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227443  crazyfingers: @Kaviri What is that supposed to mean

227503  Sadbot: Pot cures Mustang ownership

227461  Jabberwikket: Pineapple, Jalapeno, Mushroom & Black Olive, with the right sauce is excellent

227489  drtofu: You killed my father. Prepare to die!

227491  ThatGuy: IMPROBABLE!

227500  ThatGuy: Illegitimate!

227501  tib gubb: very nice ;)

227501  ThatGuy: Nnnnnnice! #DeepSpace69

227472  addend: Next time on "Maury"!

227489  Jabberwikket: Luigi's warp tunnel took him to GTA

227490  Jabberwikket: "Cake or DEATH!" "I'll have the chicken"

227478  addend: "Yuri, Vlad..., where's Boris?"

227492  Amy Housewine: Eat-a him, like-a da Mario

227479  addend: Until you notice the drool. :(

227481  addend: Then the waiter asked, "Do you want /flies/ with that?"

227501  glenalec: This is fine.

227482  addend: Who broke into my basement?!

227507  glenalec: I bet it smells great in there!

227509  glenalec: This one didn't dig so deep, it appears.

227500  glenalec: Speak up! I didn't hear you!

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227283 White Rice: I guess after 3 repeats the bot finally recognized that it was literally the same image & wont allow the silliness to continue (which is odd, considering the number of classics, reclassics, and rereclassics that weve seen over time)

227343 Dresdenkeogh: Hold on. I want to cuddle. But I gotta go fast.

227340 drtofu: Im. okay with this!

227291 RiderFan: @wolfpk And rain.

227357 Felicity: Then you ought to have more tolerance and respect for his freedom to be himself

227380 tib gubb: wouldn't be the least surprised if this were an actual thing

227338 Kess: I would so play this if the main character wore assless chaps the whole time.

227367 ignatz: @Felicity My Grandma had a convertible Olds, she could put the top down (or up) at 110 mph!

227396 tib gubb: and then it will be delicious

227370 becca: @funny in the wall what do you study? That sounds awesome...

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 Jaktai: Scorpions does not have skeletons.
 Jotun: Dootpion
 Dr. Bathroom: 2 spoopy.
 gorilla: Wake up in a bathtub full of ice.
 Korrok: Awww yeeyah!
 Mr. Shine: I fought this boss in Terraria
 Annoying Vegan : Michaels has some weird shit this time of year.
 Lestrange: Someone doesn't know his exoskeleton from his lame ass.
 PenguinBartender: I love it when skeletons remember the skele-ears
 SomeOtherCanadian: *exoskeleton
 grizzly: That's not how it works. Thats not how any of this works.
 Scoo: Gracias, Senor Escorpion -- doot, doot!
 WaffleIron: Skelorpian!
Image 135545   10-03-16   Uploaded by    mrdiron
 Science: Fun fact: "Lycasin's known side effects in adults include bloating, explosive diarrhea, intestinal gurgling or rumbling (borborygmi), and flatulence."
 Dr. Bathroom: Pure fire.
 Mr. Shine: Sorbitol will also dump your entire supply of stomach acid right down the ol' Out Pipe.
 DrinkMixMan: It's okay to eat a whole thing of gummi bears by yourself.
 Borkf: Hydrogenated Glucose Syrup is not an adequate description of the horrors which lie within. I should really experiment with the Erythritol we got through at work.
 Warrax: Stomach discomfort? When your product turns the consumer's asshole in to old faithful, you should be able to say so.
 grizzly: Is it working yet? No? Take twice the recommended amount then.
 Fett4life: NOPE
 jochenau: Serving Size: 4 packages
 Knice: That's enough for a Challenger-style o-ring failure. )O(
 WaffleIron: FIVE POUNDS!
 Darkasnoon: My bowels hurt just looking at this
Image 135544   10-03-16   Uploaded by    Never AFK
 Shay: This is son no one talks about at Bob Ross' Thanksgiving dinner.
 Mr. Shine: Baphomet: The Musical!
 scribbs: (Sorry, KITH)
 scribbs: "Now we're cooking with evil gas!"
 Amy Housewine: Hey goat, your human mask has slipped down.
 msmstud: I am ready to entertain the children.
 PenguinBartender: These Skyrim texture mods are just getting ridiculous.
 hajjpodge: Hail Satan
 Stephen Milkmus: @Knice No way. He was definitely just like "Hello friends."
 Knice: "HOOOYAAARGH!!!"
Image 135543   10-03-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 Hiddentigerma: @Wet farts would it still be cute if the milk was laced with anthrax?
 scribbs: Good dog.
 Fett4life: The hill's are alive with...this.
 Wet farts: Well isn't this just goddamn adorable.
Image 135542   10-03-16   Uploaded by    SunWukong
Image 135541 is unbelievably bad (score -6) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by jackthesmack. Your image was bad, jackthesmack.
 Air Biscuit: @LaeMi *hands you the bottle of scotch
 LaeMi: Your BBQ wasn't at an Antartic base by any chance?
 Teechur: Barking Dead starts soon.
 tamarindo: Every bite you take, I'll be watching you
Image 135540   10-03-16   Uploaded by    RiderFan
 hex0: Good thing he wasn't armed with a apple
 a spider plan: ALLIGATORS TAIL: Normally timid -- when provoked, the alligator lashes out with a mighty swipe of his tail. Charged with Rum. .90
 Mr. Shine: G'waannn I dares ya!
 scribbs: "No, no, no. You're choking up on the rifle!"
 Micro Jackson: Make my day
 SunWukong: They don't like it up 'em.
 cenecia: Stab 'em with the pointy end!
 Janston: Testing for the bayonet resistant dress shirt did not end well.
 Jayfu: "Do you SEE this haircut? Come at me bro!"
 Knice: "What are you going to do, bayonet me?"
Image 135539   10-03-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 itskando: Legs of serious alibaster
 petepuma: at least this won out over the Burger King masks
 scribbs: @jochenau Careful now.
 Fett4life: The McTripple. With a large Watchinyoass
 Scoo: This porn is feared
 PenguinBartender: *Hurk*
 Janston: It's Ronald all the way down.
 jochenau: down with this sort of thing
 Amy Housewine: The Just-Not-All-That-Bright Clown Posse
 a sedated moose: I like this even less!
 Knice: McGod-damn it, people.
Image 135538   10-03-16   Uploaded by    Mexico
 Micro Jackson: Gard that ass
 Kidneythief: Tired joke. Can we move on?
 Bolt Vanderhuge: 'Kay.
Image 135537   10-03-16   Uploaded by    gggina
 scribbs: I remember when we were young and the drive in theater's parking lot would flood -- not a lot, but just enough add an air of nautical fun.
 WaffleIron: Amphicar parking only, all others will be sunk.
 KnowLifer: Is that a rad vehicle competition?
 Kidneythief: B(o)at-shit crazy
 a sedated moose: This car show is boats.
Image 135536   10-03-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
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