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272899  Peter Pantsless: Dang, these city cars are getting smaller all the time

272914  midgetcastle: Her shell has been damaged since we first met her ten years ago. Thats why we always look out for her, shes had a rough life

272911  Peter Pantsless: Whoah, that might cause real problems if I were drunk. Hahaha "if" *falls on face*

272904  Sadbot: The best Fashion Souls

272899  Scoo: What the hell is a "Driver ID"?

272893  Air Biscuit: And the controllers that have the card slots will cost more than normal controllers. Its all about player choice.

272902  Not A Bot: Bruce Allmighty remake?

272895  lizzz: Goddamn if your flash doesn't work, try adjusting the image brightness b4 posting your night photos.

272899  arcticfox12x: ...ok?

272879  Prostata: @wolfpk "No Mr. Bond, I expect you to clean my litter box"

272895  ThoughtlessGentleman: @Peter Pantsless thats hot.

272898  sunset blues: I see they got one of those fancy new CD burners" for their computer

272903  Peter Pantsless: Feels nice on your dangly bits, though

272892  ChubbyBuddy: @generic yes american tipping culture is awful and should be abolished in favor of higher minimum wage laws but in the mean time non- or bad tippers should be publicly shamed and ideally tarred and feathered

272865  Aspirin: Blue eyed pizzacat.

272905  fracking: I think its a great sticker!

272896  SuedeOxford: Closed Circuit Nanas

272883  WTF: Makes the old saying "If you love something let it go..." seem pretty sadistic.

272743  Theimposter: Thats how we got our last new one.

272884  Not A Bot: Looks like the pizza guy we order from.....

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8. Side Boob
9. Mr Bleak
10. MrBoffo

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272659 Mr Bleak: Looks like she is regretting the vegetarian option.

272774 Dr Awkward: Nah, we have a lot of locally own restaruants, shops, etc... that are those people's livelihood. We'll see how this all shakes out in a few years, but even at 15 dollars an hour, you're not buying a house here (out of town 2nd home owners, vacation rentals, and student housing makes that housing market crazy).

272816 Air Biscuit: @Knice @dangerkeith3000 @Off Topic @Bob @Sadbot @Sage @John Blender anyone want to take a boat ride?

272540 Science: @a sedated moose: Yep. And apparently it's now all factory farming where the civets are horribly mistreated.

272639 Sadbot: Throw a hardcover at somebody's head

272663 Science: According to Stormfront, poor doggo is allergic to his house and humans. He got some shots and is on the mend. I can commiserate, since one of my dogs is allergic to something too.

272734 Throwbot: I imagine regular flavor tastes like beige

272539 Kaviri: Firepower.

272681 Mr Bleak: Masterblaster: One man, one cat, and one chicken enter. One cat leaves.

272683 White Rice: @Science damnit! I should have expected as much from a JC where an English teacher wouldn't answer to anything other than "Coach" and somehow marked me absent over 30 times in the first 2 weeks of class :-/ Well, leave it to @Science to set our misconceptions on science straight.

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 square44: " get killing"
 Himesama: He read the script of The Witch.
 Shay: Now this is the story of how my life got flipped-turned upside down.
 San DoDo: Button stuc cos of overuse, halp
 Ukulelemike: Sorry, tht's a sheep, not a goat. A Jacob's Sheep.
 a robot: Is it a story about goats or by goats? Either way I'M IN
 Knice: @Peter Pantsless I'd listen to it. :-)
 Peter Pantsless: It's just a list of weird stuff he ate
 fanny: baaaaaaaa baaaa baaaaa ba ba! baaaaa baaaaaaaa ba. baaa baaaaaa ba ba baaa. BAAAAAAAAAA! baaaaaa baaaaa? baaaa baaaaaaaaa.
 Amy Housewine: Once upon a time, there was a goat. The end.
 ch: "So me and Jimmy were talking the other day and Jimmy's all like 'let's justs bite people's hands, like really chomp down' and I was all 'yeah, totally'"
 melted plastic: Isn't that the goat from jurassic park?
Image 131455   09-13-16   Uploaded by    edvard
Image 131454 is unbelievably bad (score -3) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by The Bees. We'll pray for you, The Bees.
 Firm Buttocks: And there'll be a great rebirth
 sparename: I know they're dandelions... but that wasn't a film
 sparename: Dog Daisy Afternoon
Image 131453   09-13-16   Uploaded by    static xyz
 square44: @jochenau the trouble is this poor family can't afford a working pants dispenser
 bug: I first thought this was the work of David Thorne.
 guest: my name is maxwell and i only wear grey pants. this is a true thing about me. even jeans it's like, i'm not going to go around wearing blue pants. i'm not a clown. like, would you wear red pants?
 violentwrath: Am I missing something, or is the color of a small child's pants seriously An Issue of Concern that Needs to be Addressed?
 ch: get those pants straightened out, dalton
 9mm: Nobody read it, because it didn't concern anyone
Image 131452   09-13-16   Uploaded by    bigjim
 Phum Munts: Image needs flipping
 hurr: fez has grown up
 Agamemnon Triforce: It seems Disney has a few surprises for visiting Jews.
 DrinkMixMan: Beauty on the streets, beast in the sheets
 Penultimate Grunongo: In a wrestling match nobody bites like Gaston. Rawr.
 nerdhulk: No one persecutes random Jews like Gaston!
 SomeCanadian: @fenrisw01f Looks like Gaston has a ting for dudes in general
 fenrisw01f: So Gaston has a thing for Jew dudes?
Image 131451   09-13-16   Uploaded by    inthrees
 ShoKusogi: Call my lawyer! Call my insurance company!
 SomeCanadian: @A duck Same.
 A duck: Blargh I am dead
Image 131450   09-13-16   Uploaded by    NO JOKES
 midnightmosesuk: Yes please.
 A duck: If a bird looks up with an open mouth, will another bird shit in it?
 San DoDo: I dared him to shit in @Amy Housewine 's mouth, I thought he was bluffing..
 A duck: Pro tip: do not look up with an open mouth:…
 Amy Housewine: I da... OH BY GOD HE SHIT IN MY MOUTH
 5 Headed Snake God: I dare you.
 fink: And I will shit in your heart. Bring it.
Image 131449   09-13-16   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Niels Bohr: @fanny I think i first saw him in one of the spaghetti westerns he did, definitely a great actor.
 fanny: @Niels Bohr he was such a great actor, though. the craziness helped him I think :)
 itskando: The thing
 Niels Bohr: @fanny Klaus Kinski was bat shit crazy in real life too.
 Hosebag: Is this "fracking"? Because if it is, I can understand why people hate it.
 omgpro: Shackled to the grind.
 Butcherboy: hire local penguins! quit bringing in outside labor
 WaffleIron: God does portaging suck or what?
 fanny: Fitzcarraldo II: Into the Arctic
 Ratty: Me? I'm supervising in my grey supervisors jacket
 SunWukong: Who forgot to bring the sea?
 redmonkey3: Mabel was never again allowed to book the ladies group outings
 99.9 Percent: Mush! Mush!
Image 131448   09-13-16   Uploaded by    antipatterns
 Wolfechu: @midnightmosesuk Well, damn, this is a cornucopia of puns
 Wolfechu: Owl-ple
 midnightmosesuk: It's an app-owl.
 XLY: Natural selfie
 Spray Tan: Owl seems very pleased.
 ch: seriously dude. DUDE.
 HighCactus: Well owl be damned
Image 131447   09-13-16   Uploaded by    Liar tuck
 AverageJoe: all job and no play makes jack a dull boy
 San DoDo: Plz don't
 DrinkMixMan: What are you going to do, stab me?
 Peter Pantsless: And now I can't stop hearing the string part from Psycho
 ch: honey i got you some knives oh thank you i needed them
 A duck: Ugh. If you really wanted to surprise her, you'd get her a Cadillac El Dorado. The steak knives were the second-place prize. (Third place prize is you're fucking fired)
 redmonkey3: Juicy!
 Supermansbrother: Surprise, I made a steak.
 Amiga 1000: Make her show he O face. Her "Oh shit, I'm being stabbed" face
Image 131446   09-13-16   Uploaded by    Fiasco
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