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273629  tib gubb: you may not proceed until you answer my riddles three

273581  tib gubb: ah, the culling time has arrived

273582  tib gubb: hookers gotta shop too; i'm for one glad on walmart's hooker-friendly policy

273588  tib gubb: that's a fine beard, dachsund

273590  tib gubb: people do realize that corporations are machines, right?

273592  tib gubb: NACHOS DOWN

273599  tib gubb: social media is a cancer

273639  Baby Jesus: From the song..."There's a moose in my house!"

273501  Spazstatic: Linux: it's not broken, your just doing it wrong.

273628  ThoughtlessGentleman: @Dr Awkward rejoices as he hears bran mans courageous cry. who requires regularity?!

273609  tib gubb: it's not porn, dad. it's ecchi

273610  tib gubb: pfft, reel to reel or die

273612  tib gubb: here's to the intern that was fired for leaving barry's cup unfilled

273619  tib gubb: @FabricMan yeah, the old testament wasn't really meant to be a feelgood read

273545  Mad Collager: Plot twist: The girl is wearing kid gloves.

273606  Mad Collager: OMG! This is right above a Lionel Richie image!

273606  Mad Collager: Stuck on you...

273627  Dr Awkward: Because the math questions havent been updated in 53 years.

273628  Dr Awkward: Bran-Man, here to rescue your bowels from constipation!

273555  FormerLurker: @toolbag thats right, the old one was the GT-40, and the new one is just the GT... Also, @Peter Pantsless, this is all coming from a very happy 2011 Ranger XLT owner. Ford has made some awful cars but theyve made some awesome ones too. Not a mustang fan myself, but their vans, trucks, and sedans are great, depending on the era. And of course the GT... And their close association with Carol Shelby produced some cool stuff too.

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6. a robot
7. Teechur
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9. Sadbot
10. Air Biscuit

The top ten most commented-on images today:

273447 Micro Jackson: Fresh

273408 Dr Awkward: @DrNinjaman @Bob #201031 #262668 #180815 is a start. I actually mentioned goat yoga in one of those pictures. I need to post more goat pictures

273474 trelyate: ojom rof

273265 DimwaldtThrockmorton: Beauty of Korth Norea

273224 Kikari: All of you are getting way more coherent sentences than I do when I try this. I get infinite predicate loops.

273444 Micro Jackson: Burninate this

273555 FormerLurker: @toolbag thats right, the old one was the GT-40, and the new one is just the GT... Also, @Peter Pantsless, this is all coming from a very happy 2011 Ranger XLT owner. Ford has made some awful cars but theyve made some awesome ones too. Not a mustang fan myself, but their vans, trucks, and sedans are great, depending on the era. And of course the GT... And their close association with Carol Shelby produced some cool stuff too.

273366 Mr Bleak: @wolfpk I know the feeling! We use the microwave as a Cat Safe so food can cool down before we strip the carcass. Furball can be outside miles away and can still smell me open the cat safe the following day ... Hello. Is that Chicken? It's mine, you realize. Pass it here. Purr, purrrrr, knead, climb, rub, ...

273365 Littlecraftywolf: @isosceleswaffle i am a furry i know that my point is going through security is the nightmare

273505 Spazstatic: I don't use an insulated lunch box or the fridge. I keep my lunch in my backpack by my desk. Also means it takes less time in the microwave to warm up.

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RogueLeader uploaded 273426 (977 points)
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ChubbyBuddy uploaded 273547 (872 points)
BoiledEggs uploaded 273447 (868 points)
Joetato uploaded 273149 (857 points)
ChubbyBuddy uploaded 273424 (846 points)
I Hate The Beatles uploaded 273545 (812 points)
chelseachels uploaded 273263 (801 points)
Troll uploaded 273112 (799 points)
cran vodka uploaded 273236 (798 points)
flowers uploaded 273486 (790 points)
Rocky XLVII uploaded 273173 (779 points)
nclaw uploaded 273369 (757 points)
psyops uploaded 273490 (737 points)
reagan uploaded 273276 (736 points)

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 1. ChubbyBuddy: 5051 points
 2. E. HONDA: 3954 points
 3. Side Boob: 2783 points
 4. reagan: 2276 points
 5. Shay: 2187 points
 6. cran vodka: 2130 points
 7. Mexico: 1983 points
 8. daver: 1876 points
 9. norgu5: 1861 points
10. parrotsnest: 1814 points
11. BoiledEggs: 1727 points
12. deadwombat: 1663 points
13. Never AFK: 1632 points
14. skunkrocker: 1597 points
15. weirduncle: 1565 points
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 Shay: We got really weird with our cooking in the late 60's to early 80's.
 Bernie 2016: You do!
 generic: I think Marx's heart stopped fibrillating a while ago
 XLY: large crusty rolls was my stripper name
 fanny: hearty farm flavor= tastes like manure
 Lestrange: Vomitinacan
 a robot: I like how it specifies "all-purpose" barbecue sauce. Is there another kind I didn't know about?
 Knice: Korrok-Damn it, people. What the hell have you done to this corn?!
 Sauce Packets: I bet these taste real Knice
Image 133706   09-24-16   Uploaded by    Warrax
 Whatever: I heard this from the boss at work - trouble is, the record's scratched, and the needle keeps skipping back...
 WaffleIron: I have this on my iPhone
Image 133705   09-24-16   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 Peter Pantsless: @Fiasco *high five*
 Fiasco: It's pronounced "Boo-tay"
 Hosebag: It is his civic duty to bang the booty.
 WaffleIron: @Knice : Nice Knice, beat me to it.
 WaffleIron: That's a smile that says "swiggity swooty"
 Knice: "Swiggety. Swooty."
Image 133704   09-24-16   Uploaded by    morrissey
 Jaktai: The image containes a virus.
 ArchStanton: This post should go viral.
 grimes: feel a sneeze coming..
Image 133703   09-24-16   Uploaded by    annterland
 Bonecollector: @Borkf You can beautiful people where you work? There's just no way that statement can come out right...sigh
 SpaceCow: I see they now sell repellent for the man with too much swag.
 Borkf: @sandwiches We make this where I work (not our brand though) and most places have stopped selling it due to customer complaints. The drink is OK (if a bit dull), it's just the name.
 sandwiches: As you can see it's not been sold because nobody believes a company that calls their drink this could be motivated by making a good product
 Peter Pantsless: It's in the same line of drinks as "booty sweat."
 DrinkMixMan: Energy drink for cats.
 5 Headed Snake God: I see an image like this as a challenge from the uploader to post things that aren't sexist.
 XLY: One spilled can is enough to make a room smell like a fish market
 RinRin: The thirst is real
 Lestrange: No way am I even bothering to comment apart from this fatuous nonsense.
 Whatever: --this comment obscured due to a clever double-pun that may or may not be sexist in nature depending on one's gender, but is certainly not racist, nor xenophobic,but might possibly have a passing reference to paperclips. --
 tamarindo: Must have been a really nice person who took the one third from the bottom.
 Mad Collager: Wow! Canned Beautiful People! What will they think of next, the Fleshlight? Oh.
 Musician: If you try to open it immediately, it says "OMG you've ruined it!" and leaves
 Knice: Never open one that's been shaken.
 fanny: keeps cats at their freshest
Image 133702   09-24-16   Uploaded by    RzK
 Beerarchy: @Whatever Hahah!
 HairyNips: @Starky15 hahah
 Starky15: Taco Tuesday
 Whatever: Who farted?
Image 133701   09-24-16   Uploaded by    annterland
 magicmormon: Get in. We're going to the.... I mean we're not going to the vet.
 DrinkMixMan: @Bluetocracy God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs. Man tames dog. Dinosaurs eat man, dog inherits the earth.
 ArchStanton: Should have been a Land Rover
 Bluetocracy: It's like Jurassic Park, only in the future and humans are the dinosaurs and dogs are the people.
 SunWukong: No time to borkf, get in.
 zip file: he's eating for two, now
Image 133700   09-24-16   Uploaded by    the snark
 Borkf: @Knice @Scoo Paleo.
 isosceleswaffle: @Air Biscuit So much better than pumpkin spice.
 DrinkMixMan: Yes, we win! Now make me a McRib.
 Air Biscuit: I wish lavender lattes were more common. They taste awesome but are so hard to find.
 Shay: @Scoo Nah, if it's part of the Atkins Diet is what's more important.
 Whatever: I bet it's a collector's item.
 boxboxbox: @Knice but is it gluten-free?
 Shay: @Knice I for one will invest in this so I can make money.
 Knice: I need to come up with a Pumpkin-Spice-Bacon-Sriracha-IPA Beard Wax
 Warrax: @Shay I like pumpkin spice whatevers, but only if it's limited availability.
 Shay: Maybe if you just serve Pumpkin Spice whatever all year long, I'm sure you'll see profits soar.
Image 133699   09-24-16   Uploaded by    tamarindo
 ruiner: why is the guy near the bottom-right ejecting fish bones from his mouth?
 whiplash: Needs a "BONG!" sound effect.
 Warrax: There's a lot going on here, but the weirdest part is those Liefeld-feet.
 Shay: So this is why Kermit broke up with Ms. Piggy...
 Lestrange: Oh Heshka, can't you leave the cannabis alone for just one damn day?
 Amy Housewine: Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrribbit!
Image 133698   09-24-16   Uploaded by    SunWukong
 Borkf: Such range
 withak: uhhhhh...?
 werterland: 2/10 Calendar has great pictures, but forgot three months of the year.
 Shay: The middle one is compelling; maybe we can settle our wars through bubbles.
 Kool Aid Man: Lawful Good, Neutral Good, Chaotic Good etc...
Image 133697   09-24-16   Uploaded by    amyandy
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