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262291  shadebane: autorad for RE

262291  Disclosure: Totally not dead bodies.

262291  danny: Listen to the voice in your head. Everything is fine. You left no forensic evidence that you did anything here. Just leave calmly and quietly...

262291  Magic Bullets: This is fine.

262276  Teechur: @rip odb They won't bring in any ticks or fleas, either.

262279  Teechur: You axolotl questions

262281  Teechur: @Zarathustra *are on stripclub

262267  wolfpk: Corgis: What are you planning on doing with that!

262269  wolfpk: Apartments overlooking the river.

262289  robocop: Or he wants to suffocate you. One or the other.

262281  Zarathustra: Did u see*

262270  wolfpk: Aww, poor puppy! Your still a good boy!

262285  Knice: Not all heroes wear capes.

262271  Side Boob: @Knice At least you aren't the type of person that would snapchat it with 'bruh' as the caption.

262273  Side Boob: Poor pupper :(

262241  SuedeOxford: I like ricehorn

262256  BavidDowie: he ded

262260  a robot: If that's the case, you're doing it wrong

262284  toad: Genius. Lets the mother / father sit the child down whilst they do their business. You don't want the child sitting on / touching the dirty floor.

262269  Teechur: Unfetter a Bork Yahoo

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262160 Felicity: @Prostata It's like Kinski from Nightbreed

261978 Amy Housewine: No I'm fairly sure 'aligator' means 'crocodile'.

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262084 Felicity: @VeeKay Jean Baptiste Emanuel Zorg

261976 antipatterns: isn't even better than Polar fercrissakes

262086 Felicity: @DrNinjaman I want to kiss something that will turn ME into a beautiful princess!

261949 Felicity: Pigloaf

262089 Felicity: Aooooo! Don't forget to send away for your three dee glasses kids!

262107 Felicity: No heartbeat, you fork

262235 UltraBeverly: I'm just glad it has a USB connection?!?

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 jslz: Yes, yes, very impressive. But while you appear fairly useless, the bag can make it easier to carry cumbersome things.
 Trick Question: Wayne Pate: Unicorns.
 msmstud: Shia (Shea? Chia? Nvm.) LeBouf(?) has a silly name. (I ain't looking that shit up.)
 Side Boob: Here lies Elliot. He never scored.
 Fugative: We get it you're a bag
 Peter Pantsless: I hate "Friends"
Image 124588   08-11-16   Uploaded by    Phum Munts
 Air Biscuit: Ono!this can only mean someone has entered the temple of the winds!
 Butcherboy: @Peter Pantsless I did a bit of research because ive heard that brought up before. My astronomy club does public star parties and we get asked a ton of questions like this. convincing people that a "super moon" isnt a rare thing or really anything special is a toughie. the blood moons are stunning to see though.
 Peter Pantsless: @Butcherboy don't think I've ever been nitpicked with that much precision.
 Hydraxion: I was expecting the dark lords to rise as well but whatever
 SomeCanadian: @Peter Pantsless @Butcherboy Far things are far.
 bug: @Butcherboy Dropping mad science up in here
 Butcherboy: @Peter Pantsless still a really cool fact. the dimensions of space are staggering to comprehend
 Butcherboy: @Peter Pantsless youre right half the time. combined total diameter of the planets, not including earth is about 388k km. moon avg distance is 384k, 405k at apogee,363 at perigee
 Butcherboy: @Borkf i actually got a nice look at crater Picard last night. I know its not names after TNG but the fact that its in Mare Crisium(sea of crisis) make me laugh
 Borkf: Even a fairly nice "regular" camera will struggle to capture a good shot of the moon. It looks bigger to us when it's near the horizon because our brains expect it.
 Peter Pantsless: That's the closest thing to us, and yet all of our planets would fit between here and there, with room to spare
 qazwsx: Still pretty amazing when it rose huge over the horizon..
Image 124587   08-11-16   Uploaded by    reply
 Fett4life: CO2 AND STD's
 sumodrsn: Too bad it's being driven by a dude.
 Skaalar: Put it back in.
 Poop van Pants: Needs a bumper sticker that says " My other car is a ANUSTART"
 bug: Why do I keep getting pulled over?
 msmstud: @Fugative -- Wut?
 Fugative: Good for you i cant ever get passed the windmill
Image 124586   08-11-16   Uploaded by    wwwdotcom
Image 124585 is unbelievably bad (score -12) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by HighCactus. Your image was bad, HighCactus.
 Agamemnon Triforce: what's up muffin thighs?
 Trick Question: I wonder if when the seam busted everypony in the room jumped.
 eider: Someone's fetish. Either side.
 Cami: The one on the right leads to the one on the left.
 msmstud: @Butcherboy -- Rad'ed for this.
 a sedated moose: Yep, definitely used that simile to describe my own gut.
 Knice: *poke* "Hee-hee-hee!"
 Butcherboy: I wouldn't like her when she's angry
Image 124584   08-11-16   Uploaded by    skunkrocker
 Galacta: Soon.
 Dick Inspector: GO FISH
 Mr. Pepper: King me, bitch.
 eider: "May God have mercy upon my enemies, because I won't."
 msmstud: "This game needs less pieces, and more of me laying on it, and I'll gladly oblige in two seconds."
 Derp Herpigan: Kitty gonna take a Risk.
 Borkf: You sunk my battleship.
 Yttermayn : *knocks game piece on floor* your move.
 Boxy: I'm not a huge fan of cooperative board games, but it's great if you're into those
 VoR: @Boxy any good?
 Boxy: @VoR Pandemic
 VoR: Is this warlight?
 SomeCanadian: Kitty takes Australasia.
Image 124583   08-11-16   Uploaded by    Shorts Leng
 Skaalar: Elton want Snu-Snu!
 Trick Question: "We'll put it on a seventh-grade school bus. Nopony will notice it there..." oops
 msmstud: That is fucking great. That is...hilarious.
 CastleBravo: "And I guess that's why they call it the blues, class. Tomorrow's assignment is on rocketry, so please read chapter 3 before class!"
 kraven: I see John C. Reilly is doing yet another comedy biopic.
 Peter Pantsless: I'd go to Elton school; Elton John is rad as fuck.
 Knice: My gift is my dong, and this one's for you.
 SomeCanadian: I hope the earring is part of the dress code
Image 124582   08-11-16   Uploaded by    yawgmoth
Image 124581 is unbelievably bad (score -28) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by edvard. We'll pray for you, edvard.
 sumodrsn: Yes...and this is the end.
 Skaalar: Dat Troy Mclure voice though...
 msmstud: @msmstud (I really should have put quotation marks around that one.)
 msmstud: Your face looks delicious, little one.
 Borkf: Careful, I hear zebras are total bastards.
 VoR: @Peter Pantsless ....Baby screems, "Learn to speak English"
 Peter Pantsless: Joke's on you; I can't read!
 duckfarts: ..........hello, zed
 VoR: Agent Z
 Theta Zero: Zebus.
Image 124580   08-11-16   Uploaded by    peeper
 norgu5: Pic-ception
 harpooneer: @Joseph yep.
 Fiasco: Hearing what teens/20ish think parenting is like is a lot like hearing from a 2 year old what work is like "and then im gonna put on a biiiiig suit and do all the business!"
 winwolf: #dadfantasy
 Joseph: You may be suprised to find out she won't even notice. I have kids, they don't give a fuck honestly.
 Knice: If you remove the phrase from this this dumb passage, "ill comeback swap" sounds pretty rad.
 duckfarts: a shame she can only live one week in paradise
 Borkf: When and if I have a daughter, I'll give her PTSD.
Image 124579   08-11-16   Uploaded by    satoshi
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