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237935  WTF: Buttsniff and...?

237931  White Rice: @Himesama well, now you know what to do if you ever get in an argument worthy of petty annoyances & childish -revenge-

237928  Warrax: Pisa flavored ice cream? I dunno about that.

237921  Not A Bot: What can you do. Dare to be stupid.

237935  Warrax: Always am.

237936  White Rice: He just kept hearing things about hot flashes from his great-aunt, so he thought he was helping.

237874  drtofu: Behold, my cat-gun!

237876  drtofu: fucking duck

237936  Ulillillia: Good to know, I guess.

237934  mexican: Most obvious social engineering attempt I have ever seen.

237934  NashtasticVoyage: Wow, me too! I wonder if we've met. What's your mother's maiden name?

237934  Off Topic: A paved one.

237926  mrdiron: We've all been there

237941  Nope: Ha, pee stain

237942  Nope: Well its good she keeps them in a glass and not her vagina, might want to take it a bit easy on the blush though.

237914  Springbok: He's certainly not cowardly

237917  Springbok: Is that Satan in the bottom right shadows?

237932  charlemagne: the glass eyes make it look so lifelike

237907  charlemagne: that's it ruffles! keep it spinning

237879  Whatever: Uses natural gas I bet

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237857 Mr. Shine: @glenalec classic Lassie.

237734 OldKentuckyShark: You're going to watch your favorite shows on the internet? You seem like a cheap ass...

237727 glenalec: Well, if you can't control your vehicle properly....

237737 Mr. Shine: @charlemagne I don't believe so. During Sealand's Civil War, the German government negotiated for the return of the only P.O.W., and paid a hefty fee for his release.

237763 some guy : What am I supposed to be seeing here? What should I notice about this?? I could really use a graphic aide.

237696 hajjpodge: Kim Jong Un's side business.

237873 Ulillillia: The Olympics only they give out laptops instead of medals

237717 Wooden Spoon: @Dr Awkward: Starring Bennie Goodman

237697 trelyate: "shit, I left my weed in the glove department"

237699 some guy : Windowlicky

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 Futurepants: @ lil buddy Kind of ironic given the fact that both Amos yee and Mohammed were both ok with people raping little children,,,
 Korrok: I've got one for you, Amos 4:12 "Prepare to meet thy god."
 hurr: hey want to know how to get mr. upset dad to be totally cool with this sheet? put "know your enemies" on top of it. i bet he'd be super ok with it!
 Borkf: @Headoftheclass It's a case of practice vs education. Same way you can learn about sex and drugs in class, but not do then in the toilets.
 2Berries: @trelyate seriously!
 trelyate: well, at least we can all agree that QR codes are dumb
 original og: Like a big ole slice of American cheese.
 carpwoman: Fuck you. lady.
 ineedhepl: "has never came home" - bad grammar, the hallmark of the angry fundie mom.
 Chef Says: Seems like this person already knows a lot about Christian practices. Maybe they should learn a little bit about the rest of the world and the history their faith shares with Islam.
 Headoftheclass: This parent has a valid point, but kinda goes off his/her nut with intensity. If kids are disciplined for bringing Bibles to school, and schools are reprimanded for Christmas activities, why is this allowed?
 Fiasco: "Ugh FINALLY some way I can make myself the center of attention!"
 Moldred: F.
 a robot: So which one is your lawyer? Is it Isaiah or Mark? And none of these phone numbers work, btw.
 a sedated moose: She named her so "Myson?"
 Urn BooUrn: Shitty, but entirely unsurprising.
 werterland: This is triggering me.
 fanny: wow.
 ignatz: fundamentalists, of any persuasion, are idiots.
 Borkf: How do you expect me to raise my son ignorant if you try to teach him about other religions and cultures?!
Image 123449   08-05-16   Uploaded by    Borp Mento
 Natch: The loser gets boiled, the winner stays in the tank to see if he'll be voted off next week
 Knice: *scritching intensifies*
 Warrax: Look at me... I'm the goodboy now.
Image 123448   08-05-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 Kim: Metal
 Bert Bertbert: Aye, siwmae!
 hearsegirl: Skellidan?
 Nope: Neck problems
 Warrax: Hm, yes, this is relevant to my interests.
 SunWukong: I like Doothorn!
Image 123447   08-05-16   Uploaded by    hat thrab
 hat thrab: I love my groovy gorilla girl.
 Largehand: He looks like toothpaste being squeezed out of the tube.
 WTF: For those having trouble, The "Shadow" knows...
 myrealname: congrats on your bad post
 Alpha Trion: I don't see it. What's there to see?
 ignatz: @Yttermayn just noticed that..
 Yttermayn : Wtf, friendly spaceship?!
 cj22: Y u do dis
 ignatz: Tricky.. Siblings? Love? Abduction? All three?
 Yttermayn : Being stalked by the elusive silverback gorigor .
 Fiasco: Are your girlfriends a Horse shadow? Click here to find out.
Image 123446   08-05-16   Uploaded by    whaleshark
 a robot: Everyone looks pretty happy here, even the ghosts
 werterland: Everyone on Pokemon Go after seeing it's 400 Magikarp candies to evolve a Gyrados.
 Yttermayn : The spirit vagina clan prepares to attack the catfish clan in the middle of their celebration.
 Sadbot: "Catfishing" meant something different then
 SoyUnPerdedor: The Japanese version of "Naked Lunch"
Image 123445   08-05-16   Uploaded by    Flirb Dampumple
 Slamajama: I pity da fool that plays the fool in da pool , but capes OK
 itskando: Read that in His voice
 dobbiesdoogs: can i joke in neutral?
Image 123444   08-05-16   Uploaded by    Fast Sloth
 SurfNTurf: Is this real? Or is my inability to believe from years of irony/photoshop poisoning online?
 Headoftheclass: Who whack offped a rhino?
 kalligrapher: I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow in the knee.
 a robot: Sure, why not.
 Yttermayn : Dat ass!
 Jaunty Shrimp: He lost his legs from a lack of XP, poor thing
Image 123443   08-05-16   Uploaded by    ignatz
 WTF: @Poop van Pants - I saw a STTNG picture today (over a month after this post), immediately though of your quote and still couldn't stop giggling.
 A duck: So I went on Netflix and watched this episode, and like most of the first season it was *sooo* bad.
 Slamajama: Nice camel toe on the girl in white.... Oh wait a minute.....
 WaffleIron: @Scoo : Killing off Marina would've made me a lot happier.
 Headoftheclass: Poop von Pants, his arms wide
 WTF: @Poop van Pants Can't... stop... laughing... (+)
 Scoo: @a robot I've always been curious how the show would've gone with the original Troi/Yar casting with Denise/Marina switched.
 kalligrapher: S01E07 "Justice"
 Headoftheclass: Picard:"There are...TWO...NIPPLES!"
 A duck: @Peter Pantsless: Which season/episode?
 a robot: I am ok with everything here except for Deanna's goddamn jumpsuit. Let her have a real uniform, god damn it!
 cmd: @Peter Pantsless Yup. Wesley fell in a garden and they were going to kill him, but Picard foolishly intervened.
 Poop van Pants: Darmok and Jalad , his diaper full
 Borkf: @A duck I thought so too at first, but @Peter Pantsless has it. All the men were tiny in that matriarchy episode, this guy is quite tall.
 Peter Pantsless: @A duck I believe it was the utopian planet where you can do whatever but if you break a rule they kill you. The women are similarly dressed
 A duck: Is this from that one episode where they go to a planet with reversed gender roles, where women run everything & men have to dress to please women?
 Thelter: Aaaand that's enough internet for today
 a sedated moose: FABULOUS
 Musician: Hey guys, guess who dresses to the right
 EvilOtter: Objectify men. We like it.
 Nope: H- Tiny dick.. oh wait used that one
 Scoo: And everyone had a good time
Image 123442   08-05-16   Uploaded by    E. HONDA
 Slamajama: Make it so number one and get me a beer and none of the Strongbow shit!
 Bitcoin Burglar: These crystals are radiating a soul vibration ... can you dig it?
 wordjones: Emoji ass lookin head!
 Jaunty Shrimp: I call this phenomena hotdog head
 horny horn: The south butt
 Thelter: The back of yo head.... Ain't playin no games
Image 123441   08-05-16   Uploaded by    alborland
 Magma Safe: @Thelter So wait...that means all this time, butthorn is really....
 hurr: i need to know what's going on the computer screen...for research you know
 Cami: Anthropomorphic horse caught watching anthropomorphic horse port is my kinda thing.
 Jaunty Shrimp: Disturbing AF so bad vote
 Thelter: It's Horn! Horse porn!
 nclaw: Kinda weak......
 Scoo: This is exactly what it looks like
Image 123440   08-05-16   Uploaded by    Big Bong Theory
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