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227443  crazyfingers: @Kaviri What is that supposed to mean

227503  Sadbot: Pot cures Mustang ownership

227461  Jabberwikket: Pineapple, Jalapeno, Mushroom & Black Olive, with the right sauce is excellent

227489  drtofu: You killed my father. Prepare to die!

227491  ThatGuy: IMPROBABLE!

227500  ThatGuy: Illegitimate!

227501  tib gubb: very nice ;)

227501  ThatGuy: Nnnnnnice! #DeepSpace69

227472  addend: Next time on "Maury"!

227489  Jabberwikket: Luigi's warp tunnel took him to GTA

227490  Jabberwikket: "Cake or DEATH!" "I'll have the chicken"

227478  addend: "Yuri, Vlad..., where's Boris?"

227492  Amy Housewine: Eat-a him, like-a da Mario

227479  addend: Until you notice the drool. :(

227481  addend: Then the waiter asked, "Do you want /flies/ with that?"

227501  glenalec: This is fine.

227482  addend: Who broke into my basement?!

227507  glenalec: I bet it smells great in there!

227509  glenalec: This one didn't dig so deep, it appears.

227500  glenalec: Speak up! I didn't hear you!

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227283 White Rice: I guess after 3 repeats the bot finally recognized that it was literally the same image & wont allow the silliness to continue (which is odd, considering the number of classics, reclassics, and rereclassics that weve seen over time)

227343 Dresdenkeogh: Hold on. I want to cuddle. But I gotta go fast.

227340 drtofu: Im. okay with this!

227291 RiderFan: @wolfpk And rain.

227357 Felicity: Then you ought to have more tolerance and respect for his freedom to be himself

227380 tib gubb: wouldn't be the least surprised if this were an actual thing

227338 Kess: I would so play this if the main character wore assless chaps the whole time.

227367 ignatz: @Felicity My Grandma had a convertible Olds, she could put the top down (or up) at 110 mph!

227396 tib gubb: and then it will be delicious

227370 becca: @funny in the wall what do you study? That sounds awesome...

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 Side Boob: FABULOUS!
 Horatio: Is this Tron?
 Mr. Butt: @grizzly And Boba Funk
 grizzly: Darth Punk
Image 128131   08-28-16   Uploaded by    anonimos
 wordjones: Fuckers only gonna blame you for what happened.
 mrdiron: Lookin' for that beautiful people
 redbranch: my girlfriend
Image 128130   08-28-16   Uploaded by    gggina
 Unicorn: aw hell naw
 John Singapore: ZOOL
 Hydraxion: @Mac Only if I can occasionally remind them that I don't enjoy it
 mrmrmr: I hate The Office
 Screech: Another new power rangers, but i still have to watch the original street sharks
 Blackheart223: It should of had lasers and fought a robo-raptor.
 Mac: @Hydraxion Shhh... Let people enjoy things.
 Hydraxion: Ha, sportsball
Image 128129   08-28-16   Uploaded by    space
 Darmstadtium: She was into killing hipsters before it was cool
 John Singapore: For reason he didn't understand, John Singapore always found photoshopped writing on t-shirts to be inadequate humor.
 TFChicken: Death to baby boomers
 Blackheart223: The generation that keeps on giving.
 Cami: ...looks like the sort to load rock salt for trespassers.
 WTF: Hip to deathsters!
 fanny: too late. the hipsters are already wearing this.
 redmonkey3: Go Get 'em, g'ma!
 Supermansbrother: The shirt has a point.
 tib gubb: right on grandperson
Image 128128   08-28-16   Uploaded by    parrotsnest
 AverageJoe: I shall believe in gender equality when I see an AVON male salesman...
 John Singapore: Well go ahead then... Make my coffee
 tamarindo: Fun fact, that piece of propaganda from 1943 was largely ignored until it was appropriated as a symbol of the feminist movement in the 1980s. The Rosie the Riviter museum in Richmond, CA is devoted to the ship industry during WWII with very little about the actual image.
 Scoo: Rosie can even
 Dan Tagonistic: Do it right up to the elbow
 Ulillillia: If you know what I mean.
 Cami: Kick Jerry in the panzers, that is.
 redmonkey3: Worker Organization... how cute.
 grizzly: We literally can.
 Mr. Whiskers: Riveting
Image 128127   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Weather
 dobbiesdoogs: why u do this
 Mr. Shine: Your cat is a whore. A filthy, filthy whore.
 Air Biscuit: Death to hipsters.
 Screech: Dog makeup, thats where the money is
 Borkf: I hope that's a filter
 Scoo: Maybe animal testing isn't all that bad?
 Wet farts: That's one sexy cat
 weed poop: Tastes like chicken
 Fiasco: Maybe she's born with it, maybe it's Meowbelline
Image 128126   08-28-16   Uploaded by    wolfpupy
 SpaceCow: Think of it as a wallet chain for your four piece.
 Fiasco: @daisy picker Haha
 Fursona: Check out for more. Do you want to be a posh Victorian or a poor Victorian or a "Fever Steam Punk Victorian Sexy Bat"
 daisy picker: "That's not how vanity plates... you know what, whatever, that'll be seventy five dolalrs" the clerk said, with a polite but empty smile.
 Teechur: What the hell is "white headed black polish" anyway? Sounds racist to me. Oh, Polish? Like, from Poland? Ooooohhhh..... my bad.
 Sadbot: With these, I shall harness the very power of chickens! Mwahaha!
 Scoo: A friend of mine actually has one of these for her "urban farming" chickens
 redmonkey3: @whiplash - tho excellent for restraining your cock until the moment it can be safely released!
 redmonkey3: the Award Winning Chicken Harness, thank you... oh my.
 whiplash: Be sure not to tighten it too much or you'll choke your chicken.
 skillet: Chickens Love It!
 trelyate: cock holster
 Mr. Butt: Ladies....
 Fiasco: "Get The Strongest Grip To Prevent Cloacal Slip"
Image 128125   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Backhand
 f1remind: Rad for blue light switcherino
 jslz: People will go to a lot of trouble for Pokecoins.
 AverageJoe: Compared to the next president...
 tib gubb: just putting it out there, aren't ya
 ThoughtlessGentleman: Rahrahrahrah lil cheney says....attack.
 Fiasco: Dick Cheney never sleeps.
Image 128124   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Handyman
 AverageJoe: The patriots are the la li lu le lo
 Air Biscuit: The education intelligence and ergonomic information officer?
 WaffleIron: The farm stops here.
 Dr. Bathroom: CEO, DDS, MD, BAMF.
 tib gubb: "I'm the e-i-e-i-o around here, now hop to!"
Image 128123   08-28-16   Uploaded by    Punt Numbles
 scribbs: When I worked at a funeral home a doctor once complained that he couldn't put "too many birthdays" on a death certificate.
 Borkf: @eider Seconded. Although nobody should post captioned TV of it or anything else.
 Scoo: Why not? Patient probably doesn't care...
 eider: Green Wing, fantastically funny. Check it out.
 tib gubb: hey, hey... who's the doctor, here?
 Fiasco: Clearly you can.
Image 128122   08-28-16   Uploaded by    bigjim
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