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273244  SurfNTurf: Bruh, try moving that decimal a space over to the right to get someone to let your creepy ass crank off on their boots...

273224  dobbiesdoogs: in the beginning I had a lot to say about my father in the middle east but he is not the one that we have seen before that we could check out our new book on this issue of our lives

273224  FormerLurker: Hey whats up your son is going to be there around noon tomorrow or Tuesday or Wednesday or Thursday night and I can probably take you out to dinner tonight and then Ill be there around noon or so Ill have a good day at school tomorrow or tomorrow morning.

273263  ignatz: They like computers cos they're warm

273244  eevee: Dirk Stedanko

273242  ignatz: Th Chinese 'Social Credits' plan is straight outta Scarfolk..

273246  ignatz: @sparename my Coeliac grandma switched to tequila- guaranteed wheat-free

273145  Bob: Sorry Canada.

273259  Amy Housewine: * MGM lion roar *

273251  Amy Housewine: Me and my shadow/And now to repeat what I said at the start/They'll need a large crowbar to break us apart

273190  VoR: Singing*

273258  sparename: *-one else does

273252  Callahan: i think you've had enough to drink, freezer

273255  sparename: Is-a that in the kitchen - Wot ama gonna' do?

273262  sparename: Like the guy who runs the Dutch drivers' roadside cafe - Snack van Open

273246  sparename: My Coeliac friend feels safer with rum

273253  Shay: No sir, our Beauty of North Korea quota is done so scram.

273249  sparename: "Any Mownten Do?"

273254  Shay: *more pylons SFX intensifies*

273255  Shay: Hate to burst your bubble, but there's no casting call for Rat King in the next Michael Bay-raped TMNT movie.

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273043 Littlecraftywolf: it looks like hes got a tattoo on his neck that says "Ricky"

272993 wolfpk: A light snack for Joey Chestnut!

272918 hajjpodge: Y'all need to stop all this kidding around.

272892 Littlecraftywolf: tip your waiters regardless of who you are and who your waiter is. even if you get bad service at least leave something.

273215 Sadbot: @Air Biscuit I've only had it by asking for it, it's never on the menu

273017 drtofu: A capacitor, on the other hand, would weigh more when charged than not because of the electrons.

272968 Side Boob: you could go full goon and be all, "Well, ACTUALLY..." :goonsay:

272975 WannaBee: This episode was brought to you by the letters F and U and the number 12.

273224 dobbiesdoogs: in the beginning I had a lot to say about my father in the middle east but he is not the one that we have seen before that we could check out our new book on this issue of our lives

272991 E. HONDA: "The Irritating Gentleman" -- Berthold Woltze, 1874

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 DrinkMixMan: I BM on your IBM
 Mad Collager: So, this is now a lapbottom?
 Korrok: Why can't my computer do this?
 Annoying Vegan : This porn is three dimensional.
 Dr. Bathroom: This porn is so realistic!
 Peter Pantsless: Talk about shitposting
 bug: dsfkljvslkjds;lkfjsdlkfjlckxvjd,cnbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbb
 scribbs: Why does my keyboard smell like...uh-oh.
 fanny: well, now you all know how I upload to the spaceship
 Warrax: You wouldn't download an ass, would you?
 dobbiesdoogs: clickbutt
 fakeplastic: I fits, I sits.
 Nope: Same
Image 133941   09-25-16   Uploaded by    nerdhulk
Image 133940 is unbelievably bad (score -17) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Toasted Taco Brunchito. We'll pray for you, Toasted Taco Brunchito.
 DrinkMixMan: Whoa, haha, sorry about the typo folks! That was supposed to read "castration."
 chemical: Tipping his Fedora back, he wiped the beads of sweat from his brow.
 Beef Supreme: Decapitation? I call dibs on the quickening!
 Skinr: my local gaming store has a sign with Samus Aran that reads "Shoplifters will be EXECUTED"
 Warrax: Just what the world needs, a return to medieval punishment.
 scribbs: I'd love to report, but I can't read the number.
 dobbiesdoogs: tough but fair
Image 133939   09-25-16   Uploaded by    Vorm Gongo
 Air Biscuit: Scented deterrent.
 DrinkMixMan: side dish
 Mad Collager: Campaign promises
 Korrok: Frosting.
 Ulillillia: Lilo Stitch
 scribbs: It would be more helpful to explain to Mr. Stitch how to use an internet search engine. Just sayin'.
 midnightmosesuk: Burying your head.
 SomeOtherCanadian: No one can help you.
 annterland: Playground mulch
 SunWukong: Disposal of victims.
 Nope: Lube
 Nope: Skyline chili filler
 Nope: Landscaping
 Nope: Moisturizer
Image 133938   09-25-16   Uploaded by    carpwoman
 Air Biscuit: Rubber was a good movie.
 SpaceCow: If coffee is weeping out your mucous membranes, you'd drank too much.
 Headoftheclass: I'm bald.
 Dr. Bathroom: ANGERY.
 whiplash: The sad day that Canadian Tire money was devalued...
 Sandor: Cannot unsee the events at Skyline Chili
 midnightmosesuk: I know how it feels.
 Chocolate Pain: Before you die, you see the ring.
 SunWukong: It's a dead rubber.
 dobbiesdoogs: the tire that will kill your family
 Amy Housewine: I'm so tyred/tyred of being admired/tyred of love uninspired
Image 133937   09-25-16   Uploaded by    a robot
 kate shutupton: This feminism is weird.
 Mad Collager: @Dreforian Well played!
 Dreforian: @a robot @Mad Collager Replace all of the bolding with quotation marks and read it again!
 a robot: @Mad Collager Hey, I like your interpretation. And here I thought Beast was supposed to be smart
 Mad Collager: @carpwoman Maybe Jean Grey was really just trying to say "Screw you!". Hank Beast McCoy doesn't seem to get it though.
 Skinr: The Uncanny seXist-Men
 Jennerator: Wait that's not pliers?
 scribbs: Nouns have gender, people have sex. Except for you, because you're an asshole.
 dobbiesdoogs: the x-handymen
 glowstick: Still funny in context.
 crazyfingers: Mental Floss says "In X-men #28 (1967), writer Roy Thomas falsely wrote pliers instead of "screwdriver." The result: Hank Beast McCoys backhanded compliment to Jean Grey turned into a full-on insult to all women."
Image 133936   09-25-16   Uploaded by    carpwoman
 Skinr: I've seen public restrooms that are like this
 Whatever: You had just one job
 dobbiesdoogs: why can't i turn the lights off?
Image 133935   09-25-16   Uploaded by    Hungy Dingus
 Mad Collager: @carpwoman I am not one bit surprised!
 Defiance: @Mad Collager - I got mad skillz, yo.
 Mad Collager: @carpwoman How'd you put it together?
 Skinr: "I'm a Barbie doll, but I've got brains! / I've got brains and I like sex!"
 Emoji: @Warrax - IKEA
 Warrax: That is one huge bed. Where do you buy a bed that damn huge?
 Knice: @carpwoman You need a Korrok 2016 sticker. :-)
 scribbs: That's how alone many of us sometimes feel in our beds.
 Fiasco: @carpwoman Well we know that you've got the right literature for keeping bugs out of your teeth.
 winwolf: @carpwoman Not necessarily in that order. Looks cozy.
 DerMantis: @Knice - I'm actually surprised she stays on the bike. Our groups mascot is the frog, but I'm not one to decorate my bike like some of the ladies. One simple sticker, one goofy doll....and a shit load of dead bugs on the windscreen lol.
 fishing: @Winwolf - She was tired and wanted vodka, popcorn, and a movie.
 Fiasco: Tired after a long motorcycle run!
 Knice: Make sure you don't leave her at the hotel!
 Peter Pantsless: I'm worried about being small in bed, but damn
Image 133934   09-25-16   Uploaded by    carpwoman
 dobbiesdoogs: well it's an rv, i kinda figured
Image 133933   09-25-16   Uploaded by    breadtoaster
 KingTrebek: oh well whatever nevermind
 Wort Mumpus: @Annoying Vegan - Same kid!
 Annoying Vegan : Same kid? Or just some dude?
 Warrax: No longer chasing capitalism I see.
 Sandor: I wanted to write a bad joke, but nevermind
 norgu5: He wanted to do this naked but the photographer wasn't so keen on that idea.
 Fiasco: No longer in utero.
Image 133932   09-25-16   Uploaded by    Jaunty Shrimp
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