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273630  Christina: He's watching something very interesting.

273629  tib gubb: you may not proceed until you answer my riddles three

273581  tib gubb: ah, the culling time has arrived

273582  tib gubb: hookers gotta shop too; i'm for one glad on walmart's hooker-friendly policy

273588  tib gubb: that's a fine beard, dachsund

273590  tib gubb: people do realize that corporations are machines, right?

273592  tib gubb: NACHOS DOWN

273599  tib gubb: social media is a cancer

273639  Baby Jesus: From the song..."There's a moose in my house!"

273501  Spazstatic: Linux: it's not broken, your just doing it wrong.

273628  ThoughtlessGentleman: @Dr Awkward rejoices as he hears bran mans courageous cry. who requires regularity?!

273609  tib gubb: it's not porn, dad. it's ecchi

273610  tib gubb: pfft, reel to reel or die

273612  tib gubb: here's to the intern that was fired for leaving barry's cup unfilled

273619  tib gubb: @FabricMan yeah, the old testament wasn't really meant to be a feelgood read

273545  Mad Collager: Plot twist: The girl is wearing kid gloves.

273606  Mad Collager: OMG! This is right above a Lionel Richie image!

273606  Mad Collager: Stuck on you...

273627  Dr Awkward: Because the math questions havent been updated in 53 years.

273628  Dr Awkward: Bran-Man, here to rescue your bowels from constipation!

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9. Sadbot
10. Air Biscuit

The top ten most commented-on images today:

273447 Micro Jackson: Fresh

273408 Dr Awkward: @DrNinjaman @Bob #201031 #262668 #180815 is a start. I actually mentioned goat yoga in one of those pictures. I need to post more goat pictures

273474 trelyate: ojom rof

273265 DimwaldtThrockmorton: Beauty of Korth Norea

273224 Kikari: All of you are getting way more coherent sentences than I do when I try this. I get infinite predicate loops.

273444 Micro Jackson: Burninate this

273555 FormerLurker: @toolbag thats right, the old one was the GT-40, and the new one is just the GT... Also, @Peter Pantsless, this is all coming from a very happy 2011 Ranger XLT owner. Ford has made some awful cars but theyve made some awesome ones too. Not a mustang fan myself, but their vans, trucks, and sedans are great, depending on the era. And of course the GT... And their close association with Carol Shelby produced some cool stuff too.

273366 Mr Bleak: @wolfpk I know the feeling! We use the microwave as a Cat Safe so food can cool down before we strip the carcass. Furball can be outside miles away and can still smell me open the cat safe the following day ... Hello. Is that Chicken? It's mine, you realize. Pass it here. Purr, purrrrr, knead, climb, rub, ...

273365 Littlecraftywolf: @isosceleswaffle i am a furry i know that my point is going through security is the nightmare

273505 Spazstatic: I don't use an insulated lunch box or the fridge. I keep my lunch in my backpack by my desk. Also means it takes less time in the microwave to warm up.

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 6. cran vodka: 2130 points
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 Bernie 2016: @Mr. Butt lolllll
 Penultimate Grunongo: @Mr. Butt Well, as long as there's no joy.
 god666: Much better without the caption.
 XLY: That has to have been on purpose right?
 clabauter: some girls have real problems
 Agamemnon Triforce: This will freak grandma out for sure.
 funny in the wall: how about stop taking selfies
 Thelter: I wear my suuuuunglaaasses at night
 Peter Pantsless: I'd be more embarrassed about the Detroit Lions shirt
 fanny: you misspelled "never"
 tib gubb: it doesn't count if you do it on purpose.
 peeper: She should wear this #125852
 Meow: @Mr. Butt Joyless Caption Man is the hero we deserve
 Mr. Butt: Thanks, joyless caption man.
 DonkeyPuncher: age inappropriate bravery
Image 125856   08-17-16   Uploaded by    WetWilly
 Mumbo Dingus: Voted bad, sorry...
 XLY: First! We break down the boxes.... THEN! We tango!!
 Thelter: The goal is to kick down as many cubicles around you as possible
 annterland: Ambulance afterparty!
 magicmormon: Koowla
Image 125855   08-17-16   Uploaded by    Booty Kicker
 Korrok: Korrok's cardiologist does not approve. Korrok's opinion has yet to be formed.
 InfiniteZero: @duckfarts This isn't France...
 Wolfechu: Would eat. The part of my brain that dealt with bad food decisions died a long time ago.
 duckfarts: @VoR like god intended
 duckfarts: I can't believe all of you are afraid of perfection, though perhaps it's because after trying it, you will be forever chasing the dragon
 Galacta: For once, no.
 Penultimate Grunongo: *butt dick
 Penultimate Grunongo: @Penultimate Grunongo I don't even know what word I as going for, but dick is much better.
 Penultimate Grunongo: Maybe a single, slightly thinner dick of the fried mac, but just in between two real buns along with the patty. Maybe not, but it seems possible salvageable.
 Christina: Ugh!
 Turts: @Borkf Trypophobia
 Borkf: What's the name of that fear of small holes? Because: that.
 Bianxing: y'all are weaksauce, I would totally eat that and love it
 Warrax: wouldn't
 tib gubb: yo dawg, i heard you like cheez
 Uncle Larry: Burger still pink
 Science: An example where the sum is less than the original two parts.
 Mr. Butt: Welcome to Hillary's America, libtards!
 Derp Herpigan: I'm an American, and I say no to this.
Image 125854   08-17-16   Uploaded by    duckfarts
 Skaalar: I love this one.
 Ulillillia: Goo for you, my man
 Thelter: Sweet, sweet, yum yum, delights
 Mr. Butt: Haha Oh Yes Impact Font Delightful
 james: Wait what
Image 125853   08-17-16   Uploaded by    daver
 eurotrash: Teeth so white they are less likely to go to prison for drug offenses even though they are more likely to use illegal drugs, including cocaine, marijuana and LSD.
 Christina: Meanwhile, in a Eastern country, Asians are having a good laugh on pictures of Westerners wearing Chinese script without knowing better.
 Thelter: Little Timmy, where are all the fucks? You're RIGHT! There aren't any!
 jokertothethief: Same
 tib gubb: the worst student
 Pegged Lamb: Well that's rude
 DonkeyPuncher: That shirt goes well with the no pants he's also not wearing. I bet his name is Peter.
Image 125852   08-17-16   Uploaded by    duckfarts
 msmstud: I'm imagining the main male cast in costume at the urinals, C3PO & R2D2 included.
 Thelter: R2Dwarf2
 tib gubb: someone was inside of that thing. that's actually kind of badass
 Firm Buttocks: Actually, R2 is still a physical prop operated by a small man. It was being old as balls that cost him his job
 Peter Pantsless: RIP, Kenny Baker. You rolled off the assembly line and into our hearts
 DonkeyPuncher: CGI took my jeorb!
Image 125851   08-17-16   Uploaded by    Peter Pantsless
 etc: Oh chicken nugget, you so crazy
 Peter Pantsless: "Eat me."
 Sadbot: I hope customer-san notices me...
 jslz: Nothing like a chicken nugget with tits to get the old taste buds salivating. Thanks Japan, yet again, for showing us the way.
 Thelter: Mm, chicken nugtits
 luxuslurch: Kyoto Fried Chicks
 Firm Buttocks: I didn't realise KFC could be less appetizing
 vincenzo: The colonels secret love child must be stopped before the world knows
 Cami: For those who like breast meat.
 DonkeyPuncher: stupid sexy chicken nugget
Image 125850   08-17-16   Uploaded by    Himesama
 msmstud: Human intervention is regularly needed when scoring computer-based testing. Sometimes if you do things correctly, but in a slightly different order than the original solution, some functions will spit out unexpected differences.
 FabricMan: Significant digits matter; you can't misrepresent precision like that
 FabricMan: Significant digits matter; you can't misrepresent precision like that
 etc: I mean it's not wrong. A bit of a dick perhaps but not wrong.
 Christina: @Science Therefore, computers are a way to reproduce stupidity. I must say that AI should stand for Artificial Idiocy.
 funny in the wall: precision is more important than most people realize... this makes me have teaching flashbacks
 Science: @Christina: People are dumb. The computer only does what it is told to do.
 Christina: Computers are dumb; that's why.
 Urn BooUrn: Fuck mathlab plus
 willowsprite: How dare you round off.
 Firm Buttocks: FUCK YOU, MATHS
 DonkeyPuncher: @Derp Herpigan stop it son, your doing me a none, none more ol' spicy technically incorrect
 Derp Herpigan: Technically incorrect. Worst kind of incorrect.
Image 125849   08-17-16   Uploaded by    skylark
 msmstud: Reminds me of that scene in Jacob's Ladder, with the eyeless doctor.
 AutoDisaster: Because it's on wheels and user's legs are up in the air, you can push them around and they will be helpless!
 Thelter: How they distract you when you go in for a colonoscopy
 Aaron Spacemuseum: Almost unfunny
 Cami: Ergonomics level: Super-villain.
 willowsprite: Apparently this is so much better for your back if you've got desk job.
 Firm Buttocks: The Existence Chair
 tib gubb: remove the human for improved efficiency
 jslz: Grandma's Boy.
Image 125848   08-17-16   Uploaded by    Side Boob
 Ulillillia: Do you want poison? Because that's how you get poison.
 Firm Buttocks: I dunno how well this works without Patrick Warburton because I can't not hear him
 Skaalar: "Uhoh." "Don't tell me, we're about to go over a huge waterfall." "Yep." "Sharp rocks at the bottom." "Most likely." ".........Bring it on."
 Derp Herpigan: They said 10000 words for this essay, I'll show them...
Image 125847   08-17-16   Uploaded by    Clim Tinties
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