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238257  tib gubb: join us, alice

238256  dangerkeith3000: Everybody hurts........sometime....

238303  Annoying Vegan : Calvinball was really popular back then

238301  WotGives: Amazing grandmother gets censored but cock is ok. Why are we so offended by the female body?

238279  tib gubb: nah, but for lafs you can shut down the cooling, their fault if they didn't set a temperature shutdown in bios

238313  Nope: The hero we need

238282  dangerkeith3000: Me sitting in the back getting my hair done.

238292  tib gubb: heroes of might and magic 3 is pretty good. not that good, though

238300  tib gubb: classic. stupid, but no real danger... until somebody puts their dick on it...

238292  dangerkeith3000: My prospects of getting a Russian wife are looking better!

238302  tib gubb: there's a trick to this that i learned from monopoly - always round down, then the error is in your favor.

238293  dangerkeith3000: Those wacky Nazis!

238296  dangerkeith3000: Why he make you sit in the back?

238296  tib gubb: "see! 100% not racist!"

238226  Entertainmentalist: It just works, no matter how you look at it, a match made in heaven.

238302  dangerkeith3000: It always better to realize you have more money than you thought, yes.

238303  illBilliam: The early days of Rocket League

238280  Not A Bot: Scar! brother, help me!

238296  Ulillillia: I FUCKING LOVE UBER

238309  Nope: see user name

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10. dangerkeith3000

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238181 Zukero: @White Rice I guess he must have accidentally chopped his website, then chopped his hosting problems.

238106 TurkeyVulture: @Scoo drink it to stay up late and study math, maybe.

238075 antipatterns: Lol the dude who invented the Cherokee language basically did it alone in his house and everyone in the village thought he was crazy. Took him years and multiple attempts with ideograms and others to devise the modern 86 character Cherokee language. Wild story.

238199 a robot: He's holding the S upside down. If it was like that on the sign then it definitely needed taking down

238048 Christina: A side quest awaits you.

238171 glenalec: vv Hmmmm. I'm now wondering if he got this 'Make Mexico Pay' idea because he was resentful someone made him pay his half of the costs of a property-dividing fence!

238085 Whatever: More like chestburster abortion from the Aliens movies...

238038 Mr Bleak: I checked, and it's real: google /maps/place/48%C2%B008'35.8%22N+123%C2%B010'09.4%22W/@48.1430595,-123.1689842,581a,35y,180h/data=!3m1!1e3!4m6!3m5!1s0x0:0x0!7e2!8m2!3d48.1432761!4d-123.1692882 the best bit is the neighbour has probably never even seen it...

238194 glenalec: @Spazstatic - it's all a factor in a complex cycle of life crapping on you.

238173 jazzjunkie: Damn it Wesley

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 Jeannie C: @Jayfu In a microwave. Much more spectacular results.
 carpwoman: Jebus, clean the mold out of there.
 Janston: I don't think those forks are microwave safe. And this might ensure the very core of that food is still a frozen wad surrounded by sauce the temperature of the sun.
 VoR: If it works; Not stupid.
 petepuma: Putting a lot of faith in those plastic tines
 harpooneer: There are life hacks, and then there is just ghetto.
 Jayfu: It works better if you use aluminum foil and metal forks.
 Pastorofmuppetzq: Amazing!
 mwoody: Serve it nice and piping hot to a group of people, sans bottom plate. "Just pull a fork and bon appetite!"
 Christina: Clever.
 SomeCanadian: This is a mess waiting to happen.
 Headoftheclass: 4-post bowl.
 ignatz: four forks sake
Image 126257   08-19-16   Uploaded by    Bianxing
 Urn BooUrn: Sally, who answers the phones, has been bored at work lately.
 duckfarts: lovin' that last one
 Rincewiind: The second one raises many questions and could cater to so many. Mexican hairless. Husky. Spitz. Great Danes. The Labrador Next Door types. I shan't go on.
 AverageJoe: They should neuter whoever wrote those lines
 Magma Safe: At Bob Barker's home
Image 126256   08-19-16   Uploaded by    youshall
 Futurepants: I hope it is a Logia-type.
 Bonecollector: @jslz Or your Yakuza boss would make you cut off a finger.
 jslz: @bug I feel like if I ate one of those fruits, someone would kick me out of their office.
 Urn BooUrn: @bug Bug, eat these kumquats of wisdom, for you are the chosen one.
 bug: I feel that if I ate one of those fruits, I would gain some kind of magical powers.
Image 126255   08-19-16   Uploaded by    Bianxing
 ignatz: @Chest Rockwell Please don't fuck science
 SpaceCow: Rad for the man who lived through the assassination attempt of Beakman and Lester.
 Thelter: Bill Nye the meth lab guy! BILL BILL BILL BILL BILL
 jslz: Mr. Wizard.
 celtic: Breaded chicken tartare?
 Cami: @ArchStanton ...Or perhaps a street-walking lawyer?
 ArchStanton: Still look suspiciously like the superhero Speed Walker.
 Shay: This staring contest is scaring me.
 RetrogradeRun: "I am actually an engineer, not a scientist"
 VoR: Has he become science though?
 Chest Rockwell: "I love fucking science."
Image 126254   08-19-16   Uploaded by    rory
 Bonecollector: @SomeCanadian Ding Ding Ding! I am impressed that you got that, but dammit I'm not THAT old.
 SomeCanadian: @Bonecollector PCU? Man, that is an OLD reference.
 Bonecollector: @SomeCanadian "Cock man oppressor." 10 points if you get the reference
 SpaceCow: The fire botheres Frankenstein less than the confusing nachos.
 Skaalar: One of my favorite Treehouse of Horror episodes
 jslz: Anything's porn if you're brave enough.
 Firm Buttocks: Versus Manimal
 harpooneer: Bonus animal: sweater puppies.
 itskando: Ma-na na-na .. Bah-na nuh nana
 SomeCanadian: I want to be cock-man
 RetrogradeRun: Has science gone too far?
 Mr. Shine: That llamalady is freaking me out.
 SunWukong: Film this please, Guillermo del Toro.
Image 126253   08-19-16   Uploaded by    Lobefin
 Teechur: @Sadbot Submariners, too. And ball turret gunners, for the same reason.
 AverageJoe: @Sadbot savage
 Sadbot: The also make good tank crews as they can fit better in cramped spaces
Image 126252   08-19-16   Uploaded by    Unstableton
 XLY: Fantasizing about cuddling up with some of that yoshi tongue action
 Mr Mumble: fake and friendly
 Peddy Tenderglass: Cloven hoof unicorn straight from hell
 petepuma: IT'S A ME, AFGHANIO
 Slamajama: Amazing how a little free time and hours of parental abuse can produce results
 Rincewiind: @VoR Nah. She's cute, geeky, figured that one was appropriately [sic].
 Jayfu: @VoR that's not a blanket. It's crocheted so it's an afghan
 VoR: @Rincewiind Though missed my spelling of steal. :-E
 There was a bob here: This is giving me a 1up
 Rincewiind: Parents'. Otherwise which parent isn't apparent.
 VoR: @Jayfu Show me, and I will still her blanket!
 Jayfu: @VoR her parent's
 VoR: Which castle is she in?
Image 126251   08-19-16   Uploaded by    Bianxing
 Bonecollector: Rad for Hindu culture
 Fid: Seems to be missing a few arms.
 Skaalar: I'm guessing he's the important one...
 jslz: They seem prepared to have their own Wal Mart.
 a sedated moose: "They caught me, Ace! No sweat!"
 itskando: Offspring of Steven universe
 SomeCanadian: This cosplay is extreme
 VoR: What am I doing with my life?
 necronomicon: Equinsu ocha! Equinsu ocha! Let me guess... White devil white devil?
Image 126250   08-19-16   Uploaded by    Flirb Dampumple
 buttbear: RUH ROH
 Slamajama: Should not have got caught doing doggie style with Velma, Fred never forgave him
 duckfarts: Is it me? Have I been wearing the mask all this time?
 VoR: More like who are you?? Pull his mask off!!
Image 126249   08-19-16   Uploaded by    DrinkMixMan
 XLY: And thus, a star is born
 Thelter: Sooo we stole a chunk of the sun for you
 petepuma: We happy, Vincent?
 mwoody: DON'T TAKE IT, you'll piss off the sentinels!
 Shay: #126249 Shaggy is a dick to Scooby.
 SomeCanadian: Happy birthday! We got you cold fission!
 VoR: How much beard did he lose?
Image 126248   08-19-16   Uploaded by    FunkyDrunk
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