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238359  Yurishiro: Not funny + text wall is bad in my book.

238346  Yurishiro: Y Y

238349  Yurishiro: Abrams

238350  Yurishiro: Majestic af

238352  Yurishiro: My good sir, if that was true I think I would have noticed.

238358  Yurishiro: Hair styles from the future year 2028?

238345  petepuma: why isn't he looking at the screen? does he not know how to type?

238351  petepuma: this is why you rename them after you adopt them

238354  petepuma: if they're not fresh i don't want them

238355  petepuma: I remember the ol' face kicker

238356  petepuma: how long do you need me to hold this up?

238352  Prostata: Dinosaurs? In uranus? (It's more likely than you think!)

238352  sparename: Party Cornhole

238353  sparename: When your machine suddenly turns off - your motherboard has overheated 'cos the vent-holes are full of dog hair.. Tho I was surprised that my Daughter's Chromebook doesn't have any holes.. my old laptop warms the room

238310  Yurishiro: @grizzly It's hard to consider that bald dude "lady friend"

238364  Osiris: Oh, you

238364  Semaphore: This doggo does not need any more fat and/or sugar, particularly at that age

238361  Peter Pantsless: "So you think you're smarter than the average bear, eh?"

238344  a sedated moose: I don't understand this.

238353  Peter Pantsless: We've posted plenty of pictures of dogs on the Internet, so now we're posting pictures of the Internet on dogs

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238199 a robot: He's holding the S upside down. If it was like that on the sign then it definitely needed taking down

238084 Hokie333: @Hokie333 edit: 421 bottles / 444.6 lbs. The rows look more like 10-9-10-9 instead of all 10s as I originally thought. Still a lot of mass to cool.

238194 tib gubb: let us be thankful that god would be so merciful

238292 Yurishiro: RUSSIAN BOIS ARE IN TOWN

238106 TurkeyVulture: @Scoo drink it to stay up late and study math, maybe.

238211 ping: @mexican Credit where credit is due. Camouflage pattern here:

238181 tib gubb: tug boat!

238173 Whatever: You may have won this time Picard, but Im going off to the big time playing Discord on My Little Pony while youre stuck in a wheelchair playing Professor X.

238191 tib gubb: fecal transplants are a legit thing. kind of like an infusion of immune system. the theoretical effects are actually pretty profound.

238260 Science: The Black Moon - The Cabal: Volume Two

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 Lutha: I'm really sorry, I wasn't trying to!!
 elmosco: You did this to me Shauna, we could have been together forever! Goodbye.
 Mr. Shine: They got me AGAIN!
 Korrok: Fuck off, sign, I do what I want!
 ClockworkJackalope: Fuck it, call the police
 Derp Herpigan: Whoopsidasies.
Image 135253   10-01-16   Uploaded by    fridaynight
 Headoftheclass: Who HASN'T done this with their All-Stars?
 Mr. Shine: WhatTheHellAreYouDoing.jpg
 WaffleIron: That's what they're there for.
 Derp Herpigan: Still gonna trip on 'em.
Image 135252   10-01-16   Uploaded by    Phum Munts
 Skaalar: Nah, I'm looking for Carmen Sandiego.
 NFLitGirl: why? @Jennerator
 Jennerator: I spent half an hour trying to welcome back kotter
 SpaceCow: To find the Waldo, you must become the Waldo.
 WaffleIron: You're all I've ever wanted, and my arms are open wide.
 Knice: Let me start by saying; I found you.
Image 135251   10-01-16   Uploaded by    Admiral Alan
 drtofu: Fact: Bumblebee nests are in the ground
 betamax: September 29th? So this is either a year old... OR 4 DAYS IN THE FUTURE!
 scribbs: @Screech That's Narcissus Bee and you're never getting that spoon back.
 Aspirin: This is a bee eating from a crack spoon. Not frigg'in Rad.
 ShoKusogi: Bees make sweet, sweet honey. It's basically just bee vomit.
 Screech: It was the that moment, the beed realized it was really really ridiculously good looking
 SpaceCow: Just a spoon full of sugar water makes the bee pose.
 WaffleIron: "something something french class" is the best I can do here. GO TEQUILA!
 hearsegirl: rad for helping bees
 Ulillillia: Bee!
 LaeMi: I see... I see ... I see a bee.
Image 135250   10-01-16   Uploaded by    discodisco
 Lutha: Hello, my name is Hillary Adultwoman. Today I went to the government, and did a law.
 Mr. Shine: *barely controls reflex to punch*
 SpaceCow: Point Break 2: Summer School Shenanigans
 Knice: "I don't know what's on me."
 hearsegirl: i'm with her.
 Air Biscuit: The littlest bank robber.
Image 135249   10-01-16   Uploaded by    cakefizzle
 NuclearWinter: Dr. DeWalt, I presume
 Mr. Shine: Shhh, you'll scare it!
 SunWukong: It's a trap Lara.
 Darkasnoon: We just need to figure out what in this serial killer's lair is the murder weapon.
 WaffleIron: What child is this?
 WTF: "Now just to remove a bit of sand from the bag before I make the switch..."
 ClockworkJackalope: Crap. They are becoming tool users
 LaeMi: Ewwww. I think that is a DeWalt - worst powertools ever!
 Theta Zero: Not the most exciting Metroid powerup.
Image 135248   10-01-16   Uploaded by    CheezGrater
 Musician: bites your toes, pees in your laundry basket, randomly scratches your hand, wakes you up at 5 a.m. then does this 1% of the time and is the cutest kitty in the world. Oh yes she is! Oh yes she is!
 bigjim: fuck. yes. Is this really a thing?!
 SoyUnPerdedor: May I pet your kitty?
Image 135247   10-01-16   Uploaded by    boomboomboom
 sparename: @Bonecollector " # You are what you drink, And I'm a Bitter man # ". Macc Lads - Charlotte
 Bonecollector: @Screech Your hatred will kill you. I've known bitter people. They dont end well.
 Screech: @Bonecollector yess let the hate flow through you
 Bonecollector: @Screech You want to kill me, and you don't even know why. Pol Pot would be proud of you.
 Bonecollector: @Screech I don't even know you, but you hate me.
 Bonecollector: @Screech On the FRIENDLY spaceship
 Bonecollector: @Screech And why is that exactly? You have expressed hatred toward me.
 Screech: I wouldn't cross the street to piss on your head if it was on fire
 SpaceCow: "Then you can make your fortune selling marshmallows."
 WaffleIron: We don't need no water let the motherfucker burn!
 SoyUnPerdedor: @Knice @Bonecollector good show I bet
 Bonecollector: True. Seen it
 Knice: Instructions too clear; penis caught on fire.
Image 135246   10-01-16   Uploaded by    doggggggie
 Science: Got the thyme tick tick tickin in my head
 Bonecollector: Thyme is most terrible spice.
 Bonecollector: @LaeMi Awful. You get +2
 ShoKusogi: Just goes to show that humans are still not able to control thyme.
 EvilOtter: He who controls the spice controls the universe!
 Jennerator: @Screech bah =P
 Screech: @Jennerator Knock knock
 AdaMan: Thyme heals all wounds
 WaffleIron: Thyme, Thyme, everywhere the thyme.
 Nope: @Mr. Shine How the fuck did that take 5 comments to get to?
 Skinr: T-t-t-t-t-t
 Niels Bohr: This is a waste of thyme
 SoyUnPerdedor: Thyme is on my side, yes it is...
 Wet farts: Why can't I hold all this thyme?
 Teechur: And it's tickin' away...tickin' away from me...
 Darkasnoon: @Mr. Shine too much thyme on his hands even.
 Mr. Shine: Gotta lot of thyme on your hands?
 Butcherboy: Living on borrowed thyme
 ClockworkJackalope: someone let dad on the internet again
 Knice: It's ticking away with my sanity.
 LaeMi: If I could put Thyme in a bottle...
Image 135245   10-01-16   Uploaded by    nimbus
 sparename: Halfway through a bad storm
 Bonecollector: The passing of cats makes me...what is up with those cats?
 Bonecollector: The passing of Thyme makes me maudlin
 scribbs: Gas leak at the Cat Lady's house.
 Aspirin: Cat lady needs to be euthanized.
 lecj07: @mwoody I would rattle a cat food bag personally.
 MamboNumber6: Goddamn John Williams soundtrack going through my head now.
 amyandy: cats are generally shit
 WaffleIron: After a long hard day trying to become a model #74457
 hearsegirl: think of all the tootsie rolls in the garden. worst neighbors ever.
 Mr. Shine: @carpwoman This looks like an awesome picnic spot.
 Butcherboy: Lots of curiosity about
 ClockworkJackalope: Low end catnip den
 mwoody: Does it make me a bad person to want to set off a firecracker here?
 TFChicken: More beautiful people than I've ever gotten
Image 135244   10-01-16   Uploaded by    alborland
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