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233509  karmakat: sure can't blame de dog there...

233513  Teechur: This Jurassic Park reboot is weird.

233511  karmakat: YAH PERVERT WEIRDO!

233520  DrNinjaman: Needs a reindeer nose & antlers

233528  Peter Pantsless: Where will you be?

233517  karmakat: did the fishers came back yet?

233520  karmakat: that poor person will need worse than brain bleach at this point...

233460  DrNinjaman: This is more of a braising cut

233490  Not A Bot: do people actually use right shift?

233506  Warrax: @Mr. Shine The Peach has it.

233398  Chile Quornwrap: @Felicity looool

233517  Yurishiro: "All aboard the friendly spaceship!"

233517  Yurishiro: Internet dock is pretty busy today

233494  dangerkeith3000: I had a roommate and if he drank one of my beers he'd leave one or two dollars in the fridge.

233504  dangerkeith3000: Maybe she has a cyst.

233514  tib gubb: joe rogan don't fuck around with no thunderstorms

233509  dangerkeith3000: Proof that anyone who says 'I'm too big to wear a condom' is a liar.

233517  barfolomew: In this town, a glass of water is never allowed to remain upright.

233517  Peter Pantsless: Ah, dang, my aunt left her door open again

233511  dangerkeith3000: For some reason I find this room very comforting.

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5. tib gubb
6. Teechur
7. Mr. Shine
8. Ulillillia
9. Side Boob
10. Peter Pantsless

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233451 raditzu: green is the new... black?

233376 Science: I wanna Oompa those Loompas

233349 Whatever: Pretty old data if The Colbert Report is listed.

233370 Kaviri: Thank you for contacting bad dragon support center, how can I help you today?

233372 Side Boob: @Sadbot While I agree that some people are indeed weird, I think you are painting with an overly large brush. Maybe you just need to get out more. vOv

233387 carpwoman: I remember my first beer....

233418 Kaviri: *his

233335 Mr. Shine: Now look at your man, now back to me.

233327 Mr. Shine: @fanny Urine IS sterile when fresh, after all.

233364 a robot: @jochenau *chef kiss* Flawless!

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 fanny: @Peter Pantsless :-)
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny I still own a triangle and if I could weaponize it, it would be the most metal thing ever. I love you for remembering that, by the way :)
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless i bet you can really throw off their echolocation with the triangle, too :)
 funny in the wall: that's love
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny This is actually my childhood home. My parents built it by hand (without power tools; they used ice tracks to move the logs in the winter) out of railroad ties and rebar. I bought it from them, and they live in nice old-people condo communities now. And as for the bats...well, there's a reason I'm good with a tennis racquet haha
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless i grew up in a log cabin! my dad built it, it was such a "different" house in the little town we were in that there was a newspaper article on it. right now my dearest friends live in a log cabin in the woods... my point is good stuff comes from log cabins :) (btw my friends have to deal with a huge bat population in their cabin, so i guess you're lucky you don't have bats? i mean LOTS OF BATS)
 Frank herbert: @Peter Pantsless but did you swallow the fly?
 Peter Pantsless: @ShoKusogi Very true. I carried my Red Ryder and a rubber mallet while I was waiting for the cat, and I used both of them. I live in a log cabin in the woods, by the way (and yet I still have broadband...what a world).
 ShoKusogi: @Peter Pantsless Apparently, you bought the mouse traps ALMOST too late
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless please do. we have a thing for cats around here ;)
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny Space hugs are the best :) But like they say, whatever doesn't kill you...makes you adopt a cat haha. Her name is Miss Whiskers. Maybe I'll upload an image of her if she does something funny
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless i can only imagine. i'm so sorry that happened to you! shit like that should only happen to donald trump. sending you space hugs :)
 Peter Pantsless: @guest I wouldn't have posted that story anywhere else. It's pretty personal, but I knew it was safe to post it here :)
 guest: @Peter Pantsless comments like yours below are what make ag a special place
 Peter Pantsless: @sporky You read it here first, folks: I managed to out-weird the rest of the Internet haha
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny Well in that case, Jerry could have made friends with Lemmiwinks haha. I laugh now, but at the time it was legitimately horrifying and very depressing. Fortunately I was able to convince myself that it was a freak occurance that could have happened to anyone
 sporky: Hoooooly shit dude @Peter Pantsless this is the most fucked up thing I read today.
 sandwiches: Very funny
 fanny: @Peter Pantsless holy shit that is terrifying!! Look on the bright side, though, my pantsless friend, at least he didn't find another hole to climb in ;)
 mwoody: Wow, I misread where that story was going. I expected you to have to swallow a cat, then a dog, then a...
 Peter Pantsless: @Coolguy We exist in a Universe where literally anything can kill us, and yet here we are, killing an entire planet. Makes you think
 Coolguy: @Peter Pantsless embrace the absurdity of this existence....
 Peter Pantsless: @Jennerator I hucked it against the wall as hard as I could and it died, so I guess we both won. Kinda funny, looking back...
 Jennerator: @Peter Pantsless That's it, I can't take it anymore. This life, this place, I can't stand it. I'll throw myself down this giant predator's throat and end it all! ...wait what are you doing? No! No! You're pulling me out? What are you doing????
 Kidneythief: @Peter Pantsless two new phobias in one day. Thanks!
 Peter Pantsless: Worst thing that's ever happened to me: I woke up in the middle of the night to find that I had been choking for quite some time on a LIVE MOUSE that decided to climb down my throat for some reason. As I started to black out, I managed to yank it out by the tail, clawing and biting the whole way. I live alone, so that very well could have been the end of me, and nobody would have found me for a while. Next day I bought like twenty mouse traps
Image 137034   10-10-16   Uploaded by    funy speling
 Frank herbert: Horny duck
 duckfarts: @A duck i'm pretty down with it
 ShoKusogi: I'm kinda tired of seeing unicorns on the internet. Duck the unicorns.
 A duck: I have... strange feelings about this.
 Fett4life: Aflacorn
 SoyUnPerdedor: Take that creationists
 ch: noble beast lo willnt you feast upon these meager'd breadcrumbs i proffereth
 sparename: @Wet farts " # And I don't care, Ole Massa gone away # "
 Jennerator: Suddenly I'm not looking forward to mlp's seventh season
 Wet farts: UniQuacorn
 Yam: Duckicorn
Image 137033   10-10-16   Uploaded by    rockkstar
 AverageJoe: 5 out of 10 people are the half
 ClockworkJackalope: the tenth doctor was a bit of a duche
 Skinr: Go on. Leave a comedian. Just a bald one, even.
Image 137032   10-10-16   Uploaded by    sylveon
 pastme: The real experiment- glue a mentos inside the bottle with a decaying glue...
 AverageJoe: needs duct tape
 funny in the wall: obsessing over balance and torque hardly makes one a physicist
 Skinr: Half-Life 3 looks good
Image 137031   10-10-16   Uploaded by    Vorm Gongo
 AverageJoe: cash no, only pets
Image 137030   10-10-16   Uploaded by    MyPasswordAintPassword
 Drunk Orc: huh? @TurkeyVulture
 Wumph Morms: Lick that toad. Lick it. Love it.
 ShoKusogi: @Joseph C'mon, tell us what you really think. Don't be so koi
 Peter Pantsless: @Joseph *speed kick drum and way too many guitar notes*
 Joseph: @Peter Pantsless Not as metal as a dude who chokes on a mouse though.
 Peter Pantsless: @TurkeyVulture I would guess salmon; as they reach the end of their run, they absorb their scales and turn red. This process consumes so much energy that they die after spawning. Metal as fuck
 scribbs: @TurkeyVulture Stick your face in and take a good look.
 Knice: I love you, vindaloo; why do you hurt me so?
 TurkeyVulture: Are those piranhas? I'm concerned that they may be piranhas.
Image 137029   10-10-16   Uploaded by    cassette1
 Skaalar: I love you Nippon.
 Niels Bohr: @ch I know this is the the sort of thing that gets one banned round these parts, but I do need to express my unrequited love for Dorothy Parker, what a fox.
 Coolguy: Thanks Hamburger Helper guy!
 ch: Tonstant Weader fwowed up
 scribbs: @sparename Uh-oh, I just laughed at a Star Trek reference. I need to go read a book :-)
 sparename: @scribbs and what can't we say about what we would've, might've, maybe once thought about possibly thinking about thinking of doing to Seven of Nine?
 scribbs: @a robot I'd get seven of the nine correct, but only because I took traditional ju-jitsu for a while when I was younger. Though I certainly couldn't do it in Japanese characters while under pressure on a television show and wearing cat ears.
 a robot: 1000% better than I could do if quizzed on numbers in Japanese
 Knice: Bet they wonder what our obsession with teens is.
Image 137028   10-10-16   Uploaded by    badger
 Dr. Bathroom: Rum ron rin. Ra rater's rine.
 A duck: "Come on in, the water's fine!" said the fake dog hand puppet operated by a swamp monster.
 ClockworkJackalope: He's been here before, just popping back up
 Jennerator: If his name ain't Kilroy it's a crime
 scribbs: "Hi."
 TurkeyVulture: Watch out for the piranhas, doggie!
 sparename: "Hey, I got outta the car - ON MY OWN !"
Image 137027   10-10-16   Uploaded by    skylark
 Wet farts: I'm telling the truth. I Sikh you not.
 A Post Office: I really like that the phrase "following airports" is positioned Below the diagram
 Peter Pantsless: With a smile like that, I'll bet some of them are in it just for the pat-down
 DrinkMixMan: I bet he's getting pretty Sikh of it
 Whatever: Let's hear it for Homeland Insecurity
Image 137026   10-10-16   Uploaded by    petunias
 duckfarts: purritos are not guaranteed; cats can still get out because they are furry snakes
 Wet farts: @Borkf I can relate there too. When my dogs hear a pill bottle (even if it's Advil for me) they think it's treat time lol
 Borkf: @a robot @Wet farts Not to rub it in or anything, but I just pretend they're treats and my dog thinks pulls are the best thing ever.
 a robot: This is fairly accurate; tutorial videos always feature cats that look like they've been sedated. From personal experience, the secret is: one person holds the purrito, the other forces the pill into the cat's mouth and then strokes the throat and neck to make the cat swallow. All cats I've had to give pills to eventually get used to it and it becomes easier after a few days
 Whatever: Good luck trying to wrap the cat up again
 ThatGuy: @Wet farts I do not envy you.
 Quackzy: @Wet farts I also had to do this once, except replace the cat with myself
 Wet farts: I had to do this once. Except replace the cat with an African Grey.
Image 137025   10-10-16   Uploaded by    miller
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