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215938  Yurishiro: Psssst...

215997  Derp Herpigan: Or even better is when you have to play a bootlegged game because the developers decided not to export out of their native country for whatever the reason.

215983  penguinslovebananas: Steam will trigger either type. Optical or ionization (ie. radioactive) since it effects both the optical clarity and the electric charge of the air around the detector.

215998  Derp Herpigan: Cuz you're stop and you're go, you're yes and you're no..

216003  dingding: My all time favorite caption for this picture has got to be 'Which episode of Breaking Bad is this from?'

215986  Korrok: Korrok approves...

216000  Derp Herpigan: @sports some stores like to change Black Friday into Blackout Friday. Especially if immediately following a strong ice storm.

216003  Derp Herpigan: @Pingu IRL so has Dobby it seems.

215989  Minnesotan: Dr Doom toots as he pleases!

216003  Pingu IRL: Harry has really let himself go.

215925  Prostata: lol dongs

215985  Derp Herpigan: TMW you find yourself in Sharks' territory and you are a Jets fan.

215936  Prostata: party hard

215989  bug: No doot.

215990  bug: @rockkstar I walk my dog in order to meet other dogs. People are generally disappointing.

216003  pirate: Why is dude BBQ'ing in a Boyz 2 Men outfit?

215991  bug: That's not how you wear knee pads.

215970  Prostata: he's the party Bard. Singing magical songs to give +1 THAC0

215998  Starry Lemon: I'm getting some mixed signals, guys.

215992  Prostata: BOOP!

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215782 Felicity: Id like to solve the puzzle

215746 cenecia: "I like money"

215793 VeeKay: FFS Santa, just play skins or shirts.

215785 Otterman: And you have the devil's curly hair!

215938 Yurishiro: Psssst...

215791 Felicity: Many Shubs and Zuuls knew what it was to roast in the depths of a Sloar that day I can tell you

215836 VeeKay: This is how you waste 82 course credits.

215898 El Barto: *Sharpie sounds* IAM GOODENOUGH

215731 WaffleIron: @Spazstatic : Almost. I was advising a coworker whose career aspirations were not being assisted by management.

215792 Ulillillia: Long time no see!

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 Frank herbert: Wax?
 msmstud: We made you a happy. The only thing that can stop the happy is your interaction with the happy. You're not going to kill the happy, are you?
 Firm Buttocks: Mellow Birds Will Make You Smile
 Otterman: Now jab a knife into its face.
 Magma Safe: This fleshlight is weird
 Science: Can't read my, can't read my, No he can't read my peanut butter face
 sparename: " # We are drowning in your shit, Shit # "
 tib gubb: peanut buddy
Image 127068   08-23-16   Uploaded by    ThoughtlessGentleman
 Futurepants: grI found a jar of Miracle Whip that expired in 06' cleaning out my grandma's fridge and disturbingly it did not look or smell any different than "fresh" Mayo... I fear for the human race
 SomeCanadian: @Warrax This is true. However, there aren't many good studies to determine how most drugs age. It's not in the drug-makers interests to figure that out and there is no 'best practice' guideline that says you have to. Most manufacturers just throw on a date in the hope people buy another bottle. If a bottle has been closed and is in a temperature controlled setting, it's probably fine.
 SpaceCow: Tonight we're going to relive headaches like it's nineteen ninety nine.
 msmstud: @Warrax -- If it works for Fortran bank code, it works for drugs. They're good again.
 Warrax: @SomeCanadian They lose potency over time, so it probably just wouldn't work.
 Whatever: Good till 2099?
 WTF: Wow! 2099? They've really upped the shelf life on those things.
 VoR: @SomeCanadian But the label..
 SomeCanadian: It's just ibuprofen. Take the damn pill.
 Mr. Shine: He ded.
 tib gubb: still good
Image 127067   08-23-16   Uploaded by    Cory Trevor
 Frank herbert: Give me liberty or give me... head? Oh monster@!!
 courtney: lmaoooooooo
 msmstud: Poor guy seems dismayed and perhaps displeased. Do we offer him a hug in the movie?
 Hydraxion: Arigatou Obama-san
 Mitchell: @Yam Kerokerokerokero
 Otterman: Earthman, give me your seed!
 XLY: When you accidentally have the front camera on
 Yam: "Kamitsuki Gamakujira"
 SomeCanadian: Mascot's family keeps growing.
 sparename: Mr Gus got the pox
 Mr. Shine: Well excuuuuuuuse me!
Image 127066   08-23-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 carpwoman: What a dumbass.
 Smorlacks: Touch my dik-dik. Touch it ... wait a minute; didn't I just post this comment?
 Frank herbert: Oh shit!!! And thatsvwhy i dont like these
 MisterCreosote: This swinger porn is weird
 msmstud: You need to let go, Chad.
 ModelTRex: YOU WON'T BELIEVE WHAT HAPPENS NEXT! Watch it at friendly
 AdaMan: Unexpected outcome
 AdaMan: 🎶MistaaaaaAAAAKE!🎶
 Mad Collager: No, no NO! That's not what I meant by, "Give an example of a dependent clause."!
 Science: Well, that's terrifying
 tib gubb: #justcarniethings
 NoRagrets: This will be the ride of your life.....literally.
 Mr. Shine: *high-speed bongo solo*
Image 127065   08-23-16   Uploaded by    Sharkface
 willowsprite: Not what I meant by "small beer."
 toaster: Thirsty Thurston from the Hi and Lois live action movie lookin' good.
 MisterCreosote: Why women in porn should have small hands.
 Starky15: Still twice as much alcohol as Budweiser.
 sparename: "King-size Mars Bars make ideal normal-sized Mars Bars for giants, Fun-size Mars Bars make ideal normal-sized Mars bars for dwarves"
 Side Boob: Rad for Andre the Giant
Image 127064   08-23-16   Uploaded by    Flirb Dampumple
 carpwoman: @Frank herbert - I've seen it. Not very well done, but hey, they tried.
 Frank herbert: Edward penishands (its a thing)
 MisterCreosote: uhh... thanks, grandma?
 msmstud: "This'll stop Timmy from loosing his vital bodily fluids and getting ill humors."
 Otterman: @VoR Not enough rads for expertly crafted burn
 Mad Collager: @Darkasnoon That's the truth!
 Darkasnoon: Pinocchio nose warmer/snot collecter
 Stonewyvvern: Socks on cocks
 duckfarts: well of course the kittens lost their mittens, it was cold outside
 VoR: Room to grow I see
Image 127063   08-23-16   Uploaded by    Fast Sloth
 Dreforian: @ignatz death snell
 msmstud: I envy their snail harvest, they are truly blessed.
 Ukulelemike: No this nis clearly Snail Shakespeare Theatre in the Round
 Whatever: The snails will slowly inherit the Earth...
 Yttermayn : Snuppose there are one hundred snails snanding in a cnircle. Snail number one has a snword and he uses it snlay number two, then passes it on to snail number three. All the snails do the sname until only one snurvives. Which snail will snurvive?
 Skaalar: @mrdiron Tell me your slimes and I'll polish your shell
 Magma Safe: Snail circle jerk: Snircle Jerk
 ElGenerico: I'll worship like a snail at the shell of your lies
 VoR: @Firm Buttocks Rout of snails seems more fitting here...
 Firm Buttocks: The Parliament of Snails
 mrdiron: I'll worship like a snail in the shrine of your lies
 duckfarts: hail snaitan
 annterland: Snail fairy ring. Snairy ring
 VoR: Circle the wagons: Swagons
 ignatz: 7th circle of hell. Snell.
Image 127062   08-23-16   Uploaded by    Bianxing
 Peter Pantsless: They really don't want you to cheat on that drug test
 Mad Collager: @msmstud Sorry, got my gun nuts mixed up.
 Youll Cowards: Excellent, excellent
 msmstud: I can't go unless I have steady eye contact with a deeply uncomfortable stranger.
 msmstud: @Mad Collager -- You're thinking Clint Eastwood.
 mutantmoose: Love that the covers are labeled "Discreet Seat"
 Mad Collager: Charlton Heston's bathroom
 Mad Collager: So, I suppose you're wondering why I called you here today...
 illBilliam: Job interviews keep getting weirder.
 mrdiron: commode confessional
 duckfarts: put your feet up, pinch a load off
 itskando: Heh. The seat is really the box.
Image 127061   08-23-16   Uploaded by    johnnyc
 msmstud: "You are now one with The Silence."
 Otterman: Finish him!
 vincenzo: Shes scolding him for making a shirt out of the couch
 San DoDo: Let me look at you dear *every grandma ever*
 Teechur: Go on, say, "Billyuns and billyuns of stars" ONE more time.
 VoR: Look at me! Now RAD!
Image 127060   08-23-16   Uploaded by    fanny
 sports: your mom must be proud
 msmstud: @Firm Buttocks -- You win one internets.
 Mad Collager: Covered in guano=birds
 Firm Buttocks: third from the sun
Image 127059   08-23-16   Uploaded by    violentwrath
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