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244274  FireBreathingMarmot: Slyness is acquired gradually.

244280  FireBreathingMarmot: When your only tool is words, everything looks like an MS Word sign.

244292  FireBreathingMarmot: Banksy goes conceptual.

244294  FireBreathingMarmot: "Where did I go wrong - eating a bowl of glitter, or thinking I could hold back that sneeze..."

244295  FireBreathingMarmot: Kubarbus.

244433  Not A Bot: Look upon my works, human, and despair.


244311  FireBreathingMarmot: His mom started him on a balance bike.

244323  FireBreathingMarmot: He made a lot of nickels today.

244455  Shay: I hope that's mustard...

244331  FireBreathingMarmot: I'm convinced it's the same people who manufacture hot sauce, craft beer, guitar and effects pedals.

244331  FireBreathingMarmot: "You want to know what you're eating, in a society in which regulatory institutions look out for businesses instead of people?! Haha - you're an idiot!"

244460  lecj07: Eyes may be the window to the soul, but they look like an alien planet.

244436  Dr Awkward: So THAT'S what red hair feels like.

244430  lecj07: Photoshop it into mascot please.

244431  lecj07: Smells better now.

244353  FireBreathingMarmot: Alien abduction. His friends will never believe.

244459  ThoughtlessGentleman: a cousin of mine told me about watching a drunk driver get pulled over while he sat in a diner. guy gets out of his car with a milk crate tied to him. safety first.

244432  lecj07: Well duh, why do you think Leo had all those inventions?

244354  FireBreathingMarmot: Bag Balm is good stuff. Heard about it from dermatologist.

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244301 piranharama: Paranoia in a space station tho...

244292 FireBreathingMarmot: Banksy goes conceptual.

244227 bug: I guess shooting them in the barrel was still a little too difficult.

244199 lecj07: I want to see her pick up loose change.

244419 XLY: *PRRrrrrt

244222 White Rice: @wolfpk yeah he did try that (and if failed spectacularly, fortunately) but he still has way too many fans who think he didn't (and couldn't) do any wrong. That kind of stuff wasn't cool when "shock-jocks" were trying it on the radio, and surprisingly it still isn't cool (outside of 14 year old "edgy" boys).

244288 prius: going to need my glasses for this

244406 Side Boob: Same.

244294 FireBreathingMarmot: "Where did I go wrong - eating a bowl of glitter, or thinking I could hold back that sneeze..."

244300 Yurishiro: The skeleton that sdoot

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 DrinkMixMan: I have no emoji yet I must scream
 5 Headed Snake God: Bremen Town Musicians remake looking weird.
 square44: they all went to OW! DENTAL
Image 122245   07-30-16   Uploaded by    gulpeg
 annterland: He's getting the pee pee water off his face
 Oh Don Piano: @Judge Bread why?
 Judge Bread: This is what all pictures will look like if you don't support the patreon
Image 122244   07-30-16   Uploaded by    Rachelina
 San DoDo: I find this tedious..
 DrinkMixMan: Bout time! *Boxing bell rings*
 DrinkMixMan: But time will what?
 tib gubb: @ModelTRex i still read this as "BUTT TIME"
 blargruck: I thought arranged marriages were going out of style
 ThatGuy: Might want a pre-nup for that one, bro
 hurr: you CLEARLY chose the wife life wtf
 grizzly: @Peter Pantsless the kid wasn't gonna use it anyway.
 Peter Pantsless: Sure gonna get a lot of use out of that expensive rock some poor kid dug up for you.
 ModelTRex: I read this as "BUTT TIME".
Image 122243   07-30-16   Uploaded by    ITS TAPE
 ping: Genius.
 hajjpodge: Always dies in the first season.
Image 122242   07-30-16   Uploaded by    eradicator
 DrinkMixMan: Finding Nemo a special school
 FatTigerWoods: I just now realized that Nemo is disabled
 Darkasnoon: I found this neato
 Pizza: Didney Worl!
 hurr: finding nothing
Image 122241   07-30-16   Uploaded by    Weather
 Slowpoke: @tib gubb Its not really poisonous. It's just bacteria ridden. It bites you and as you run away and slowly succumb to the sepsis (blood infection) it will chase you until you die. So, not deadliest poison, just most jackass poison.
 Yttermayn : @tib gubb You get that info from your monster manual?
 Hydraxion: @tib gubb "It also cannot breath fire or fly, please stop asking."
 tib gubb: komodo dragon - a creature that defies evolution. instead of chompers, its jaw consists of a single sharp plate. it's a warm-blooded reptile. its saliva contains one of the deadliest poisons known to man.
 Keykey: @WaffleIron my god, what have you done?
 San DoDo: Charmer
 WaffleIron: This is not my beautiful gator!
Image 122240   07-30-16   Uploaded by    BlarfyB
 Himesama: Untrue her boobs aren't big enough and she isn't wearing a schoolgirl outfit.
 PrimeValkyrie: The Japanese and their weird fetishes, amirite?
 WaffleIron: @Ulillillia : [STEEL DRUMS, JAUNTILY]
 Ulillillia: Under the sea
Image 122239   07-30-16   Uploaded by    Jaunty Shrimp
 WaffleIron: @DOW : a parody of the Siamese cat song from "Lady and the tramp"
 DOW: @WaffleIron What do you mean
 Skaalar: Clowns come from flowers... I never knew that.
 PrimeValkyrie: This is socially acceptable.
 WaffleIron: We are pansi-es, if you please!
 sparename: what a bunch of pansies
 Peter Pantsless: You can learn a lot of things from the flowers
Image 122238   07-30-16   Uploaded by    Jaunty Shrimp
 Slamajama: Oh about 550 million reasons
 Slowpoke: Answer: Restraining Order.
 Jaunty Shrimp: I'm not sure if those still qualify as lips--they look more like calluses.
 Coolguy: Yada yada money makes the world go 'round yiddle diddle dee.
 hurr: if my lips were as rich as jay-z's i could get kisses left and right where ever i go
 Wet farts: That thing and lil Jon are two ugly sons of bitches.
 Peter Pantsless: She's married to Jay-Z, that's what
Image 122237   07-30-16   Uploaded by    macrocosm
 Spazstatic: Disregard the below comments. Where the f*k is the other half of my coffee?
 Pizza: @PrimeValkyrie You can pour it on meat or mashed potatoes, since they are what gravy goes with.
 PrimeValkyrie: As an American, I must say that I am confused by the flatness of this "biscuit," if that is its real name, and am also uncertain of where to pour all the gravy.
 Peter Pantsless: @Annoying Vegan seconded
 hurr: @Annoying Vegan or chunky biscuits
 Annoying Vegan : This is no fun for us southpaws.
Image 122236   07-30-16   Uploaded by    Pizza
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