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249655  sparenamelaptopdied: Time to syphon the python. Almost

249660  redmonkey3: @redmonkey3 - *terrain

249660  redmonkey3: @Joseph - on closer exam that DOES look like surface features and terrIn... oh poop.

249670  a robot: username/upload weirdness

249663  Lantry: Dayman, save me!

249643  sparenamelaptopdied: Great Expectations

249670  Mr. Butt: BEWARE

249670  mrdiron: It's not just heat vision.

249668  redmonkey3: Won't bounce

249668  sparenamelaptopdied: "DEUCE!!"

249666  raditzu: where's the dent? it's a Death Star!

249619  Zochrot: straight from the 90's vampire the masquerade larp

249666  TurkeyVulture: This is essentially my current truck, except mine's the 3/4 ton. Same dent.

249667  TurkeyVulture: Amazing. I've seen this movie more times than anything except Star Wars. Ive cosplayed as Walter. I wrote a graduate-level post-Marxist analysis of the film. And somehow I rembered the can as a Ralph's store brand coffee. I'm going senile.

249621  Zochrot: I'm tripping balls!

249624  Zochrot: cat cloud city

249666  whcvgre78: Dude I used to drive this truck. I mean, the scuff was on the other side, it had a camper hood, and different hubcaps. But I still have a strong affinity for blue, beat-up chevrolet pickups.

249654  Captain Marsupial: And Lo, the lions shall lie down with the ham. (Wait, we're out of lions? Well how's this joke supposed to work?)

249661  Captain Marsupial: Honey badger always to rad.

249551  BavidDowie: This is fantastic

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249431 WTF: It's not text, there are no black bars nor is it crude or overly sexual... I'm cool with it reappearing.

249357 Passive: This was a transphobic "fake commercial" for repelling unwanted advances from men using a fake penis

249477 El hefe: How i think it will go.....reality

249509 Lunimeow: Be right back, gotta take a me.

249591 hajjpodge: Start with Cleveland.

249492 savvoy: From the days before cars had seatbelts

249608 Prostata: BRB...

249351 Knice: Paging @carpwoman!

249643 sparenamelaptopdied: Great Expectations

249488 tib gubb: yall done fucked up!

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 Jaunty Shrimp: My dad always answers "Terrible" and laughs like a wry maniac.
 scribbs: "Buy some more stuff, that'll cheer you up." --Sharon
 Himesama: True story: I once had a terrible weekend that resulted in me not eating for over 24hrs and when I was ordering my food at a fast food joint I nearly cried. I don't know if the cashier was pretending not to notice my quivering lip or if I wasnt as hysterical as I thought
 LaeMi: @VoR - Politicians banned it.
 WTF: Sharon: "I have a boyfriend!", Someone in next aisle: "I'm vegan!"
 Amy Housewine: "Guess I've got brain problems!"
 VoR: @Air Biscuit For lying? surely this could fix the world!!!
 Air Biscuit: I hear they make a pill for that.
Image 138250   10-16-16   Uploaded by    i peed a lil
 Science: South Park fish
 Jaunty Shrimp: Popeye's pet
 scribbs: "D'oh!"
 LaeMi: Been looking for Nemo a bit too hard.
 sparename: Quaid started the reactor..
 ping: How long can you hold your breath under water?
 Higdec: "what has been seen can never be unseen"- this fish
Image 138249   10-16-16   Uploaded by    Handyman
 Hiddentigerma: @skillet sweader*
 skillet: All hail the Supreme Sweater
Image 138248   10-16-16   Uploaded by    p nut
 jochenau: You can't take my ass prom, I still need it.
 Beef Supreme: Get your ass to prom.
 scribbs: He really wants to ride her ass: he's into Fistful Of Dollars cosplay.
 WTF: My ass taking her ass on her own ass to the prom.
 Scoo: Kristen Lemme - get your ass to Mars Prom!
 a robot: So.....he wants to take the donkey to prom?
 guest: just her disembodied ass? or the whole person
Image 138247   10-16-16   Uploaded by    WetWilly
 LaeMi: The AntiChrist decides it just isn't worth it.
 Hiddentigerma: Reminds me of the music video for mgmt - kids.
 scribbs: Parenting 101.
 Headoftheclass: What a couple idiots.
 midnightmosesuk: I'm no expert but I think there may be some long-term consequences to this.
 ping: The Joker vs DareDevil.
 Sandor: I'd scream too. In fact, I did.
Image 138246   10-16-16   Uploaded by    withak
 scribbs: Rad for Daniel Radcliff.
 Himesama: He is sooooooo my type .I love his adorable ass.
 ThatGuy: Surpisejah Wood
 Borkf: "Ugh, I don't even like Harry Potter"
 midnightmosesuk: But she wouldn't.
 ignatz: Elijah would..
Image 138245   10-16-16   Uploaded by    professorpig
 jochenau: NIETZSCHE-MON used TARANTELLA! It's super effective!!
 scribbs: *sigh*
 AverageJoe: I hate nietzsche, why is he always so depressing?
 tib gubb: nietzsche is such a scrub
 amyandy: Yeah that's a pretty common misreading of Nietzsche-mon but it works here I guess
 ModelTRex: It's super-effective!
Image 138244   10-16-16   Uploaded by    midnightmosesuk
 Whatever: Police dog?
 Scoo: Dognut
 a robot: I will never be as happy as a doggo wearing a donut pillow
 ModelTRex: @Peter Pantsless ... OG
 Peter Pantsless: Vitamin D
Image 138243   10-16-16   Uploaded by    Skinr
 scribbs: That cat's got ambitions. Better get a .30-06, toot sweet.
 San DoDo: The noble steed
 whiplash: I cannot risk missing my breakfast bacon.
 Mominous: Cat-hog, cat-hog / Alone in the world was a little cat-hog
 whiplash: Livin' high on the hog.
 mrdiron: butakoneko
 LaeMi: Kitty on a big hog
Image 138242   10-16-16   Uploaded by    Amy Housewine
 Peter Pantsless: @Knice In middle school we all gave each other rapper names, and since my name starts with a "K" I was "K-9"
 Headoftheclass: @Knice Knice story. Thanks for sharing!
 VoR: @Headoftheclass Me too.
 Knice: @ironmaiden @Headoftheclass To me, it's "Kay-Nice." When I was a kid, a friend's little sister couldn't pronounce my name. That was her best effort and it became my nickname for several years. Except, we used K-Nice because it seemed 'sort of hip-hop or something.' Back when I quit lurking & made an account here, you had to type a user's name in order to reply to them; so I dropped the hyphen as a convenience to mobile users.
 Hiddentigerma: @Headoftheclass Whenever i meet someone who has a incorrectly spelled name I always spell it properly. E.g. Kassidy becomes cassidy. I hope that through passive aggressive behaviour I will one day help cure this world of dumb names.
 Jotun: Keurig
 Headoftheclass: @ironmaiden I've always wondered, is the 'K' silent?
 ironmaiden: I hope you're not looping Knice into that, @Ignatius @Headoftheclass @Amy Housewine
 Ignatius: What kind of shit-dicked moron would name their child Kassidy?
 Headoftheclass: Kripes. I don't Know what's Krappier, the damn Kookie Kutter "K" names, or the deranged spellings, like "Kaighleigh" that parents bless their Kids with.
 tamarindo: I chuckled.
 Jayfu: Tri-kappa
 AverageJoe: huey dewey and louie
 whiplash: "We're the KKK! Wait, why are you cursing at us? We're just three white kids, the KKK! Ouch! Stop throwing those rocks!"
 Amy Housewine: We had three children and gave 'em all a name beginning with 'K'.
Image 138241   10-16-16   Uploaded by    CoffeeAndCigs
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