus
 Prostata: lol randroids
 scribbs: I want to print up a huge bumper sticker that says "Read 'Does Atlas Shrug? The Economic Consequences of Taxing the Rich' by Joel B. Slemrod because contrary to what you were taught in literature class, fiction is not evidence of how the world actually works" and then stick it to the windshield of his car.
 Noremak: I'll read Atlas Shrugged if you read Screwed: War Against the Middle Class by Thom Hartmann.
 midnightmosesuk: Seems a bit RAND-om. Still, it's not his GALT. Am I right?! *ahem*
 Sadbot: I did, stop reminding me of that horrid experience.
 Flarmie: err KEAU is what I meant to say
 Jennerator: What a surprise he's a teenager
 questionable: extra space left on flag so they can add 'PSYCHE' and a fire emoji later
Image 139589   10-22-16   Uploaded by    SS Keith
 Poop Bird: that's how my first marriage ended
 midnightmosesuk: Seems only proper.
 werterland: Blumpkin spice latte
Image 139588   10-22-16   Uploaded by    Mr. Skeltal
 Mr. Shine: This double entendre was written on purpose. The whole book is "durr hurr hurr testicle jokes kids won't get durr hurr."
 Borkf: @guest "Do you want to taste my Weiner?"
 John Singapore: Put 'em in your mouth and suck 'em? Du du du du-du
 midnightmosesuk: No thanks.
 The Man: Apparently his balls are also edible.
 guest: oh you write children's picture books? wow that's so cool. so what have you written?
Image 139587   10-22-16   Uploaded by    dingding
 Jaktai: If it can be mestaken for trash, it is trash.
 sparename: My shed is now an "Installation"
 scribbs: "She then went into the bathroom and flushed the Branca's second piece in the exhibit."
 FatTigerWoods: @NoRagrets Right, is that a picture of the art piece or is the piece in the trash already?
 NoRagrets: Where's the art? All I see is a picture of trash.
 tib gubb: so it wasn't just me...
 ch: She -executed- art. Her low valuation of the art followed by the removal of the art -was- art. I'm excited to see where she goes with it.
 Jennerator: She didn't make a mistake
 Teechur: Thank you, oh dear cleaning woman, for your unwitting act has spared us all.
 WTF: It's only worth thousands of dollars if someone was willing to pay thousands of dollars for it.
 Janston: Sounds like trash to me. Unless it was clearly marked, can you really blame her?
 Yam: How very postmodern of her.
 Warrax: That cleaning lady? Albert Einstein.
Image 139586   10-22-16   Uploaded by    pewdiepie
 Jennerator: It's dangerous to game alone. Take this!
 Teechur: Oh, that crazy cleaning woman is at it again!
 Fiasco: This is why you NEVER liquid-cool your rig with milk.
 scribbs: "Jeremy, stop sciencing the cat."
Image 139585   10-22-16   Uploaded by    Borkf
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