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257890  Laree: Bambi will never tell the difference.

257893  Warrax: If this isn't my sister's dog then it's an exact clone of her. A clone of her dog that is, not a clone of my sister.

257886  apoxia: What a crazy life this person lives.

257890  apoxia: The front is very realisitic

257906  electrode: Soft bunny, warm bunny, floppy ears on top... happy bunny, sleepy bunny, hop, hop, hop...

257898  copunter: Other spaceship sounds cooler. And more tolerant of jazz. Can probably palm a basketball too

257897  Sandor: BPLAE?

257897  Scoo: No, you are!

257880  Not A Bot: I like creamy noodles but I don't think I could face that.

257890  copunter: hello, my fellow bucks! follow me to ample saltlick and occasional gunfire

257855  copunter: (opens several ketchup packets)

257880  Spazstatic: Womp womp

257893  Dr Awkward: @Yam Welcome to the Friendly Spaceship!

257869  copunter: twenty exty six!

257895  Dr Awkward: @Knice I think you mint well, but I don't think that's a Palm leaf

257756  DrNinjaman: *PUNCH* [World ends]

257871  copunter: The only jobs we could find in those times were ocean filling, bridgery, and lightninging. And when the work was done, there was nothing left of Mother Nature, her desecrated corpse a wasteland for us to wander in gray despair

257765  DrNinjaman: It's a trap!

257768  DrNinjaman: Marcellus Wallace is going to kill both of them

257772  DrNinjaman: There's a survey on the back. If you fill it out you get $10 your next dress rental

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257634 barfolomew: "Name us after friends and we will swallow their souls!"

257772 DrNinjaman: There's a survey on the back. If you fill it out you get $10 your next dress rental

257650 Spazstatic: UnexpectedBossFight.jpg

257622 UltraBeverly: @dangerkeith3000 New Coke is PEOPLE! It's PEOPLE!

257626 smusher: We all do the dew down here. You'll do the dew too.

257686 tib gubb: heck yes

257824 DrNinjaman: Damn it Spock, I'm a doc!

257787 some guy : This image is upside-down.

257595 Robespierre: @dangerkeith3000 It's got a good beat and I can dance to it. I'll give it an 8.

257724 addend: Is this Kansas City, Kansas, or Kansas City, Missouri? Asking for a friend.

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 ani625: @Dick Inspector You got me
 Dick Inspector: They will be back in style in another 200 years, tops.
 kalligrapher: This is either something found on a caveman or something a hipster would buy for $250, can't work out which.
 Horatio: That may be the switchest switcherino of all...
 Horatio: How to turn your old coffee switcherinos into shoes
 midnightmosesuk: Time for Legolas to go shopping for shoes.
 ModelTRex: Coming up next: Shoes that look like Jabba the Hutt!
 Warrax: Scale for scale.
 WhyThis: Goes well with necropants.
 Whatever: @WaffleIron fun fact - the pointy tips were for playing under the table with the ladies...
 WaffleIron: Pointy shoes are dumb looking
 antipatterns: Air Justinian
 Cami: For the Kanye West level 1 RPG costume.
Image 131007   09-11-16   Uploaded by    let it go
 Mr Bleak: I've taxed worse...
 ShoKusogi: Well, THERE'S your problem. I'd like to see how you're going to explain this to your insurance company.
 John Singapore: Don't park under the boulder tree, you piece of waste of time.
 whiplash: That'll buff out.
 Whatever: Don't drive stoned
 midnightmosesuk: Damn squirrels. Waiting in ambush. Taking out the ones who KNOW!
 ignatz: Rock, Scissors, Car
 Rincewiind: @CastleBravo Rocks fell. Everyone died.
 Dreforian: Sir, you are double parked
 bug: Well, there's your problem.
 skunkrocker: "Hey honey, let's display a toast to my infidelity. LOL"
 carpwoman: *doink
 Cami: Heck, I'm not even mad; that's amazing.
 CastleBravo: It is a good idea not to piss off the GM.
 Dr. Bathroom: Clarkson!!
 KyleisBobDole: Damn! That's a big acorn!
 SunWukong: You park like an asshole.
Image 131006   09-11-16   Uploaded by    mrwiffler
 Korrok: ...Lettuce?
 Horatio: Aww yiss, after this smoothie I'm gonna have lesbian sex and vote Democrat.
 XLY: This is the real way to make a virgin bloody marijuana
 jochenau: @Cami Stop, you'll microwave the baby!!!
 Munkybut: The current score is 420. Rad photo:score combo
 Sadbot: Now that's what I call...a bloody mary!
 DrinkMixMan: Gonna make a California daquiri
 Scoo: What happened to lower half of babby?
 Trick Question: She's using SKYY? I'm revolted
 Borkf: @SomeCanadian No free pouring!
 WTF: That would really kill your buzz...
 SomeCanadian: You put the alcohol BEFORE the mixer. Jesus, what is wrong with you?
 Cami: This seems more like a PCP cautionary tale.
 bbbrandon: Really getting tired of Star Wars shit
 a robot: What happened to the baby's legs?
 RiderFan: Why does the devil's lettuce give me good will towards man?
 Thyming: Once I injected one whole marijuana and now I am gay.
 SunWukong: 'shopped.
 skillet: Satan's Oregano
Image 131005   09-11-16   Uploaded by    midnightmosesuk
 Dreforian: Lord of all he surveys
 Cami: Cue shamisen music.
 fanny: no cat that's not how you wear noodle guard
 scribbs: Flower Cat does laundry.
Image 131004   09-11-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Dr. Bathroom: Friendzone level: about 8 feet.
 Stonewyvvern: I've been both of these guys...not at the same time mind you
 Xeno: Don't feel pity, if she's smart, she'll marry the doormat anyway.
 Cami: Girlyfriendd gets flirty when she drinks.
 CastleBravo: "Damn! Did I leave the oven on?"
 whiplash: "Well, I'm friend-zoned but at least I can say I got between her legs."
Image 131003   09-11-16   Uploaded by    m o l e m a n
 Rincewiind: Not pictured; "I obey the laws of thermodynamics", "caution: contains high levels of dihydrogen monoxide", and "I 3 bipedal locomotion."
 Sadbot: I don't think porn loves him back
 Borkf: Does he need the cane because of all the masturbating?
 Cami: What about his stance on hand washing?
 scribbs: The fried chicken really sells the look.
 ch: I want to know more about the frottage hoops
 whiplash: Don't make eye contact, don't make eye contact...
 Trick Question: @Scoo That's a guy?
 Scoo: I hope his girlfriend with the matching shoes is wearing the same shirt
Image 131002   09-11-16   Uploaded by    camellia
 frenchrevolution: *very softly* "gah"
 Xeno: Leaving Dory Alone
 Thyming: Are you going to finish that croissant?
 ThatGuy: Nice chompers.
 Trick Question: ...and I shall name you "Squishy"!
Image 131001   09-11-16   Uploaded by    danny
 ShoKusogi: How does a spider get trapped in its own web? Just like this
 Dreforian: I did it just like they said on Youtube, how did this happen?!?
 ch: go where the criming is, you spidery wimpass
 midnightmosesuk: Doesn't look like the new Spiderman movie will live up to the hype.
Image 131000   09-11-16   Uploaded by    sylveon
 Dreforian: Sleeping compartment
 sparename: I love how action movies have the guys just chatting in the transport planes, whereas, in reality - even in these modern ones, everyone has earplugs in and difficulty hearing themselves think
 UltraBeverly: Can I get a pillow please?
 Whatever: The commute to Afghanistan can be a killer when you take Bush Air
 Borkf: @ThatGuy Looks like the inside of a cargo plane. Pretty wide, so maybe a C-17 or a C-5.
 ThatGuy: Should I know what this iss?
 grizzly: Seriously one of the longest flights I've ever been on.
Image 130999   09-11-16   Uploaded by    bad tony
 Knice: My phone did that thing again. :-[
 jochenau: The seasons clash, and the world trembles.
 Knice: That's nice! Meanwhile, it's about a grillion degrees outside right now. :-[
Image 130998   09-11-16   Uploaded by    pisspig
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