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183720  dangerkeith3000: @bug If you didn't have indoor plumbing, you'd be grumpy too!

209927  No Penguins Allowed: These sound pretty shitty.

209575  Yurishiro: Step on my cubes!

209902  funny in the wall: @grizzly i meant fatter, wesley was a stick

209901  Not A Bot: Chapter 1: Using the U-bend Urination Technique to avoid dunking in the toilet.

209576  Yurishiro: RAD if you imagined it in sweet robot voice.

209927  kristy: Just as long as I can still *feel* that bass

209909  tib gubb: @Knice it's actually as much the destination as the destination

209919  Prostata: @WaffleIron satanists obviously use FreeBSD because of the daemon.

209919  tib gubb: settle down there edgelord

209199  Science: @carpwoman: I disagree - they're all great

209917  Yurishiro: FTW! For the win! Wait..

209918  deeeeeeeez: Drearplugs

209927  DogsRGreat: So something other than the pricetag can fuck you in the ass.

209877  Mr. Shine: OMG!!! Today he brought the painting I need, but today he brought the fake. He's brought the fake every time. At least ten times since I got the game.

209913  Yurishiro: What the shell??

209912  Yurishiro: This is the leg-endary cat!

209911  Dr Awkward: @Sparkplug @RiderFan @FunkyDrunk I'm here for the Celiac solidarity!

209906  Mr. Shine: Who is the creature on the right?

209912  Dr Awkward: @Bluetocracy Is Boots your cat?

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209732 FireBreathingMarmot: Every BFA project ever: the idea was more appetizing than the final work.

209771 Science: @Cami: They also mean less equity in your house, which means you're paying more for less.

209747 Spazstatic: And 100% original content gets shut down due to being too similar to recent uploads...

209762 Air Biscuit: @jochenau on the internet, noone can tell if youve wiped your butt properly.

209843 Side Boob: How do I keep getting into these improbable situations?!

209749 Jeffrat: God Damon I wish every newspaper on earth would just stop running Peanuts! It's over, he's dead, everyone who liked it is dead, just end it!

209702 Amy Housewine: It has nothing to do with connecting to the internet. "WiFi Password" is the name of the person who wants you to solve the equation.

209754 Science: I'd rather find $5 and not have a local sports team - they just increase public debt and exist purely to make owners more money.

209772 FireBreathingMarmot: Gotta get ahead of this thing - literally.

209779 FireBreathingMarmot: Redundant.

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 ani625: @Dick Inspector You got me
 Dick Inspector: They will be back in style in another 200 years, tops.
 kalligrapher: This is either something found on a caveman or something a hipster would buy for $250, can't work out which.
 Horatio: That may be the switchest switcherino of all...
 Horatio: How to turn your old coffee switcherinos into shoes
 midnightmosesuk: Time for Legolas to go shopping for shoes.
 ModelTRex: Coming up next: Shoes that look like Jabba the Hutt!
 Warrax: Scale for scale.
 WhyThis: Goes well with necropants.
 Whatever: @WaffleIron fun fact - the pointy tips were for playing under the table with the ladies...
 WaffleIron: Pointy shoes are dumb looking
 antipatterns: Air Justinian
 Cami: For the Kanye West level 1 RPG costume.
Image 131007   09-11-16   Uploaded by    let it go
 Mr Bleak: I've taxed worse...
 ShoKusogi: Well, THERE'S your problem. I'd like to see how you're going to explain this to your insurance company.
 John Singapore: Don't park under the boulder tree, you piece of waste of time.
 whiplash: That'll buff out.
 Whatever: Don't drive stoned
 midnightmosesuk: Damn squirrels. Waiting in ambush. Taking out the ones who KNOW!
 ignatz: Rock, Scissors, Car
 Rincewiind: @CastleBravo Rocks fell. Everyone died.
 Dreforian: Sir, you are double parked
 bug: Well, there's your problem.
 skunkrocker: "Hey honey, let's display a toast to my infidelity. LOL"
 carpwoman: *doink
 Cami: Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing.
 CastleBravo: It is a good idea not to piss off the GM.
 Dr. Bathroom: Clarkson!!
 KyleisBobDole: Damn! That's a big acorn!
 SunWukong: You park like an asshole.
Image 131006   09-11-16   Uploaded by    mrwiffler
 Korrok: ...Lettuce?
 Horatio: Aww yiss, after this smoothie I'm gonna have lesbian sex and vote Democrat.
 XLY: This is the real way to make a virgin bloody marijuana
 jochenau: @Cami Stop, you'll microwave the baby!!!
 Munkybut: The current score is 420. Rad photo:score combo
 Sadbot: Now that's what I call...a bloody mary!
 DrinkMixMan: Gonna make a California daquiri
 Scoo: What happened to lower half of babby?
 Trick Question: She's using SKYY? I'm revolted
 Borkf: @SomeCanadian No free pouring!
 WTF: That would really kill your buzz...
 SomeCanadian: You put the alcohol BEFORE the mixer. Jesus, what is wrong with you?
 Cami: This seems more like a PCP cautionary tale.
 bbbrandon: Really getting tired of Star Wars shit
 a robot: What happened to the baby's legs?
 RiderFan: Why does the devil's lettuce give me good will towards man?
 Thyming: Once I injected one whole marijuana and now I am gay.
 SunWukong: 'shopped.
 skillet: Satan's Oregano
Image 131005   09-11-16   Uploaded by    midnightmosesuk
 Dreforian: Lord of all he surveys
 Cami: Cue shamisen music.
 fanny: no cat that's not how you wear noodle guard
 scribbs: Flower Cat does laundry.
Image 131004   09-11-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Dr. Bathroom: Friendzone level: about 8 feet.
 Stonewyvvern: I've been both of these guys...not at the same time mind you
 Xeno: Don't feel pity, if she's smart, she'll marry the doormat anyway.
 Cami: Girlyfriendd gets flirty when she drinks.
 CastleBravo: "Damn! Did I leave the oven on?"
 whiplash: "Well, I'm friend-zoned but at least I can say I got between her legs."
Image 131003   09-11-16   Uploaded by    m o l e m a n
 Rincewiind: Not pictured; "I obey the laws of thermodynamics", "caution: contains high levels of dihydrogen monoxide", and "I 3 bipedal locomotion."
 Sadbot: I don't think porn loves him back
 Borkf: Does he need the cane because of all the masturbating?
 Cami: What about his stance on hand washing?
 scribbs: The fried chicken really sells the look.
 ch: I want to know more about the frottage hoops
 whiplash: Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact...
 Trick Question: @Scoo That's a guy?
 Scoo: I hope his girlfriend with the matching shoes is wearing the same shirt
Image 131002   09-11-16   Uploaded by    camellia
 frenchrevolution: *very softly* "gah"
 Xeno: Leaving Dory Alone
 Thyming: Are you going to finish that croissant?
 ThatGuy: Nice chompers.
 Trick Question: ...and I shall name you "Squishy"!
Image 131001   09-11-16   Uploaded by    danny
 ShoKusogi: How does a spider get trapped in its own web? Just like this
 Dreforian: I did it just like they said on Youtube, how did this happen?!?
 ch: go where the criming is, you spidery wimpass
 midnightmosesuk: Doesn't look like the new Spiderman movie will live up to the hype.
Image 131000   09-11-16   Uploaded by    sylveon
 Dreforian: Sleeping compartment
 sparename: I love how action movies have the guys just chatting in the transport planes, whereas, in reality - even in these modern ones, everyone has earplugs in and difficulty hearing themselves think
 UltraBeverly: Can I get a pillow please?
 Whatever: The commute to Afghanistan can be a killer when you take Bush Air
 Borkf: @ThatGuy Looks like the inside of a cargo plane. Pretty wide, so maybe a C-17 or a C-5.
 ThatGuy: Should I know what this iss?
 grizzly: Seriously one of the longest flights I've ever been on.
Image 130999   09-11-16   Uploaded by    bad tony
 Knice: My phone did that thing again. :-[
 jochenau: The seasons clash, and the world trembles.
 Knice: That's nice! Meanwhile, it's about a grillion degrees outside right now. :-[
Image 130998   09-11-16   Uploaded by    pisspig
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