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233107  Teechur: That poor grey duck.

233108  Teechur: My friends and family always look forward to the Arbor Day cards I send out each year.

233109  glenalec: Pictures of my grillfriend!

233067  ping: @jochenau @addend Just a "one of these things is not like the others" moment. They're all called something-hedron apart from the cube. And since Mascot is in assassin/secret agent mode from #232800...

232713  glenalec: @Nope - I was working in a developing country at the time. Just having a retro-fitted sit-on toilet was a rather big deal! My next place there was a brand new dormitory for 12 with plenty of mod-cons, and I had it all to myself!

233067  ping: @zrj235 There are others but they only work in higher dimensional space. In 3D this is all you get.

232322  glenalec: @Mr Bleak - so that's what she looks like! TBH I honestly have no idea who my own country's PM is or looks like just now.

233029  glenalec: Looks handy!

233063  ping: Backstage at a theatre. I don't know which one.

233038  glenalec: Some people call me the Broccoly Cowboy. Some people call me the gangster of peas.

233056  glenalec: Fore SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!

233059  glenalec: There is a tool in mum's nail-file kit for that.

233087  glenalec: @Robespierre - Your Aunt is also apparently content with no freshly trained doctors, engineers, mechanics, etc. to do all the things she will presumably need to have done for the rest of her life :-/

233106  Peter Pantsless: "Hey, let's go." "Can't. Kitty."

233104  glenalec: Not many people know that you call a badly crushed hand a 'hamd'.

233107  bug: AFLAAAACKKK

233085  bug: @Not A Bot Bottom left.

233077  well duh: Well, spiders do tend to like the shower area of the average home.

233098  Coolguy: Not shown: Now Im an engineer at Google, so its all good.

233099  Coolguy: Keep em off my lefts too!

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233004 Robespierre: @Nope This is somehow OK because the NRA has bought and paid for all of the politicians they need; i.e., Marco Rubio alone has received $17.5 million from the NRA over the years

233032 zrj235: @GoGo Robotto i remember the original of that game from like 15 years ago. fuck yes.

233027 bug: Box full of cats unrelated.

233056 glenalec: Fore SCAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAALE!!

233022 zrj235: @copunter but people poop in there

233068 Teechur: @Mr. Shine The dentist examined him and said, "Aaaah. Here's the problem. You have an abscess." "WHAT!? How the heck did that guy know I have an abscess?" The dentist replied, "The monk in the Himalayans" I get a lot of business from that wise man. You see, 'Abscess makes the fart go Honda.'"

232910 zrj235: @Peter Pantsless seconded. didn't need to feel worse than i already did. this isn't 4chan even tho i might shitpost while drunk. there are limits.

232934 kornisjon: This is rather aggressive. I hope that she will find someone who is interested.

233067 ping: @jochenau @addend Just a "one of these things is not like the others" moment. They're all called something-hedron apart from the cube. And since Mascot is in assassin/secret agent mode from #232800...

233055 Coolguy: @a robot ah, good looking out. I figured the random ass modern baby name thing. But would have never imagined the names were from an old Japanese baseball game. Oh Japan, what will I do with you.

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 SpaceCow: I see Del Toro is hard at work on a Pan sequel.
 WotGives: What's green, hangs on the wall, and whistles?
 hex0: Wait... They make Hello Kitty wine?
 Skinr: Kitty was born in a wine cask / And grew so incredibly thin / That even the box of a child's dolly / Sucked him in
 XLY: remember how some people used to believe cameras stole people's souls? They were right
 Scoo: Hello Shitty
Image 132983   09-20-16   Uploaded by    confession
 antipatterns: more like a crappy snorkel, but yeah sure close
 AverageJoe: [slow clapping in russian]
 Skaalar: *star-wipe* The more you knooooww
 A duck: We all live in a fleshy submarine / A fleshy submarine / A fleshy submarine
 redmonkey3: @kinggheedra - we are the walrus
 kinggheedra: A larger portion of us is not us than is us.
Image 132982   09-20-16   Uploaded by    Morpen Lungus
 redmonkey3: @jochenau - i thought it was a band kid with CF or something and the joke was tiny sax... ummmm... i dunno.
 jochenau: @redmonkey3 @a robot're welcome? Is there some horrible alternative thing it looks like that hasn't occurred to me?
 Fiasco: @Troll Come again?
 Troll: ...aaand that makes me sound like a weirdo for knowing that, lol. Combination of business trips, shitty internet from the company air card, and looking for laffs.
 Skinr: play that funky music, white boy
 Ulillillia: I'm never gonna dance again, guilty feet have got no rhythm
 redmonkey3: @jochenau - THANK YOU! serious w.t.f. averted
 illBilliam: Go home CPR practice dummy, you're drunk!
 a robot: @jochenau THANK YOU
 Fiasco: @jochenau oh THAT old gambit
 Skaalar: ...... Are you real?
 jochenau: @a robot It's like...a plastic anorexic Conan O'Brien with French fries up his nose playing a tiny saxophone.
 Scoo: Waxamaphone... waxamaphone
 a robot: I've been looking at this image for awhile and all I can say is I find this person's face very confusing.
Image 132981   09-20-16   Uploaded by    Mextreme Enchirito
 SpaceCow: "Oh, you again."
 mike58: "Getting rreal tired of your shit, Dave"
 Korrok: "Seriously? I'm a fucking apex predator. Put me the fuck back."
 SoyUnPerdedor: "Not impressed dude..."
 Skaalar: @a robot Oooooh! Has it hit Broadway yet? I've heard it's the best musical since 2003
 jochenau: Lilshark just wanted to nibble on your ankles a little :(
 a robot: "Really? You took me out of the ocean just for a photo? Dickhead."
Image 132980   09-20-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 AverageJoe: the only sensible thing, I've read so far
 Sadbot: I wish my pup could make memes...or prep veggies for dinner
 Scoo: "... and stab folks. And I'm all out of memes."
Image 132979   09-20-16   Uploaded by    amyandy
 redmonkey3: @Air Biscuit @Warrax - YES! chef friends & i played this game that if legumes = legumes & meat = meat, etc. thennn schwarma is bbq & hummus is bean dip & tortilla is pita, etc / it got involved as dawn got closer and Cannabis burned on... good days
 petepuma: Do you have spaghetti?
 Bert Bertbert: @Skinr Have you got any bear claws?
 Air Biscuit: @redmonkey3 depends on the beans, hummus is traditionally only chick peas.
 Jeannie C: @WaffleIron You mean like a fondue place?
 ch: annnnd also i added some szechuan shit in there, fuck it
 fanny: *must be eaten with chopsticks
 Skinr: welcome to Al's Pancake World, what'll ya have?
 Warrax: @redmonkey3 You see my dilemma. And...and... is a pita a tortilla and a tortilla a pita??
 redmonkey3: Isn't hummus a bean dip & bean dip a hummus ?
 Warrax: I've been trying to think of a way to combine my love of bean burritos and hummus. Surely it's not as simple as just dipping the burrito in the hummus, is it? No. Gotta be more complicated than that.
 jochenau: @Scoo They'd need another font for that.
 Dr. Bathroom: If it helps, Mexico is technically in America.
 Scoo: Can you make a decent Pad Thai?
 WaffleIron: A veritable melting pot.
Image 132978   09-20-16   Uploaded by    Pop That Ponzi
 DrinkMixMan: I once fucked it. Then they changed what "it" was. Now what I fuck isn't it and what is it seems weird and scary to me...
 redmonkey3: Thou will certainly get better response on your sevice tickets!
 Warrax: One of the other parents that drops their kid off at my daughter's school has this sticker on their car. The school made them tape a piece of paper over it while they're on school property, but you can still totally see it through the paper. Hyuk hyuk hyuk.
 jochenau: My butt also spasms uncontrollably whenever I try to climb a giant cigarette.
 Scoo: Yes. Fuck IT.
 kinggheedra: @WaffleIron If you have a loved one of a certain age then you moonlight.
 WaffleIron: Indeed, I decided against a career in IT a long time ago.
Image 132977   09-20-16   Uploaded by    teletub
 Wolfechu: @WaffleIron I stand corrected. Holy hell, those are fat tape measures indeed. :)
 WaffleIron: @Wolfechu : I call your attention to the "Fat max" series of tape measures, because indeed they are making bizarrely wide tape measures now
 Dan Tagonistic: Tape measure for scale
 Wolfechu: @WaffleIron Centimeters, unless they're making bizarrely wide tape measures now
 Kim: @WaffleIron People ask the same thing about my dick
 Peach: Can "Thomas Transformer for scale" please become a thing?
 ModelTRex: @dobbiesdoogs Miles!
 dobbiesdoogs: @WaffleIron meters!
 Dr. Bathroom: Is this one narrated by Ringo or George Carlin?
Image 132976   09-20-16   Uploaded by    Jennysaurus
 scribbs: @illBilliam "I read "The Tao of Pooh" on acid; it was the best book ever. Then I read it sober; it sucked. Don't do drugs.
 Cyka: "Oh, it's dire" the vet agreed "But, no, I wouldn't call him a 'dire wofl' per se."
 WTF: I too have been to a Nickelback concert before.
 illBilliam: ... And then the acid kicked in, so I decided to read a book starting from the middle.
 Skaalar: Yeah... That's pretty much me at the bar.
 Wooden Spoon: Assuming that's a woman, I'd like to marry her.
Image 132975   09-20-16   Uploaded by    Mextreme Enchirito
 SpaceCow: So that's what happened to my professor of vagrant studies.
 Flarmie: At least he's not a Trump Specialist.
 XLY: Start em young
 Dr. Bathroom: Don't let your girlfriend go on that ride.
 WaffleIron: He has his certification stamp
Image 132974   09-20-16   Uploaded by    thrilhouse
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