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216140  Pudding: The emperor of the sea

216058  sumo: The chlamydia scares me more than that....

216132  addend: Where do I click "Accept"?

216134  addend: "Not one of them offered me any".

216058  p nut: Thanks for letting me know that I needed to look at its hand. I wouldn't have done so otherwise.

216141  addend: @addend You expect the caret sign to appear twice in your post...

216141  addend: You expect 10243 bytes. They only give you 10003.

216058  l0dan: Changing a picture into something less funny isn't an accomplishment.

216142  addend: If Gam-Gam knits you a sweater, you wear it, itchy or not.

215984  Bohab: I think that guy works at papa johns...

216059  jadensmith: Shred Flanders

216142  eider: The 'nip must flow.

216154  sumo: I think don't think he's been tending to his web in awhile. Probably got cooked by the light.

216140  Skinr: @DrinkMixMan WOMP WOMP

216154  parrotsnest: Soon to be biggest damn spider

216152  BlarfyB: Or his head.

216060  younglink: No, that's a pretty big Husky.

216099  Bohab: @jazzjunkie shell siverstein was creepy

216096  Greek Fire: "We can make it if we run." "No, we can't. We're being hunted."

216092  qazwsx: was so amazing....

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216098 bobby: That's uhhh... a rather loose butthole

216000 apoxia: My mother takes plastic plates when she goes to a pizza restaurant as she doesn't think it's proper to eat right off the big wooden block with the pizza on it. She also takes her own instant coffee to a cafe as she doesn't like strong coffee (she lives in New Zealand where we actually know how to make espresso coffee, not like most places I've been in America). The jar she takes it in is a urine specimen jar. I win.

215977 apoxia: Prescient. People are either on their phones or on a computer.

216003 Beeble: "You, uh..... You gonna eat all that?"

215898 El Barto: *Sharpie sounds* IAM GOODENOUGH

216040 Annoying Vegan : Anybody up for some twatwaffles?

215998 piranharama: When she says - Go ahead, I dont mind

215989 Mad Collager: @PushyWebsite Did it become a tuba when it reached adulthood?

215938 FatTigerWoods: The abyss stares at you even when you're not staring back

216067 Cami: @foreversmug Do you have the CSI suite installed?

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 DeepReddishBlue: At least the walls are stable.
 Headoftheclass: Despite being white porcelain, the toilet looks flushed.
 Trick Question: The ceiling is shocked. Er, srsly, there's a wiring issue.
 Fiasco: @Knice *slow sincere applause*
 a sedated moose: @Knice oh my god. Your dad-joke game is so strong. Teach me.
 Knice: The ceiling is over it.
Image 117261   07-05-16   Uploaded by    inthrees
 Mattixvii: Sexy, sexy truth.
 Trick Question: The horrible empty hole left behind by Gary Larson.
 Mr. Butt: Horrible? Quit kink shaming, you cis piece of shit
Image 117260   07-05-16   Uploaded by    craftjunk
 NoOneImportant: Quack quack
 Headoftheclass: How's that rolling chair workin' out for ya?
 Trick Question: That's all well and good until your motherboard fails to post due to sand accumulation.
 HermwoodLitmajor: Hmm, this could work for removing old dead skin
 questionable: bonus surprises if you have a cat
 a sedated moose: Cool, now you can track sand all through your house every time you get up to take your pizza roles out of the oven.
Image 117259   07-05-16   Uploaded by    drhenry
 DeepReddishBlue: Goodness it's an adorable murderer.
 SomeCanadian: @a robot What exactly are you implying? Because I'll likely agree with it and keep my feelings to myself.
 a robot: @SomeCanadian Only the Canadian ones
 SomeCanadian: @Fiasco Politeness killed the dinosaurs.
 Fiasco: The Betasaurus actually died off well before the great Cretacious Tertiary Extinction due to their habit of relinquishing kills to even the most basic challenge, often adding "No, no, you go ahead."
 questionable: 'I...I'm a good dinosaur...right?'
Image 117258   07-05-16   Uploaded by    9mm
 Peter Pantsless: It's too late anyway. The early bird was at four.
 Fiasco: And the waiter wasn't rude per se, she just wasnt NOT rude.
 Teechur: And the A/C was turned up too high.
 questionable: we've all been there, man. welcome to getting old. bet the music in there was too loud, too
Image 117257   07-05-16   Uploaded by    snekeyes
 Borkf: @a sedated moose Punctuation often confuses the switcherino. But yes, it should be befuddled
 Headoftheclass: Is that a floating cyanide pill in the bottom pic?
 Trick Question: What a woman sees: clothing racks. What a man sees: clothing racks but with astigmatism.
 Knice: @a robot Back in the day, I clicked on one of the Horse links at work. The site was blocked because our security had flagged it as a dating site. I took a screenshot and tried to submit it to the Spaceship, but Nancy gave it the ol' spicy heave-ho.
 a robot: @a sedated moose I've had switcherinos happen sometimes and not others, and that thing where you type the word "Horse" and get an auto lik to that one site about Horses....sometimes happens and sometimes doesn't. The ways of the Spaceship are mysterious
 a sedated moose: @a sedated moose oh good, prove me all sorts of wrong. Thanks, spaceship.
 a sedated moose: @WTF I believe it's now befuddle. Let's see: rape.
 WTF: @ModelTRex I'm assuming you actually wrote befriended and it's not the AG switcherino befriended. The switcherino befriended adds a whole new level to your story.
 Teechur: According to, that is called the asshole chair.
 questionable: sometimes I'll go into stores just to find things to sit on. they can't stop me; I'm a loose cannon
 Mr. Butt: @ModelTRex And that guy...Albert Einstein
 ModelTRex: True story: while waiting for my wife at Nordstrom, I befriended an older guy and we hatched a plan to open bars in clothing stores and name the chain "The Men's Department".
 Mr. Butt: I shall allow it.
Image 117256   07-05-16   Uploaded by    Sharkface
 Mattixvii: If she isn't someone youd take out with your friends, get better friends.
 ur mom: and men... just lolololol!!!
 ur mom: haha women amirite!!!!
 Side Boob: 87% accurate
 questionable: haha, it's funny because it's a joke about marriage and...oh, upon reflection it isn't funny. sorry, my bad
 sparename: it's not a wedding ceremony, it's a wake for a group of guys losing a friend
Image 117255   07-05-16   Uploaded by    manlyman
 Peter Pantsless: "I just hope they don't get any bigger"
 questionable: *delicate balance of yin and yang has been achieved...for now*
 Christina: Cat and puppers! I can't Rad this enough!
Image 117254   07-05-16   Uploaded by    my wheelhouse
 hairy: think this dude likes to torture small beasts and hostages
 Headoftheclass: @Peter Pantsless That's ok. Those asshole geese deserved another mention.
 Peter Pantsless: @Scoo oops, didn't see you there
 Peter Pantsless: And Canada geese
 Air Biscuit: @AstoriaBum and raccuns
 Scoo: Funny, I feel that way about Canadian Geese
 AstoriaBum: What about the samsquanches?
 guest: what are those called again? they're like cats but with like, beaky things.
 questionable: a shitleopard can't change its spots, Ricky
 WaffleIron: I have journeyed to their homeland and I have seen that it is good.
Image 117253   07-05-16   Uploaded by    bag o bones
 Skaalar: I miss having a cat.
 Borkf: *person
 Wet farts: Fine. I'll hate you cause you're an asshole.
 a robot: Tortoiseshell cats can be beautiful and full of colors, but this dark photo with no contrast doesn't really show any of that, caption.
 Teechur: I'll have to come up with a different reason to hate you then.
 questionable: I'm sorry you had to get dragged into this, kitty. this is a bad scene, I...I think you should leave
 WaffleIron: I'm gonna rad this because it looks like my old cat "snickers"
 skillet: It's not that. It's more the unfunny caption in impact font.
Image 117252   07-05-16   Uploaded by    crazyfingers
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