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262407  wolfpk: If that is natural; holy shit, that is awesome!!! If it is not natural, whoever did it is an asshole!

262416  wolfpk: Ok, I have a piano that needs taken up to the tenth floor. It won't fit on the elevator, if that's what you are thinking.

262418  dangerkeith3000: I can't decide if these are Rick and Morty names or Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy names.

262416  Amy Housewine: He doesn't look like a Corey.

262416  Amy Housewine: He doesn't look like a Corey.

262416  dangerkeith3000: The guy on the left is naked?

262418  dangerkeith3000: That's the coolest dog I've ever seen.

262417  Sadbot: I was napping, dude

262426  Mr Mumble: Looks just like my facebook profile picture

262380  LurkedMoar: Aw, no shouldntves?

262411  Annoying Vegan : I love you, and you can have anything you want.

262356  BavidDowie: And are called "humplings"

262359  BavidDowie: Debbie Does Dallas was a sequel??

262412  Whatever: Im HOW Old now?

262364  BavidDowie: I'm sure I've hit at least 23m

262390  BavidDowie: I'm of the Asian persuasion

262410  WTF: @Biple Plombies Even though the names are messed up you can still pick out Not A Bot

262352  Bill Rye: did friendly spaceship eat the special brownies

262355  Bill Rye: those look like Boletes, excellent eating (food) mushrooms

262419  Slickbrew: as long as he doesnt try to sell me insurance I love him

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262338 KyleisBobDole: Come to Aggro Gator in the past few hours for a name breaking.

262151 VeeKay: Husbands instagram just two pictures of his tractor

262195 Felicity: 150 percent

262342 charlemagne: I no longer wish to be known by my slave name

262343 ChubbyBuddy: i lava what you've done w the place

262230 Side Boob: @Mr. Shine Post a pic of her from the yearbook :P

262176 Felicity: Even in the future nothin' works!

262298 Robespierre: Dude ... somebody's bored, bored, BORED here in the dog days of Summer, that's for sure!

262157 Felicity: @raditzu Well, she is an Amazon...

262235 Shay: When Predator takes a shit.

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 Pompo Flomple: Return flight: #190328
 Bilm Rempungus: Return flight: #131484
 Floft Rempungo: @Knice Sir Pounds-a-lot for friends
 Frold Flumupert: 23 in dog years?
 Haple Dampungo: She likes Elvis Presley and she likes Chuck Berry, but she cannot tolerate Little Richard.
 Mulm Cremungo: she must have a large vagina
 Left Cremumple: Haven't been single for a while. Do we have standards for hookups now?
 Trurb Gruble: I don't even know what casual sex is. I don't think I want that though.
 Crang Drumopert: Jorene, Jorene, Jorene, Joreeeene, I'm begging of you please don't take my man.
 Truft Flumple: Ewww, Mom. Get out of my Tinder feed!
 Gong Cremoble: Go mow your driveway, Jorene!
 Truple Rempungo: My dick is actually small, but people say it looks big.
 Lirbo Brongus: *Left swipes with small dick*
 Delm Plongus: The panicked expression really doesn't help, but probably serves as a good sample of the despair-flavored sex you'll be getting
 Miwn Rempungo: @Knice I guess those are your birds: #116276.
 Muple Morpupert: @Scoo Yes, now the womyn are again in power.
 Tremp Rempungus: Jorene... You scary
 Trimp Plumple: *disgusted snort* filthy casual
 Cruwn Alboble: Is "No Small Dicks" the 21st century version of "No Fat Chicks"?
 Bumpo Brongus: And I mean done.
 Fling Cremopert: Well thanks for wasting my time, turbo milf
 Ringo Cremomple: 23 on the Kelvin scale, perhaps. A smile would easily take off those 17 years you're lying about.
 Mulm Ploble: I prefer formal sex. I wear spats and a monocle. I put a little top-hat on my penis and refer to it as Percival Poundington.
 Frorm Dampungus: Hell yeah........
Image 116278   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Crurb Drumuble
 Dump Morpombies: @Knice : Every hour is riding hour at Dons house!
 Dild Grunopert: the one woman giving the death stare to the camera is my spirit animal
 Bang Gropert: Ermahgerd, that livery attracts bees.
 Theple Rempopert: Ermahgerd, an emgerncy
 Jown Flumbies: Ermgaerd!
 Buple Grongus: It's a emregncy! No time to chekc the spellign.
 Theple Rempungus: this is the new superfood
 Lomp Grunongo: "Don Ridenhour?" Wow.
Image 116277   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Pang Dampopert
 Puwn Grunoble: These birds are into some pretty obscure chirps, you've probably never heard of them.
 Thelm Dampumple: Jaunty.
 Thurt Albomple: Ah, Cherrio.
 Lungo Plungus: "Do you like my mustache, Old Bean?" "Why, yes, Bertie. Enough to take it on as my own."
 Lild Albopert: One jolly good tern deserves another.
 Crirm Drumungo: Bird like a sir.
 Gilm Plemombies: Quite
 Meft Flopert: I say, I misplaced my monocle
 Dort Albungo: Classy!
 Thing Flomple: new Pokemon designs are just ridiculous
Image 116276   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Marm Rempungo
 Crarbo Rempongo: "What are you in for?" "Everytime I go into a bathroom, there is toilet paper rolls. Everywhere...EVERYWHERE!!!"
 Thirb Dampupert: A special bathroom for when you have a stomach bug.
 Harbo Horpumple: @Derp Herpigan : I count four so far, but some are most assuredly hanging correctly.
 Flimpo Drumumple: this looks like the resolution of a domestic squabble. Or the beginning of round 3
 Cruld Dampongo: Feed the ends of each roll into the toilet and flush!
 Malm Grunumbies: The Saw franchise is running out of ideas
 Gumpo Morpungo: I swear, if all those rolls are installed in the wrong direction...
 Lungo Drumumbies: Goatse's bath room
 Trurbo Morpopert: Finally, all that costco shopping has paid off!
 Gerb Brombies: Always prepared!
 Rong Albomple: *checks one roll, then another, then another. they're all truck-stop one-ply*
 Murm Dampongo: Kitter dreams
 Volm Cremomple: One way to make sure you never run out of toilet paper.
Image 116275   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Frong Brongus
 Polm Plemungo: Ah yes, the Whale Tail party
 Fruple Plombies: I've a whale of a tail to tell ya lads
 Dift Dampombies: ironically - she represents the conservative party
 Dungo Horpongo: And with the stroke of a pen, the Thong Wars were over.
 Mawn Morpumple: Sexist if true.
 Jamp Dampungo: she had dumps like a truck, truck, truck / thighs like what, what, what / baby move your butt, butt, butt
 Crelm Dampupert: I should get into politics
 Dengo Plemupert: Sure, I'll sign this again... but why are the tables getting lower and lower each week?
Image 116274   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Theft Plombies
 Crurbo Morpomple: Still seems nice.
 Bong Bropert: Maybe just once.
 Crert Dampongus: first rule of meth bible camp is...probably something to do with meth or bibles, I dunno
 Reld Flombies: Meth bible camp is a dead end alright!
Image 116273   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Virm Rempongus
Image 116272 is unbelievably bad (score -11) and has been hidden.

It was uploaded by redrex. You have brought shame on us, redrex.
 Flungo Cremuble: They see me loading. They bitching. Thinking about how my moves are hacking.
 Rulm Plomple: @A duck We don't have many women in the military around I live.
 Bango Horpuble: @A duck I was too aghast over the misloaded belt to notice
 Flarbo Horpupert: Plus I think she's wearing makeup
 Trampo Rempomple: @Waffleiron @Christina @Side Boob: Look at those hands and the soft facial features. It's a woman.
 Flimpo Drumoble: @Christina @Side Boob : You two are getting "he" from those lips? I had this one pegged as a woman for sure.
 Bift Bromple: @Side Boob So it's just me. Thank you very much.
 Helm Plemongus: @Christina He's on the correct side of the gun, the ammo belt is just upside down and therefore the cartridges are facing the wrong way.
 Berbo Bruble: Is it just me, or he is in the wrong end of the gun?
 Gorb Dampupert: I always hated this level in Call of Duty
 Diwn Plemongus: Fortunately, modern firearms are equipped with a device that ensures rounds face the correct direction. It's like that bank you had when you were a kid that sorted your coins for you.
 Flomp Cremoble: killing 'em with irony
 Vorb Plongo: You probably wear a red shirt at Trekkie cons.
 Florm Cremuble: Kids these days...
 Pengo Morpombies: That certainly is an interesting way to load your gun.
 Crart Albopert: You'll shoot your eye out... literally!
Image 116271   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Bawn Flumombies
 Haple Morpumbies: This puke looks like I'm calling off, too.
 Vorb Broble: protip: every beer tastes like that if you're brave and/or don't give a fuck enough
 Jald Plungo: I've had that beer before. It was pretty good until I went to work the next day
 Lungo Brumple: are you serious
Image 116270   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Vong Dampombies
 Frerbo Cremupert: @Jaunty Shrimp: Thanks. She won't, but it's all about keeping her comfy and happy until the time comes.
 Pewn Flombies: your doggo is literally shitting itself staring at whatever hairy monstrosity is off camera, pay some dang attention
 Gelm Grungo: @Science Hope your pupper gets well soon
 Jeple Dampumbies: I feel that pain. My dog is on steroids and chemo pills, and man, her farts are lethal.
 Rampo Flongus: Also, shave your camera lens.
 Vuld Flumupert: Pepperoni dog farts, amirite?
Image 116269   06-30-16   Uploaded by    Mirbo Albungo
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