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258051  Felicity: Not a problem! Iron Man went through many version of his suit. Remember the lumpy gray Iron Man?

257855  Mr Bleak: I heard that yo momma was doing some modeling work.

258061  Felicity: I liked their song Selfie

258070  Amy Housewine: @Messed Up Dog You have an appropriate username for this one.

258062  Amy Housewine: Whyatt puts his name on this cartoon three times, whereas many would not want to own up to it at all.

258057  Amy Housewine: The strain of trying to remember this gave me a heart attack.

258070  Messed Up Dog: K9's in Satan's service! KISS!

258070  Chile Quornwrap: I would adopt this doggo and name it Violator

258070  mrmrmr: that's not what i meant when i said give me a kiss

258018  DrinkMixMan: Hydrox it is

258039  DrinkMixMan: North North North North North North Korea

258060  Sadpygmy: F'n happiness

258069  Disclosure: I don't see the problem, free honey.

258058  Solemn: @a robot No, it's a container! Put gunpowder in it first, THEN light it!

258019  Skinr: Jack Frost: With a Vengeance

258035  Skinr: Downward Dog?

258039  Skinr: Beauty of Upper Atmosphere.

258044  Skinr: And that's how Ald'ruhn was founded, my child.

258051  Skinr: I AM PEWTER PERSON

258053  Skinr: Hey now, you're a Morning Star / Get your Mass on, go pray

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257890 VeeKay: I knew that the millionth facebook like would do it.

257966 Mr. Shine: This is an oddly specific fetish.

257787 some guy : This image is upside-down.

258006 tib gubb: he can powerwalk as fast or slow as he wants; he's already won.

257772 DrNinjaman: There's a survey on the back. If you fill it out you get $10 your next dress rental

258009 tib gubb: scare them crap out of them - chicks love that

257824 DrNinjaman: Damn it Spock, I'm a doc!

257969 WannaBee: The before picture #258041

257855 Mr Bleak: I heard that yo momma was doing some modeling work.

257947 VeeKay: Now we're going to places in my neighborhood

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 Cami: I currently have 3 stitches in my back and they're itchy enough.
 Air Biscuit: Slimming.
 carpwoman: Good lord.
 male anon: The harp-player in me awakes.
 ch: i get the rings but why would you get a watermark tattoo
 Peter Pantsless: This is an extreme example, but these are considered temporary, often worn for a single event, because they leave little or no scars
 Otterman: I'm squirming like an itchy bear cub. The bad kind of squirming.
 Poop Bird: that's, um what's the word for it... oh yeah, disgusting
 ch: no yoga for you
 Micro Jackson: Keep it together!
 chhumphrey: I'd love to be a fly on the wall when she tried going through a metal detector!
 Arthur Dent: Must be an extreme aid to dieting.... put on a few kg and say goodbye to your back...
 Mad Collager: Does it hurt? Of corset does!
 Mr. Shine: @jochenau @funny in the wall @a sedated moose I, too, vote gross. Also, mentally unsound.
 SunWukong: @NoRagrets Nothing will look great when you are older.
 Borkf: Must make wearing a bra difficult?
 NoRagrets: This will look great when you're older....
 fanny: well, how else are you going to distract from that tramp stamp?
 jochenau: @a sedated moose Definitely gross.
 PenguinBartender: THAT'LL teach Dad.
 Meow: Then when somebody bumps into her on a crowded subway she screams because it feels like they just ripped the skin from her flesh
 scribbs: I hate body mods; even earrings strike me as basically stupid. Yet, for some reason, corset piercings kinda turn me on. Strange.
 funny in the wall: must be nice when it gets cold out. @sedated mouse: I agree, this is gross (either that or we're both old)
 XLY: @a sedated moose Nah, it is gross. There's even a cigarette
 Lestrange: Great until you meet a sadistic pervert like me.
 a sedated moose: I must be an old fart. This is gross.
 Knice: All good until you sneeze and rip your back off.
Image 134920   09-30-16   Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image 134919 is unbelievably bad (score -5) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by flowers. Your image was bad, flowers.
 HairyNips: Gillian Anderson is the best ever
 Thyming: Holy Shit
 Whatever: Now I'm wondering how Superman's toilet survives his pit stops
 a sedated moose: @PenguinBartender for pooping back and forth.
 WTF: He must be translucent because those photons pass right though him.
 PenguinBartender: As weird as this is, I'm just hoping that's not some sort of tractor beam.
 jochenau: He has a fiber optic alimentary tract?
Image 134918   09-30-16   Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 annterland: @Knice I love this story
 Peter Pantsless: Another excellent entry @Knice
 Fiasco: @Knice The next installment! Loving these
 scribbs: @Knice I, too, am enjoying these vignettes :-)
 Pizza: @Knice This project of yours is going great so far. Keep up the good work!
 Knice: #134904, cont'd.: As Cynthia finished laying out dinner, some familiar sounds came from the front. Each had its own meaning. Click! *Someone's here* She tensed. A soft bump. *It's Mom!* She relaxed and started to the door. Another soft bump. *She's tired.* Cynthia waited. The first bump was Mom shouldering the door open; the second was a nudge with her hip because the first push wasnt strong enough and the door had started to swing shut on her. For the next few moments, Claire would be composing herself in the entry; and Cynthia would be staying put, to let her do it with dignity. #135121
 Lestrange: Shortcut to toxoplasmosis
 PenguinBartender: *harmp, harmp, harmp*
Image 134917   09-30-16   Uploaded by    scribbs
 Bonecollector: I will start getting political dissidents to dissect . will you be one of them?
 Bonecollector: @SomeCanadian the man who started plastination movement cremated all of the specimens he got from China. Socialism/communism always ends up with a surplus of dead peopl
 SomeCanadian: @Mr. Shine @Bonecollector Yeah, 'didn't know where they came from' basically means, 'we know, but we're REALLY embarrassed we let this tour around the country.'
 Bonecollector: @Mr. Shine Wow. You dug up more fun stuff than I found. People are shit.
 Bonecollector: @SomeCanadian As rad as this is, it was revealed in 2007 that some of the bodies used in the early batches were probably executed political dissidents from China.
 Mad Collager: I wish these artists would stop meating a dead horse, or horses, in this case.
 Mr. Shine: @SomeCanadian These bodies were from The People's Republic of China, and former Soviet sh!tholes, right? Then we KNOW where they came from. National Public Radio did a report on the Professor who makes these delightful things. 56 bodies were seized from his lab after they were traced back to a Russian doctor who was killing homeless people and penniless hospital patients. These "sculptures" remind me of some of the things the Ahnenerbe SS did during the Holocaust, like the suite of dining room furniture crafted from human bones. This is much the same.
 DrinkMixMan: mmm... meat
 SomeOtherCanadian: @jochenau from corpses, for corpses
 Borkf: I honestly can't remember if i donated my body to this man or not. There was a book at the end of the exhibition I went to and I don't remember what decision I made.
 Pizza: "Well they donated their bodies to science. Art is a science, right?"
 jochenau: @SomeOtherCanadian Those are for real actual corpses?
 Otterman: Racist against skeletons
 SomeCanadian: Most of these exhibits got pulled when they couldn't account for where the bodies came from.
 SomeOtherCanadian: @jochenau but it's made from real dead people! (Actually.) Everyone loves a good pile of corpses.
 jochenau: Art in public spaces is nice, except when it's ugly.
 PenguinBartender: See, this... This is why two people on horses shouldn't ride them into the teleporter from the Fly.
Image 134916   09-30-16   Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 Radstarboom: Got to be good lookin' 'cause he's so hard to see.
 Borkf: Only takes one can #125456
 jochenau: This is actually pretty good, most attempts at this are depressingly bad.
 RiderFan: Why is there just an image of trees seen from a car? Or a floating window?
 funny in the wall: what am i looking at here? i don't see anything
Image 134915   09-30-16   Uploaded by    nimbus
 ClockworkJackalope: When you feel tiny pressure
 Mad Collager: I guess he had to be careful how he described this to the TSA agent.
 VoR: Tiny pot so tiny and small.
 Pizza: Aww, it's like a mini version of the soup kettle I had to safety test this morning.
 mike58: Looks like a tiny pressure cooker, we probably just made a list.
 Jayfu: Here's a little pot from my trip to Colorado
 Peach: Cooking for one... eighth.
Image 134914   09-30-16   Uploaded by    NO JOKES
 chhumphrey: Failed Children's Book ideas
 Whatever: This is why they don't teach biology on Seasame Street ... Someone was bound to croak
 SunWukong: One resurrection, ah - hah - hah. Two resurrection, ah - hah - hah...
 petepuma: is this after the kermit lengthening surgery? if you're going to paint fucked-up shit like this at least get the proportions right
 jochenau: Big Bird's trying to perform surgery, could the rest of you clear the room?
 Jaunty Shrimp: One! One dead Kermit! Ah ha ha ha ha
 Warrax: C is for cadaver, it's good enough for me!
Image 134913   09-30-16   Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 AverageJoe: that's discrimination! you should hate everyone equally
 Janston: The gate's open, just run in.
 VoR: Godhorn
 bethevans: Governor Pence, you rascal
 scribbs: St. Peter is a leftie. Sweet.
Image 134912   09-30-16   Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Cami: Many machines on Ix.
 Bert Bertbert: Muar'Nip
 Entertainmentalist: I don't think that kitty is on the spice, can tell from its irides.
 ShoKusogi: Only pussies can drink the Water of Life and live. Every man who tries, dies.
 ShoKusogi: @San DoDo @SomeOtherCanadian I just HAD to rad vote the comments with the Dune reference. And I won't apologize for it.
 Janston: Dude... I'm tripping balls.
 VoR: That cat has already started his space time trip
 SomeCanadian: @SomeOtherCanadian That gives a whole new perspective on the little treats we dig out of the litter box.
 San DoDo: The spice must flow
 Jaunty Shrimp: If you wannabe my catnip, ya gotta get with my friends
 WaffleIron: Wait, are the bene gesserit just cat ladies rolling in the nip?
 SomeOtherCanadian: The cats are the spice, the spice are the cats
Image 134911   09-30-16   Uploaded by    amyandy
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