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263499  Solemn: When you raid with your friends...

263483  Robespierre: Designed to mesmerize

263498  Robespierre: Shit seen

263499  Robespierre: Something's touching me! Halp! HAAAAAAALP!

263489  VeeKay: That's cruel.

263491  VeeKay: Goanna rock down to Electric Avenue

263496  VeeKay: Unsubscribe

263498  VeeKay: "We wants it. We needs it. Must have the precious. They stole it from us. Sneaky little Hobbitses. Wicked. Tricksy. False."

263480  VeeKay: @Scoo Literally choking on bile here dud

263498  piranharama: That face when you can see time

263496  WTF: Porntub Time Machine

263507  norgu5: Aaaaand you're touching it. Gross.

263495  Solemn: The only way to dog paddle.

263497  Solemn: ;3

263465  Solemn: The most obvious rad in the universe.

263466  Solemn: "Hey, here's a cane! Now it's a crutch! Now it's a baby! And now I've ABSORBED the baby! Take that, David Copperfield!"

263470  Solemn: $3.49 here. On the beach, it's $4.29, and don't even get me started on the $5.35 guy that camps out about 30 miles up the highway. That's guy's about 16 kinds of an arschgeige.

263427  Air Biscuit: "Cats love it!"

263485  Solemn: We need more bathroom signs like this.

263458  wolfpk: Bad kitty! Cat: Your point!?

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263465 Solemn: The most obvious rad in the universe.

263325 Science: @Felicity Give me Slack, or give me death!

263229 Felicity: The fact that it's flesh coloured is what pushes it over the edge into the uncanny valley

263293 Science: @Bohab: I'm pretty sure that, at this time, the wife's satisfaction was not a concern

263357 Passive: Denny's has better pancakes and doesn't cost like fourteen dollars a short stack

263202 Robespierre: Lowest Bidder things

263346 Robespierre: That's an unbeatable price for 6 miles of toilet paper.


263272 Science: *"Immigrant Song" intensifies*

263297 tib gubb: is it self aware? that's all i wanna know

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 scribbs: Joke's on them: The Guild of Calamitous Intent banned mind-assassin operations years ago.
 Musician: Ze birds are using fowl language Mein Fuhrer. Ha ha ha! get it? *single shot fired*
 tib gubb: with my patented listen-ma-phone, enemy planes won't be able to get the drop on us!
 Hiddentigerma: A yes. Mind artillery. Killing your foes with the power of imagination.
 King Polly: "We'll beat those bastards yet, with the sound of Rock 'n Roll!"
 majorchamp: Dis ist mein Radiokoptermacheinensteinenspiel
 rachel: Achtung! Die maschine ist nicht fur gefingerpoken und mittengraben!
Image 132819   09-20-16   Uploaded by    killme
 5 Headed Snake God: Get out, Ron.
 Mitchell: @Whatever I'd have written it as "boshintang." Also, I can't stand the idea of how the dish is made.
 Whatever: Better than Bosintang
 eider: Roast pork is delicious. Fuck you babe.
 AverageJoe: let us celebrate our commonalites. Some of us don't eat pork. Some of us don't eat shellfish. But we all eat chicken...
 Jayfu: God dammit... Whatever i want
 Jayfu: Sir, you can't kill and butcher that pig in the park. -Yes I can, I can do whatever I want, I have a permit. - This is just a note that you've signed and says "I can do whatever I wasn't"
 Hiddentigerma: Meet your meat sounds like a horrible idea.
Image 132818   09-20-16   Uploaded by    EndlessVanity
Image 132817 is unbelievably bad (score -8) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by boozer. We'll pray for you, boozer.
 birdythemighty: Yay boobs
 Hiddentigerma: @a robot The only thing I remember about doing that stuff. Is I figured out how to spell something that kinda looked like "Sushi" Procrastination is the step mother of invention.
 Side Boob: @a robot always ask an expert :P
 a robot: @Hiddentigerma Trust @Side Boob to let you know about boobs
 Mr. Shine: Heh. Eighty thousand and eighty-five. Heh heh.
 Hiddentigerma: @Side Boob Oh. I get it now.
 Side Boob: boobs
 Fiasco: 37047734
Image 132816   09-20-16   Uploaded by    The Dog Dies
 Dr. Bathroom: @Fiasco Thanks for your leniency!
 nclaw: No, no, that's the nitrous oxide off switch!
 Moldred: I tried this microphone and it burned my lips
 duckfarts: NO OFF, HAIL SATAN
 Fiasco: @Dr. Bathroom You get a + for a solid joke, but it's actually the Note 7's that are pyro death nuggets.
 Dr. Bathroom: So it's basically a Samsung Galaxy S7?
 eider: @Arthur Dent Whichever comes first! (Don't forget to bring a towel!)
 Hiddentigerma: @Arthur Dent I assumed that it also had a YES ON function.
 Arthur Dent: With our no off function it works until the end of time! or until it runs it of fuel...
Image 132815   09-20-16   Uploaded by    BFHoodrich
 SomeCanadian: @MasterTwig I can, if they're all the same calibre of cadet as Wesley Crusher. Just the idea of going to a school entirely populated by Wesley... *SHUDDERS*
 whiplash: Now why you wanna go and remind me that winter is coming? That's cold, man.
 MasterTwig: I believe Wesley Crusher's teammate died doing this maneuver.
Image 132814   09-20-16   Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
Image 132813 is unbelievably bad (score -1) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by celtic. Your image was bad, celtic.
 hajjpodge: And so began this child's life as a furry.
 ch: kisses for daddy
 Musician: @Butcherboy Carpe carp.
 Borkf: #132788 as a baby.
 fanny: ... and this is how she became @carpwoman
 SomeCanadian: Mortal foes: BABY vs. CARP! TAKING ALL BETS!
 duckfarts: is this like the kids bop version of titanic
 eider: Love transcends all boundaries.
 Butcherboy: Carp-e diem
 Fiasco: Apologies to @carpwoman
 Fiasco: "There's nothing cool about carp-huffing. Nothing. Talk to your children about carp, before it's too late." Paid for by the National Oversight Commission for Aquarium Respiration Prevention.
Image 132812   09-20-16   Uploaded by    Jaunty Shrimp
 duckfarts: I want you to show me
 eider: @Fiasco And I won't respond to it.
 a sedated moose: Don't hurt me no more.
 Hiddentigerma: Your asking yourself "What is love" Baby don't hurt me.
 Fiasco: Do you own too many fedoras? - I don't understand the question.
Image 132811   09-20-16   Uploaded by    topcity
 Wet farts: He seems to enjoy PUFFIN on those.
 WotGives: Any one else scroll down slowly to maintain the illusion that it was a stripper hanging upside down with the pole between her legs?
 SomeCanadian: Pelicans are assholes.
 duckfarts: @Hiddentigerma look, it's a stressful job
 Hiddentigerma: So now we know why we don't let them carry our infants.
 Fiasco: Pelicans have the smoothest gullet-draw available on the market. Guaranteed.
Image 132810   09-20-16   Uploaded by    ch
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