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249348  Felicity: @Porm Munties What do you mean?

249504  Peter Pantsless: "Boss, I can't come in today."

249504  VeeKay: Socially progressive comment.

249499  Christina: A relationship has ended.

249389  Felicity: @Shay AKA the buzzbomb

249500  Christina: Not spooky.

249501  Christina: Spooky.

249509  OldKentuckyShark: Scotty don't beam me up yet, im taking a shi

249502  Christina: Spooky.

249503  Christina: He sent his car to space.

249504  Christina: Girl on the web, showing her kitten.

249503  a robot: i hate that guy

249486  a robot: @Yam I love when black dogs get the white eyebrows and muzzle, it's so cute :3

249503  square44: if only he was good at making lots of cars

249502  Amy Housewine: Senor Esquelito had his lower jaw replaced by a crustacean and then buried himself up to his neck in the sand. "I HAVE MY REASONS" he testily shouted when asked, and sometimes when not asked also.

249336  Jabberwikket: Graphic insinuates masturbation to prevent heat stroke... or it's calling it that.

249489  Amy Housewine: That cat with strange-looking haunches sure does have a lot of dorits.

249486  Yam: @a robot Shes only around 6 or 7 (rescue, not sure exactly) but has unfortunate/hilarious facial colouration

249493  Amy Housewine: Me, I did.

249502  Hyphae: I'm starting to think you might have cancer

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249324 Micro Jackson: 6 days old, and already four feet!

249228 VeeKay: @GoGo Robotto Objection!

249351 Knice: Paging @carpwoman!

249333 Jaunty Shrimp: You can take your hand out of my cold, dead gun.

249189 lebron: wow @jochenau!!!

249319 Felicity: Christina Superstar?

249357 Passive: This was a transphobic "fake commercial" for repelling unwanted advances from men using a fake penis

249243 Side Boob: Hey! It's that one guy from 'Bosom Buddies' on TV

249431 WTF: It's not text, there are no black bars nor is it crude or overly sexual... I'm cool with it reappearing.

249218 Telkwa: Cristo Redentor

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 willowsprite: @duckfarts in a man's pants?
 willowsprite: Thanks for the pic from your crotch.
 duckfarts: been there
Image 128233   08-28-16   Uploaded by    highdra
 Kim: Oh, fuck no. I'very seen this before. Vimeo: The Cat With Hands
 XLY: Has science gone too far
 ShoKusogi: We're all done for! Cats now have opposable thimbs!
 ThoughtlessGentleman: I cans hugs??
Image 128232   08-28-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Horatio: @Suburbanmom I'm not sure you understand how duck monarchies work.
 Suburbanmom: @kinggheedra Duckie for president!
 willowsprite: Creative name.
 dobbiesdoogs: @duckfarts is that the box the farts are in?
 duckfarts: please don't doxx me
 Supermansbrother: Duckie king has much to teach us.
 fanny: so much shit in those boxes, so much shit
 kinggheedra: I'd rather fight a hundred king ducks instead of one duck king.
Image 128231   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 Slowpoke: @Korrok Well, most italian cars are red because that's the international auto racing colour for Italy. UK is green (British Racing Green) and there's a bunch of others. Yellow could be for Belgium, Malysia or Russia, or if that's "gold" it could be Mexico.
 Sadbot: @Korrok Money and taste rarely coincide
 Sadbot: @Korrok Money and taste rarely coincide
 Korrok: Or a Frenches mustard bottle?
 Korrok: Pony stickers aside, why are so many sports cars painted the color of dehydrated piss?
 willowsprite: Your five year old daughter can drive already?
 Agamemnon Triforce: This proves putting bumper stickers on sports cars is a great way to ruin them.
 statistscanfuckoff: @Whatever That's like 15 horsepower. My chainsaw has more horsepower than that. (It has a smallblock 350...)
 Whatever: That's a lot of horsepower
 whoop: My Lotus Pony
 a robot: Thanks for letting me know in advance that I don't want to talk to you.
 kalligrapher: Some cars have too much horsepower.....
 Ulillillia: @Trick Question has a sweet ride
 Nope: "Sir" its cars and coffee not cars coffee and insufferable assholes
 WaffleIron: Yup, that'll get me some nachos.
Image 128230   08-28-16   Uploaded by    fatman
 duckfarts: in case of emergency, i'm sorry in advance
 Ulillillia: God O Cat
 a robot: Tacodog is not a palidrome :(
Image 128229   08-28-16   Uploaded by    discodisco
 whiplash: "I bought Mommy a flower for a present but she drove off and left me."
 Starky15: Cue the sad Charlie Brown music!
 ShoKusogi: That awkward moment when you bring your groceries out from the store & discover that you're car has been stolen
 duckfarts: yo dawg, there's a child seat for your child's child
 Nope: Pictured, a young Michael Cera
 WaffleIron: This is how shopping makes me feel too little buddy, lets go light some fires instead.
Image 128228   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Capital
 FistyAnn: Yass.
 Korrok: Yes.
 Shay: You can't spell "class" without dat ass.
 Mr. Shine: I'm not gonna lie, that's a pretty sweet @ss.
 WaffleIron: New aggro-button?
Image 128227   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Supermansbrother
 Teechur: @Gomi Day I know a guy who deals in those here in Ohio somewhere. Used to have a barn with those and a whole slew of flat-fender M38s.
 Gomi Day: @Teechur yesss. i've wanted one of those for quite awhile, now.
 Cami: Early M274.
 NoOneImportant: His oath is not sincere; his paws are crossed.
 Teechur: Do a search for M274 Mule and see a Korean War era vehicle that is a bit more refined.
 Moldred: Where the shit do you sit?
 sparename: Those back seat drivers, huh?
Image 128226   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Gomi Day
 jslz: The self-assured look is what's killing it.
 jslz: toffee.
 Spazstatic: And I'll have a super salad too, please.
Image 128225   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Mr. Butt
 jslz: The British version of "There's Something About Mary" sucks.
 werterland: He looks so defeated about having his hair mussed. (Also, now I know why I had a Dr. Who dream last night.)
 willowsprite: Wish I had my own personal stylist. Then I'd look as awesome as David.
 Scoo: Someday, I'll be awesome enough to have my own Hair-Tussler too!
 Headoftheclass: Wow! My favourite Doctor AND Jack? Rad, it is, then!
Image 128224   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Alpha Trion
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