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263265  sparename: He still talks about "exta" terrestrials, though

263274  Prostata: he's seen some shit

263265  Uncle Phil: @Robespierre This image is about the extent of this guy.

263273  Robespierre: R = Blinky

263274  Robespierre: You're travelling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind; a journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That's the signpost up ahead - your next stop, the Critter Zone

263270  Robespierre: Malcolm In A Muddle

263271  Robespierre: On my work computer this image appears next to Today's weirdo item, which appears to be a digital quarter. Coincidence? I think not.

263283  johnnyc: Why are all foxes so photogenic?

263267  Air Biscuit: Already Been Chewed?

263267  Robespierre: (& charge your damn fone, loser)

263241  Robespierre: Image/username combo - eww.

263272  Robespierre: Entering heavy rotation in 3 ... 2 ... 1 ...

263257  FormerLurker: Id go with the 6th choice.... all of the above.

263242  Not A Bot: Requires Netscape Navigator 1.2

263163  ppr4: What do you mean @lecj07

263269  Robespierre: This new Fargo concept looks tasteless

263254  Robespierre: Dial me up, baby.

263255  Robespierre: "... the whole truth and nothing but the truth?" "BORKF"

263256  Robespierre: I love playing PokemonNO

263257  Robespierre: I'll pick none of them, thanks - my wife would effin' murder me. Besides, back when I was still able to post images you might have seen the pic of my wife up in our lemon tree - none of these could possibly be more desirable than she is in every way, even in her late 50s.

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7. Mr Bleak
8. a robot
9. Whatever
10. Nope

The top ten most commented-on images today:

263162 Spazstatic: @Whatever oooh, good point.

263070 wolfpk: *and blows

262892 Felicity: The Arch Non Deluxe

263011 Fiveninety: you don't know me

263229 dangerkeith3000: "Imagine what I can do to your penis."

263192 Robespierre: Hormel's Finest

262891 Passive: Thaaaaaaats not a caaaaaake tray thats a poopoo platter

263202 Robespierre: Lowest Bidder things

263156 raditzu: and i thought MY job was bad...

263215 Robespierre: @Knice In my opinion, the extra fucked-up-ness arose straight from two sources: The Internet, and the bottomless gullibility of the Murican Hate Bloc

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Annoying Vegan uploaded 262778 (939 points)
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WannaBee uploaded 262885 (818 points)
lolnotrly uploaded 262993 (808 points)
Vladimir Puta uploaded 262968 (786 points)
kittylitter uploaded 263086 (751 points)
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Muncharito Beanworld uploaded 262851 (734 points)
entropy uploaded 262941 (722 points)
redpeepee uploaded 263126 (716 points)
ashton uploaded 262906 (711 points)
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 4. Side Boob: 1982 points
 5. kittylitter: 1879 points
 6. piratepom: 1714 points
 7. E. HONDA: 1607 points
 8. HenryVIII: 1528 points
 9. Scoo: 1524 points
10. aristocat: 1523 points
11. claphands: 1473 points
12. a robot: 1420 points
13. Murm Gungus: 1369 points
14. ChubbyBuddy: 1312 points
15. toaster: 1307 points
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 Bluetocracy: Someone definitely spiked the Kool-aid
 smusher: kids are trippin' dinner rolls
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Muhfuckin space bizzniscuits!!!
 Booty Kicker: Cathy didn't wear eye protection. Soon she won't have to.
 fanny: @a robot haha could only be better if one of those kids IS @Air Biscuit
 elmosco: Always wear eye/face protection
 desertfox: Now even kids with severe gluten allergies can visit Biscuit Planet!
 Hydraxion: Muffin button
 a robot: Possibly the best username/upload combo in history!
Image 133347   09-22-16   Uploaded by    Air Biscuit
 AverageJoe: Those alola forms are getting weirder and weirder
 White Rice: Guys...I found the reverse of this image, and it's in the queue. Apparently there were multiple someone's who wanted the Pikapool/Deadchu mashup.
 Bluetocracy: It's the famed Pikachupacabra! An undead ninja warrior from the house of Tesla.
 amyandy: The Merc with the Meowth
 White Rice: @Janston I don't know, I'm sure SOMEONE was asking for it, what with all the other mashups of less individually popular things that already exist. So, is it Deadchu, or Pikapool?
 Janston: Just the mash-up nobody asked for.
Image 133346   09-22-16   Uploaded by    skillet
 ping: @ModelTRex **applause**
 ModelTRex: ... yes; never: it's over; yes; the stars are unclear: ask again later; it's a toss-up; probably; 165; don't: it's an outdated concept; Gary Johnson; Michele Fitzgerald.
 ModelTRex: *DEEP BREATH* No; no idea; doubtful; put the fish in a smoker for several hours on low heat; 42; the Italians; probably; pack your shit in a van and drive north; a state; a grain; $7.25; comb your hair over your eyes and listen to Fallout Boy; by the judge on the volleyball court; in the tubes; no; something-something-chemistry; a "dating" app; no idea; April 27, 2017; no; yes; no; the north; April 2, 2017; Orlando Anderson; Rupert Murdoch; a venereal disease; sex; Other People's Amazing grandmother; never: it's over; no; the use of irony, sarcasm, ridicule, orthe like, in exposing, denouncing, or deriding vice, folly, etc.; because Florida sucks; because it's hot and your shirt rubs 'em; in your pocket; counter-clockwise; because Virginia rocks; May 5th; the ninth month of the Muslim year; no; money; y
 bookcase: I love Minnesotas.
 guest: look at georgia over there. everyone wants answers to the big questions but they're just trying to figure out how to decrease nip soreness
 Sadbot: Arkansas: Nobody, because the South was too stupid to be reconstructed
 Sadbot: CO: The Waldo has been inside you all along
 Derp Herpigan: Nevada: now that's the right question.
 dobbiesdoogs: i guess i'll also be staying away from delaware
 dobbiesdoogs: arkansas: look around, do you think you won anything?
 ch: dear alaska: inhale and exhale through the mouth
 ch: dear idaho: yes
 ch: dear florida: florida
 ch: dear texas: this is a frying pan upside your head -O
 ch: dear south dakota: licorice
 Shay: It's all wrong and very confusing for NY.
Image 133345   09-22-16   Uploaded by    waaaaaat
 E. HONDA: spoiler alert
 Janston: Peter Chimaera is really improving.
 KyleisBobDole: THEN WHO WAS PHONE?!?
 drtofu: How can someone call themselves?
 my wheelhouse: That's...that's not how sentences work.
 Scoo: and thus Swatting your Dad was born
Image 133344   09-22-16   Uploaded by    S R N
 Beef Supreme: A real best friend already has the shovels and quicklime in his trunk.
 Noremak: Got the been there and done that on that one. I had to reassure my mom I was straight and she would get grandkids.
 myrealname: I like this.
 The Dog Dies: The Make a Wish Foundation doesn't like to talk about those years.
 whiplash: No, I think it's your haircut and outfit that make them question your sexuality.
 Rorel: A real best friend makes you question why you can't sex them.
 Scoo: This makes some assumptions about your orientation and the gender of your 'bestfriend'
 Korrok: I suppose there's some truth to that. I know these two guys that are damn near inseparable, though to be fair, they did sew themselves together.
 Shay: A real bestfriend makes us vote bad.
 werterland: A real best friend makes you frolic through a meadow in STYLE.
Image 133343   09-22-16   Uploaded by    kristy
 Whatever: Vaal is waiting for dinner
 ineedhepl: Applejack doesn't have hands.
 Slowpoke: @ch 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12 ??
 ch: Thing is, you decide one day to bring in a pinball machine, and it's just hell, hell I tell you
Image 133342   09-22-16   Uploaded by    Amy Housewine
 amyandy: Filled with determination
 Starky15: At last! Richard Gere is mine!
 ShoKusogi: *singing* "...and he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good."
 Warrax: You're a hairy, wizard.
 Air Biscuit: Spats wearing the wrong hat.
Image 133341   09-22-16   Uploaded by    Amy Housewine
 Radstarboom: timely
Image 133340   09-22-16   Uploaded by    WetWilly
 SpaceCow: "You can have this if you play me out with the chicken dance."
 my wheelhouse: there's one born every minute
 Sandor: It's an egg sandwich. I made it myself.
 ch: I bring you some Rakor Oxfile as a gesture of peace. You end your tuneless noodling, I stop the screechy cawking. Deal?
 fanny: shouldn't he be fighting with Peter Griffin?
Image 133339   09-22-16   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 peedurr: Those fridge lights are bright
 Janston: Pizzarad
 DrinkMixMan: Psst. Hey, kids. You wanna try some pepperoni?
 tib gubb: cool.
 XLY: hi five
 ch: ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy (i'm pizza)
 Jayfu: Pizza Steve
 Annoying Vegan : @Pizza kickin' it at home
 antipatterns: Yawn.
 Mr. Butt: I left some pizza chilling in the fridge
Image 133338   09-22-16   Uploaded by    eider
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