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268216  Hokie333: Beep-beep-boop, motherfucker.

268228  WannaBee: @Knice yep, I voted BAD.

268240  Drump Porbs: aka Nick Furry

268227  KingTrebek: I assume this was very funny for those involved...

268231  Knice: Meowtorcycles.

268232  Knice: That building was too high.

268233  Knice: "I've done the work in my own lab."

268237  Knice: First you crack your neck, then they cash your check.

268212  Not A Bot: Hey buddy, I noticed you've got a hands free box too. Wanna open them together?

268182  Off Topic: Something, something, why one gender lives longer than another because what's in their pants makes a difference to what's between their ears.

268214  illBilliam: What a shame. Another child devoured by the torsoless pants monster.

268224  WannaBee: @Yam because cleavage?

268172  Korrok: Korrok approves.

268213  Urn BooUrn: When the "nip" wears off.

268214  Urn BooUrn: I remember doing this as a kid.

268224  Yam: This is weirdly sexy. Why is my brain telling me this is sexy

268231  Mexico: I guess we'll just walk.

268222  Yam: Prove it

268223  Yam: cute guy

268232  Not Sam: Bruh, he is melting lol

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267930 Theimposter: This is the future of retail if active cameoflage is ever issued to the military...

267916 Peter Pantsless: @Felicity that's perfect listening for space truckin' in Elite: Dangerous. I'll bet fellow CMDR @Spazstatic would agree

267949 WannaBee: It's the Church Of The Flying Spaghetti Monster! The head of the church has been dubbed the 'ministeroni'. They are legally recognized in New Zealand and can perform weddings.

267952 Air Biscuit: (Serious jim carrey voice)"twenty-three!!!!!!!!"

267978 ChubbyBuddy: fair

268108 Felicity: The knight and the demon are impressed that the wizard conjured forth a maiden!

268103 E. HONDA: username/upload...?

267946 Felicity: I want to be 15 years old, watching Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, eating Pac Man cereal, with my hair big and spiky, and wearing that dress

267988 Bluetocracy: What a RADiant city. All that old iron gives it so much character.

268039 Spazstatic: I've heard of being "all thumbs" but this is ridiculous!

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 Peter Pantsless: Get married, discover lack of sexual chemistry, get divorced
 sparename: the opposite then of a "Gash Card" - female-only method of payment accepted by taxi drivers, door-staff and pizza delivery guys. Thanks Viz
 Air Biscuit: I dont think youcan just join that club. I think you have to already be in it or youre out of luck.
 Korrok: What I'm about to say is meant in the kindest, most sincere way possible: Fuck off.
 Annoying Vegan : "Majority." You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
 Mad Collager: Is this the opposite of the condom in the wallet?
 AutoDisaster: This is the opposite of a credit card - immediate cost in exchange for promised (but probably illusory) long term benefit.
 grizzly: I am abstinent after my wedding day.
 Slamajama: What's in your wallet, besides a condom?
 Sadbot: I just get a database error when trying to go to, guess I'll just continue slutting it up
 Skinr: when I was a kid, I somehow ended up with a "License to Fish (for Men)"
 There was a bob here: You never go ATM
 Nope: So I can just fuck non stop on my wedding day? Even before my vows?
 dobbiesdoogs: so do you just swipe it across the slot?
Image 125124   08-13-16   Uploaded by    DerMantis
 Headoftheclass: Ha ha! They misspelled, "pubic"!
 DonkeyPuncher: it's a very busy entrance. she sat down on a fire hydrant and hit the floor.
 XLY: Pop em open bayonetta style and we have a humor. This is too timid and I feel like now she probably feels bad that this is on the internet
 Mad Collager: Seems Leg-gy.
 Slamajama: Easy bet she isn't carrying the card in 125124!
 a robot: The black frame and caption were highly necessary to add to the humor of this image
Image 125123   08-13-16   Uploaded by    weirduncle
 Skaalar: This really is just a documentary on mental illness and borderline autism.
 AdaMan: What is this from? I dont recall seeing this episode?
 grizzly: He's a spy.
 Peter Pantsless: *click*
Image 125122   08-13-16   Uploaded by    highdra
 Skaalar: Oh no! I don't have any money for the pizza Mr. Pizza Delifurry Man...
 hajjpodge: I hope you were mugged more often.
 FabricMan: No, I do NOT want the dipping sauce
 Beef Supreme: Take a black light to that suit and it's a Jackson Pollock masterpiece.
 Greek Fire: How tall is that dude?
 ModelTRex: Welp, looks like I'm only ordering Dominos from now on.
 cenecia: Papa bless.
 SomeCanadian: Prank calling this guy would be 10x better. '10 pepperoni pizzas for... I.C. Weiner?!?'
 dobbiesdoogs: it's the only way we could keep him from jacking off into the pizza
 Peter Pantsless: Miss Blanca fucking rules. Also rad for purple sperm in the bottom-right
 Knice: Shout-out to your air-conditioning.
Image 125121   08-13-16   Uploaded by    million laffs
Image 125120 is unbelievably bad (score -6) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by Sprinkles. Boo, Sprinkles.
 Air Biscuit: Doughnuts are nice.
 silver: im a duck...
 ModelTRex: I wear a fitness band WHILE eating doughnuts.
 SomeCanadian: What do these do? Shock your fat ass when you wanna eat fast food?
 Peter Pantsless: I used one of those things to kill a thousand Philistines
 Knice: Can't blame you, those things look tough as hell.
Image 125119   08-13-16   Uploaded by    buds420
 Korrok: Bravery with a time limit.
 grizzly: Thinking with your penis.
 Slamajama: Mr Freeze keeps a cold one on hand
 SomeCanadian: @Knice the Dick Tips of the future
 Knice: And that's just the tip.
 statistscanfuckoff: From my cold dead...
 Peter Pantsless: Ice-dickle
Image 125118   08-13-16   Uploaded by    Wumph Morms
 willowsprite: Is Bellapierre @Robespierre 's sister?
 Headoftheclass: Where's the lip disk and bone to go through the nose?
 Dr. Bathroom: This kit got good reception in the focus group.
 XLY: So whats your WPA2 key bb? Aw, don't make that face! come back!
 SomeCanadian: Caitlyn Jenner is getting overexposed
 mwoody: Those eyes say "come hither". Those lips say "kiss me". That skin says "I'm going to boil you and your friends and eat your flesh, then put your skull on a stick outside my village as a warning."
 mrdiron: i see you
 Peter Pantsless: Apparently it has built-in WiFi
Image 125117   08-13-16   Uploaded by    pleasing
 Headoftheclass: Step 1. Drill a hole in dat cheese. Step 2. Put your junk in dat cheese...
 Niels Bohr: This how the holes are put in swiss cheese. Not many people know that.
 kalligrapher: is that Jeffrey Coombes?
 Scoo: I am going to attempt that with soft cheese. And it will be glorious.
 DarkTeddy: Growing a nasty stache like that? Sure.
Image 125116   08-13-16   Uploaded by    Chile Quornwrap
 Bert Bertbert: Was this intended to look 'like a staged accident on a sanitary pad'?
 Scoo: Reindeer got run over by a grandma
 itskando: I hope the driver wasn't eating rum raisin
 Peter Pantsless: That's what you get #125074
Image 125115   08-13-16   Uploaded by    KEKOEKEOEK
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