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233149  piratepom: Rad for this @Captain Marsupial!

233203  ignatz: #140975

233219  Derp Herpigan: BAD for Alexisyd.

233217  Peter Pantsless: "Aren't you going to frisk me?" "Sir, you're not under arrest." "...can you do it anyway?"

233217  GoGo Robotto: Police Stripper Squad

233212  kornisjon: If that's for one brownie, I do expect them to be 4:20 related.

233175  trelyate: just because you can doesn't mean you should

233217  Ulillillia: Eins, zwei,

233179  trelyate: this isn't Narnia...

233181  Ulillillia: We miss you in the Senate, doggo

233203  NoRagrets: Apparently Im too colorblind to read this.

233203  Dr Awkward: So, like, copulate with someone with color vision deficiency?

233185  Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

233187  Ulillillia: 'Cause you're beautiful, like no other

233194  Ulillillia: Love, I get so lost, sometimes

233189  trelyate: when your press operator has a sense of humor

233213  Ulillillia: Consuela's phone

233205  trelyate: go back to your homeworld already

233207  trelyate: the hair is spot on

233198  addend: (Telepathically reprints OMNI magazine.)

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8. Ulillillia
9. Yurishiro
10. carpwoman

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233022 glenalec: On the up-side this may just be muddy water (inland Australian soil is exactly that colour).

233067 ping: @copunter Not a position I would want or be any good at. Am very content standing on the shore, throwing pebbles in, and watching the ripples spread. Thanks, though.

233068 Mr. Shine: @Teechur Version 2: Famous actor Henry Fonda was having health problems, so he went to his doctor, who diagnosed him with dilated cardiomyopathy, that is, an enlarged heart, when the chambers become too weak to properly pump blood. After questioning him about his habits, upon finding out Mr. Fonda enjoyed drinking absinthe in the evenings after dinner, the doctor angrily demanded he stop immediately. When the great actor asked why that mattered, the doctor looked at him and said "EVERBODY knows, absinthe makes the heart grow, Fonda."

233103 Peter Pantsless: That was quick! Thanks again everybody. PURPLE POWERS ACTIVATE…

233032 zrj235: i invented one recently called KUNG FU KITCHEN. 523 bonus points if you can guess how to play.

233185 Ulillillia: And that's why BILL hasn't been around.

233157 Scoo: @Felicity Appears to just be a broken alias to ResEdit; it's not rocking the awesome Mac-in-the-Box icon

233056 Robespierre: @Mr. Whiskers As an erstwhile Singapore resident I can attest that this is true.

233055 Mr Bleak: Boaty McBoat ... waddya mean, it's been done?

233072 sparename: Mannequinned Mission to Mars

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 Whatever: If it's a girl does it mark it as a transvestite?
 Whatever: If it's a girl does it mark it as a transvestite?
 DonkeyPuncher: @carpwoman might as well just call him Dick. At least that way they can open their door and shout "Come Dick!" for a decade or so.
 Peter Pantsless: *sigh* fine, WEINER DOG
 carpwoman: I hope they named him Richard.
 a robot: @Gomi Day Dickbutt Mutt
 fanny: penis-pup
 duckfarts: cocker spaniel
 Peter Pantsless: You think that's bad, you should see the birthmark on my face
 Gomi Day: dickmutt
Image 124929   08-12-16   Uploaded by    Snowta
 Mentos Pormer: Dog goggles? Doggles?
 E. HONDA: what could be safer on a work site than ropes hanging from your skull?
 Spazstatic: Sarah Kerrigan
 cmd: Keith Morris really sold the fuck out
 Niels Bohr: I worked at a job pushing boulders around with a 40 year old back hoe. The foreman would call "safety meetings" which was code for everyone to huddle up and get high.
 Mr. Butt: "Did Predator mate with Gary Busey in a deleted scene or something?
 Gomi Day: @Mr. Shine *screaming internally*
 Mr. Shine: Susan Yeowch, Lathe Operator.
 Gomi Day: your hair is cool and all but, stay the hell away from everything. thanks.
Image 124928   08-12-16   Uploaded by    MyPasswordAintPassword
 AverageJoe: Ultraviolent
 flying sheep: okay, this is actually funny
 XLY: @Munkybut huh, never seen that one. Anyway, doesn't that look like the bink logo?
 Peter Pantsless: @Munkybut I have had it with this mother fucking Internet Explorer on my mother fucking phone!
 Munkybut: @Munkybut :'(
 Munkybut: @Munkybut mother fucking phone corrected Internet Explorer to Internet Explorer!?
 Munkybut: Internet Explorer isn't working
Image 124927   08-12-16   Uploaded by    Skinr
 Headoftheclass: Damn girl are you my buttplug because you're always up my ass but you leave a gaping hole in me when you're gone
 champeen: My kitty don't love me no more.
 cmd: damn girl are you a gorilla cage? because I want to drop a baby in you
 Derp Herpigan: Last time I tried an anatomical pickup line, I got pepper sprayed.
Image 124926   08-12-16   Uploaded by    Scoo
 petunias: When it comes to global warning, own-up time is Nye
 duckfarts: you could just keep the toilet clean maybe
 ShamWOW: sorta funny
 Annoying Vegan : Welp, that's a lawsuit waiting to happen
 XLY: Please, stop being in the sink.
 Dan Tagonistic: Alpha formation would have prevented this
 Korrok: A fat stack of those conical paper cups and a pair of scissors would make the lives of everyone involved significantly easier, and that's just the cheap solution.
Image 124925   08-12-16   Uploaded by    twenty4
 annterland: 5 of her 6 ends are pointy
 duckfarts: catlisthenics
 Knice: Okay, you can have your door-locking privilege back.
 Peter Pantsless: How much catnip did you eat, furball?
 Borkf: You assembled your cheetah incorrectly.
Image 124924   08-12-16   Uploaded by    Flirb Dampumple
 AverageJoe: actually it's 42 - Math
 Headoftheclass: Neil Da Bosse Tyson givin' lessons in physics
 square44: 4444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444444
 Agamemnon Triforce: People don't realize NDgT was a founding member of a band called Death.
 phonk: Stick moon face under water and try the pic again
 duckfarts: @bug he was told to go 4 himself
 bug: I don't think writing a bunch of fours really qualifies as science.
 sparename: If science could just stop everything and e.verybody just seeming to be designed to piss me off...
Image 124923   08-12-16   Uploaded by    reply
 Bonecollector: Godel, Escher, Bach was a helluva book. Still have it on my shelf.
 gary: Chuck Tingle needs to get hold of this.
 frenk: Protects unicorn horn from cooties.
 rip odb: mfw my dad tries to cook
 Punt Numbles: i wish
 Niels Bohr: I want to rad this more than once.
Image 124922   08-12-16   Uploaded by    Flirb Dampumple
 Himesama: Kitty is singing Supercell's "Let's promise" under her breath.
 a robot: Awww, he thinks he's people!
 carpwoman: Sometimes she sits and thinks. Sometimes she just sits.
 sparename: Cat on a hot tin pole
Image 124921   08-12-16   Uploaded by    Snowta
 square44: which one of these is spindle
 willowsprite: Not like you can do anything else with them these days
 Air Biscuit: Bottom middle! That toilet paper dispenser appears backward!
 Scoo: Man, I had so many awesome pirated Beagle Bros floppies back in the day. Good times.
 dobbiesdoogs: i don't see anything here that says i can't copy that floppy
 Warrax: Feel free to fuck the floppy disk tho. Not prohibited.
 Peter Pantsless: #4: Do not upload to AG
 There was a bob here: Don't aggro that gator
 NoRagrets: These all look like cool ideas though...
Image 124920   08-12-16   Uploaded by    PygmyGremlin
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