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238300  Ulillillia: Cannonball!

238194  tib gubb: let us be thankful that god would be so merciful

238301  Ulillillia: @WotGives At first I thought it was "cuck" which I'd be okay with getting censored.

238205  tib gubb: don't forget about the whole gastrointestinal tract thing

238292  Dr Awkward: "BAD VEZ" is my new favorite Russian europop group

238211  tib gubb: active camogator

238305  Annoying Vegan : Two supremely soulful portraits in a row!

238212  tib gubb: somebody needs a snickers

238216  tib gubb: dad 2.0

238294  Dr Awkward: You shall rue this day.

238226  tib gubb: this is what they did, before the internet

238297  Dr Awkward: I badded this, probably because it hits too close to home

238254  White Rice: @barfolomew I think my first alcohol purchase was either an okay bottle of vodka (nothing fancy, but not in a plastic jug either) or some terrible, terrible beer (good old Steel Reserve, for when you want to stop tasting beer after the second gulp)

238298  Mexico: @a robot He's okay. It's his fans that are annoying.

238229  tib gubb: that's really unnecessary. now, a cat on the other hand...

238257  tib gubb: join us, alice

238256  dangerkeith3000: Everybody hurts........sometime....

238303  Annoying Vegan : Calvinball was really popular back then

238301  WotGives: Amazing grandmother gets censored but cock is ok. Why are we so offended by the female body?

238279  tib gubb: nah, but for lafs you can shut down the cooling, their fault if they didn't set a temperature shutdown in bios

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238048 Christina: A side quest awaits you.

238075 antipatterns: Lol the dude who invented the Cherokee language basically did it alone in his house and everyone in the village thought he was crazy. Took him years and multiple attempts with ideograms and others to devise the modern 86 character Cherokee language. Wild story.

238085 Whatever: More like chestburster abortion from the Aliens movies...

238199 a robot: He's holding the S upside down. If it was like that on the sign then it definitely needed taking down

238173 jazzjunkie: Damn it Wesley

238083 Slerzy: @Jotun is it good?

238181 Zukero: @White Rice I guess he must have accidentally chopped his website, then chopped his hosting problems.

238194 glenalec: @Spazstatic - it's all a factor in a complex cycle of life crapping on you.

238106 TurkeyVulture: @Scoo drink it to stay up late and study math, maybe.

238038 Mr Bleak: I checked, and it's real: google /maps/place/48%C2%B008'35.8%22N+123%C2%B010'09.4%22W/@48.1430595,-123.1689842,581a,35y,180h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d48.1432761!4d-123.1692882 the best bit is the neighbour has probably never even seen it...

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 Dunky Luker: purrr
 itskando: @Noremak toxoplasmosis
 Noremak: And that's how Batman got pink eye.
 guest: my favorite sexual position: the beached whale
 hearsegirl: Catwoman Throws Mad SideEye At Batman, film at 11
 Peter Pantsless: Catwoman finally got the treasure she's been hunting all this time
 redmonkey3: What is happening here ?
Image 131878   09-15-16   Uploaded by    reagan
 Dunky Luker: "Do you want a brain injury like ME!? Do you want scoliosis like ME!? Do you want diabetes like MY MOM, and ME!? THEN ORDER YOUR OWN LAYING DOWN COMPUTER COUCH TODAAAAAAAAY!!!"
 msmstud: Me gusta.
 petepuma: the towel over his lap makes me really uncomfortable
 Korrok: @Peter Pantsless Give himself brain cancer I would assume
 illBilliam: Is this how people play EVE Online?
 cenecia: This guy looks like Ethan Klien 10 years from now except the photo was taken 10 years ago.
 hajjpodge: typical goon posting station
 Ulillillia: I can feel the heat from here
 midnightmosesuk: Ready for launch...onto the internet!
 Mr. Whiskers: On the Internet, nobody knows you're about to get crushed by a bunch of crt monitors
 ismokepole: @Peter Pantsless Apparently to watch Brendan Fraser's Tarzan.....
 Peter Pantsless: Also, he's using SIX screens to do...what, exactly?
 Peter Pantsless: That telephone looks really lonely
 Scoo: Ground Control to Major Tom...
Image 131877   09-15-16   Uploaded by    stunt nuts
 msmstud: THE SHOW MUST GO ON!
 Annoying Vegan : Invisible subway!
 isosceleswaffle: I didn't think that breaking free would lead to this, really.
 Penultimate Grunongo: @Peter Pantsless It's just a half assed Freddie pose. He's holding onto what this costume might have been if he had truly committed.
 hearsegirl: that man lost a bet.
 Ulillillia: Wa wa wee wa!
 midnightmosesuk: That's not good.
 Scoo: Stay Weird, San Francisco
 Peter Pantsless: Yeah, haha, hilarious, but what the Hell is he holding on to?
 There was a bob here: Sailor Freddie Mercury?
Image 131876   09-15-16   Uploaded by    edvard
 Himesama: @msmstud @redmonkey3 Umm why are both of you sweating so much?
 redmonkey3: @Himesama @msmstud - difficult to do in such a confined space, but i'll never tell...
 msmstud: @Himesama @redmonkey3 -- Bring it in for a group hug, ignore my b0n3r.
 redmonkey3: @Himesama - i didn't mean to shock or scar, just a thought to consider, have a cookie.
 Himesama: @redmonkey3 Right....*Shuffles away awkwardly*
 redmonkey3: @Himesama - don't assume its a girl; Lots of (nasty) boys wear the thong these days... so i'm told.
 redmonkey3: @Scoo - Feet are in wrong position for blumkin, imo.
 dobbiesdoogs: i'm sure she's just looking for her contacts
 ShoKusogi: That's taking the Glory Hole to a whole new level
 Himesama: Nice ass or not I aint messing with no girl on her knees in a restroom.
 Peter Pantsless: @fanny even awful things. Me, everyday: *drags image from spaceship to Google image search*
 fanny: @Scoo i love that the spaceship helps me learn new things everyday
 Peter Pantsless: Patricia Pantsless on the clock. Hey, somebody's gotta clean the loo.
 Osiris: You had one job
 Scoo: I think the kids call this a "Blumpkin"
 Janston: I see two hydrogens and an oxygen
Image 131875   09-15-16   Uploaded by    elmosco
 sparename: Terrorpin
 Annoying Vegan : Why RU so smol n pokie
 Noremak: @scribbs I think that's Gamera.
 scribbs: Godzilla: The Early Years
 Himesama: I'm a stegosaurus rawr.
 Ulillillia: af af
 hearsegirl: metal af
 KyleisBobDole: Xuan Wu looking celestial af
Image 131874   09-15-16   Uploaded by    eevee
 msmstud: [Racist thing. Almost regrets saying racist thing, but doesn't.]
 AverageJoe: Gotta go, my planet needs me
 XLY: Ayyyy lmao
 Annoying Vegan : Can I have those cute shoes tho
 Peter Pantsless: This has SCP written all over it
 Flirb Dampumple: When Quinn the Eskimo gets here, everybody's gonna jump for joy
 hearsegirl: was there peanuts in that? there were? Eye thought so.
 midnightmosesuk: I look a bit like that when my hayfever is playing up.
 midnightmosesuk: I look a bit like that when my hayfever is playing up.
 willowsprite: "C'mon, dad, I wanna ride on the Ferris wheel!" "George..I think a drank a bit too much at the beer *hic* tent..."
 Janston: The Slothness Monster seems pretty chill.
 Amy Housewine: y r u so smol
Image 131873   09-15-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Amy Housewine: You can't beat a bit of the ol' "Gunfighter Ballads And Trail Songs".
 redmonkey3: @Amy Housewine - Very Nice; many covers also... must now go and listen, Thank You.
 Air Biscuit: I think we import it from colorado.
 Himesama: We have water I just pay 140$ a month for it
 luxuslurch2: true
 Amy Housewine: The nights are cool and I'm a fool. Each star's a pool of water, cool water.
 tib gubb: there's a whole fucking ocean right next to it.
 Amy Housewine: ULLA!
 Ulillillia: California has more water than Mars, actually
Image 131872   09-15-16   Uploaded by    Aaron Spacemuseum
 Dunky Luker: Spider don't care. Spider doesn't give a shit OH! HE JUST KILLED THE HELL OUTTA THAT SNAKE!
 Korrok: @redmonkey3 Nothing a little percussive maintenance couldn't fix, eh?
 redmonkey3: @Korrok - just a software update and two "minor" blood sacrifices... Good 2 Go!
 Korrok: @redmonkey3 If that thing actually still works, I'll be thoroughly surprised.
 square44: DON'T TREAD ON ME
 redmonkey3: I got a particle beam weapon i keep just for these kinda situations... got it at Korrok's last garage sale!
 redmonkey3: @ShoKusogi - just one ?
 ShoKusogi: This pic should be followed by a mushroom-cloud explosion, captioned "I think I got it"
 Korrok: [Maniacal laaaaugh. Maniacal laaaaugh! MANIACAL LAAAAUGH!]
 Larp Belb: apples
 Mr. Whiskers: Nope on Nope violence
 midnightmosesuk: Arrrrg.
 fumbduck: Thanks, Obama.
 Peter Pantsless: Welp, that's it for us. We had a good run. We might be able to last a little longer if @Korrok gets elected, but, haha, look at that shit
 willowsprite: @grizzly no, is snek.
 grizzly: Jesus christ!
 cassette1: For women it's just the horns and pitchfork.
Image 131871   09-15-16   Uploaded by    Warrax
 redmonkey3: Unending RAD!
 A duck: @Peter Pantsless @Borkf: You can't run out of radvotes. AG used to display how many more badvotes you were allowed to give out, and say something to the effect that you can "earn" more badvotes by giving out more radvotes. Keeps out the people who just badvote everything.
 scribbs: The most amazing part? The photo was taken by a spider.
 Peter Pantsless: @Borkf same!
 Borkf: @Peter Pantsless The day I discovered the Bad limit is the day I started giving out more Rads.
 SkidSolo: That is an amazing photograph.
 grizzly: You're no lady. You're no lady, at all!
 Peter Pantsless: I earlier discovered you can actually run out of bad votes. Now I'm afraid I'll run out of rad votes.
Image 131870   09-15-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 ping: Just ow.
 carpwoman: South Korea. Sigh.
 a robot: @sparename You said it!
 sparename: Having ears IS a luxury
 ShoKusogi: I need this. I have a large whack off of ears ready for harvest
 luxuslurch2: for picking ears. right
 midnightmosesuk: Nothing quite as classy as scooping ear wax from your ear canals with a metal prong.
 Peter Pantsless: No wonder the ladies don't like me; I don't have a Lovecraftian nightmare anywhere on my body
 SomeOtherCanadian: Luxurious
 willowsprite: Guess it will weed out the unintelligent...
 Scoo: Gahhh!!
Image 131869   09-15-16   Uploaded by    Muncharito Beanworld
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