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216351  Yurishiro: THAT's where all those stories where the son kills the father come from.

216342  Yurishiro: Dance with me, honey, dance like you never danced before!

216169  Science: @Hokie333: At least they aren't showing ankle.

216344  Yurishiro: No he didn't!

216183  Science: "Woah - sorry bro, you're not on the list. Back of the line"

216190  Science: Slams "Enemy" button repeatedly

216347  Yurishiro: Yup, that's the government M.O.

216348  Yurishiro: He's such a cool head he's used as a refrigerator.

216203  Science: @Nope: Can't deny me, bitch. I always win in the end.

216349  Yurishiro: Times were ruff in 2010 B.C.

216215  Science: Slugs? He created slugs?

216224  Science: Private Johnson lost his penis in a tragic backblast accident today...

216357  realjon: Omg where did you find this?? I have an uncle I NEED to get this for.

216232  Science: I say we start a war on May the 5th. Maybe call it Cinco de Quatro?

216268  Science: Connie Chung rubs this in his face every year.

216270  Science: @wolfpk: Wrong part though

216274  Science: @trelyate: I don't know - I'm sure there will be plenty of guys in masks groping mustachioed fellows.

216288  Science: @Air Biscuit: 15-20 pounds

216321  Mad Collager: At least one vehicle using this road was very effishient.

216357  Tacorleone: Goat at home, hold the phone

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216141 Rev80: Don't use that hydrant.. It's full of Super Mario Brothers Rule34 images..

216098 addend: "The good news is that we didn't find any polyps..."

216143 wolfpk: Now that's what I call a salad! Where do you get it?

216191 Rev80: Finally, a public park with spooning practice equipment

216299 zrj235: if you eat a little baking soda or antacid when you take amphetamines, it can make them absorb better

216224 Science: Private Johnson lost his penis in a tragic backblast accident today...

216273 Teechur: @fanny @boozer Oh, yeah, they do! My 16 y-o daughter finds hers every now and then and plays all kinds of music on it for a couple of weeks. Then it gets "lost" again.

216237 wolfpk: Trying not to puke!

216140 Robespierre: Hell of a posse you got there.

216231 binglesnort: "Lisa's casting spells at an eighth grade level, you've sinned against nature"

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 ch: Work the magic, Poppin'
 Headoftheclass: If your crescent roll is a breadstick for longer than 4 hours, consult your baker.
 Jennerator: @Frank Herbert He's the Pillsbury dough MAN
 Frank herbert: @Jennerator maybe she does
 Kidneythief: Knead gently please
 Jennerator: Not only does the second panel overexplain the joke, it makes it look like he has swollen labia
 Scoo: Flakey Layers
 a robot: 10 for $10? What a deal!!
 grizzly: Doughnuts
Image 137054   10-10-16   Uploaded by    Mr. Pepper
 Hiddentigerma: @Mr. Shine Yea. But that's like saying your less annoying than noel edmonds.
 Mr. Shine: This is better than the show it is a parody of. Radvote.
 scribbs: Clever.
 LaeMi: Okay, this one is for my brother.
Image 137053   10-10-16   Uploaded by    sodamachine
 Jennerator: Unlike the Internet nerd on the city payroll
 miller: Ad for new Frankincense Coke. Coke adds (parthenogenetic) life.
 scribbs: @Air Biscuit It probably wouldn't have been a pine tree planted there.
 Air Biscuit: Is it supposed to be ironic that sign is made out of tree you cant find?
Image 137052   10-10-16   Uploaded by    bigASShobo
 VoR: Reminds me of Borkf's work. #88596
 Jaunty Shrimp: @hat thrab Yes, I think that's the term...*sobs and call shrimp therapist*
 hat thrab: @Jaunty Shrimp Would crustacean nips be....shrimpples?
 Jaunty Shrimp: My dad took pictures of my mom pregnant with me with her boobs painted like eyes and her belly button painted as a mouth. *eye twitch*
 Peter Pantsless: Oh! Oh! Just saw the blush under, "eyes". Nice touch!
 Peter Pantsless: Might want to do something about that five 'o clock shadow
 Frank herbert: Also i could do this but mine has a full mustache
 Frank herbert: Creepy af
 ShoKusogi: "Here's looking at you, kid." Humphrey Bogart
 hat thrab: are these female nipples now? Do I report this?
 A duck: *Hydraulic Press Channel guy's voice* WHAT THE FUCK?!
 Red: snapchat pls
Image 137051   10-10-16   Uploaded by    MabelSyrup
 Frank herbert: Sometimes he has 6 fingers
 Peter Pantsless: That's pretty goddamn funny
Image 137050   10-10-16   Uploaded by    toaster
 VoR: We're all a pretty big deal...
 AverageJoe: On the real life, I'm just an average joe, but on the internet I am a completely different person
 hajjpodge: this is soul-crushingly relevant to me.
 Jennerator: On the Internet no one can force Peter to wear pants
 ShoKusogi: @Skinr True, true. I, however, prefer being my own fool, online or off.
 Nothing: Fuckin enter button
 Nothing: I have to be Nothing on the internet because I''
 Skinr: be somebody on the internet... or be somebody's fool on the internet
 tib gubb: word
 Knice: @Peter Pantsless *under-the-table fist bump*
 a robot: Well, duh
 mrdiron: you can bbe someone on the friendly spaceship
 Peter Pantsless: @Peter Pantsless .jpg
 Peter Pantsless:
Image 137049   10-10-16   Uploaded by    jayjay
 ModelTRex: Hall Bunches and Oats
 duckfarts: i miss s'mores crunch, it was really good
 Jayfu: I would eat all of these.
 Niels Bohr: CooliOs
 ShoKusogi: Luda-Chris would be more accurate for the 4th panel
 Jennerator: Whatcha eatin? "Nut-N-Yeezy"
 Knice: Froot Snoops would have worked better.
Image 137048   10-10-16   Uploaded by    james
 WaffleIron: Keep pooping little guy, keep pooping
 AdaMan: Nicholas "Guinea Pig" Cage
 Wet farts: @Nope I'm still just a Nick in a Cage
 Jennerator: Nicholas Caged
 Nope: Despite all my rage...
Image 137047   10-10-16   Uploaded by    S R N
 trelyate: and nothing of value was lost
 Skaalar: @Jennerator As if he would leave them on the ground...
 DrinkMixMan: Chicken nuggets is like my family. My family is dead to me.
 DrinkMixMan: @Scoo And something's flesh
 Jaunty Shrimp: The happiest meal
 Wet farts: @Mr. Shine this, is, SIDEWAAAALK!
 Jennerator: Ronny Filyaw tripped here
 Scoo: This is Sad. Say what you will about McD's, but this was somebody's meal.
 Mr. Shine: This is tragedy. This is heartbreak.
 Peter Pantsless: How dare you pollute the Earth like that. Feel free to pollute your body, though
Image 137046   10-10-16   Uploaded by    DerMantis
 ch: Pilarious Penis Post
 Hiddentigerma: @Peter Pantsless Someone's into it. I gurantee you.
 duckfarts: @amyandy because this is something they sell to people in The 700 Club
 amyandy: How is this not scoring in the 800s?
 Frank herbert: Hes a real prick
 ShoKusogi: Now, this is a sticky wicket, wot?
 Jennerator: All his first dates become lesbians
 Mr. Shine: If this happens, consult your physician immediately
 Knice: Nice cocktus.
 LaeMi: ... And when she felt my prickles / she said 'Oh my! That tickles' / and now she's run off with a porkipine. / Chorus: Ohhhh, a cactus in my Y-fronts, a vulture on my head....
 LaeMi: Ouch
 Peter Pantsless: Virgin level: maxed-out
Image 137045   10-10-16   Uploaded by    McMuff
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